Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: It’s a crane, but I wonder if it’s okay to call it a wyvern this time

Anna-chan, who has eaten a fist, has teary eyes, but she still glares at me … I wish she wouldn’t glare so much when I haven’t done anything.

After a brief introduction, the Duke stood up as if he wasn’t done.

“I’m sorry to bother you when you’ve just arrived, but I would like Jail dono and Mifa to witness the cross-examination.”

It seems that the bandits who were caught need to be cross-examined and an urgent report needs to be prepared.

“I see. Some time ago I was informed that my father had gone directly to the Marquis territory using the dragon corps … isn’t he in a hurry?”

“Umu. I didn’t think my brother would attack Mifa and her escorts … I’m pretty angry about this case. “

The Marquis is done … If it was only tax evasion, his property would be confiscated and his title would be removed.

” Jail-dono, I think you’re tired, but will you help us?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Then, can Luke wait with Anna and the others here?”


Not only me, but Anna-chan said, “eh!?”

Father-in-law … It’s hard to be left with your daughter … she’s really glaring at me! I want you to read the air!

“♪ Guile seems to dare to leave only three people, you, Anna and Lara … It seems that he wants to determine what kind of attitude he will have based on how you act.”

“Eh ~! It’ll be awkward? That’s mean old man … “

“♪ Even though it’s the king’s order, he’s the one bethroting his cute daughter … he wants to confirm if the rumours of the ‘Orc prince’ are true.”

It’s true that this girl is also cute … If I’m the same as rumored, he’ll probably think I’ll be rude. I understand what the fairy is saying, but I don’t like being tested.

Besides, Luke has never suddenly been rude to a girl he met for the first time. It’s a child’s test that doesn’t matter at all, and it’s limited to the daughter’s opinion.

“I heard from the knights about the situation during the attack, so I don’t need to hear it again. I just need to have Jail as a representative. Mifa will be present as a hearing officer.”

“Okay … I’ll wait here …”

“I’ll leave Erica here, so please use her as a maid.”

“Yes, I’ll make tea.”

It looks like Princess Mifa will take care of me by leaving Erica-chan, who I’ve made friends with earlier in the carriage … this will reduce the tension.

“♪ Apparently that’s not the only thing …”

“Wasn’t the reason the princess left Erica-chan that she cared for me who seemed awkward with Anna-chan? 』\

“♪ Generally, that’s right, but … I wonder if master doesn’t mind …”

If you won’t tell me, please stop making meaningful tweets … I’m curious!

“The maids will prepare the bath during the interrogation. I’m planning to hold a welcome party after that. Sorry to be in a hurry.”

“No, I understand.”

Speaking of which, I haven’t taken a bath yet since I came to this world … I had been told to apply the purification magic [clean], but as a Japanese who likes baths, I want to take a bath as soon as possible.

* * *

Erica-chan, who’s not the duke’s maid, made tea and waited in the reception room with us as we waited for the cross-examination, but … it’s still very awkward …

Lara stands up and hides behind Anna’s chair, looking at me.

Anna keeps glaring at me and doesn’t try to open her mouth at all.

Erica is also starting to get tired of it.

Hmm, it’s awkward …

I take out the origami paper I made for my sister Chiruru from [Inventory].

I placed it in front of Lara and folded a crane.

“Luke, what’s that?”

Erica is biting more than Lara … Anna is also curious.


Oh! Lara came out from behind Anna and said the crane was a wyvern.

“Isn’t it a Drake? I heard you were a former dragoon. You seem to have killed your important dragon.”

Anna really said that!

Moreover, with a sarcastic tone —

“Sister, this is a wyvern because her neck is thinner than a Drake’s.”

Lara looked at me and said, “Wyvern, right? To such a cute face,

I can’t say it’s a crane, I fold the second one … it’s easy to get a child’s attention.

“Would Lara like to make one too?”


She shook her head and rejected … It seems she’s still on high alert.

I fold the third one and give it a little change.

“Well … they haven’t lived yet, so I’ll bring them to life from now on.”

“It’s just paper? Just paper!”

Anna! That’s a thorny way of saying it!

I breathe into the belly of the crane to inflate it. Then, use the life magic [Light] to light a small light inside, and use [Float] magic to let it float in the air!

“Wow! Wyvern flew in the sky!”

I manipulate 3 to float around Lara … Lara is very excited!

Anna seems to be surprised at the fantastic sight of the three cranes lit by the light.

“Oni chan, I want to make one too”

“Okay, let’s make a wyvern together.”

“After all it’s a wyvern!”

Lara has on a joyful face!

Well, the shape is more similar to a Wyvern than a crane. Wyvern is fine in this world.

By the way, Wyvern is not a dragon species. It’s a strong species among demon beasts of the bird species, but it’s a bird after all … It’s also bred for riding, but it’s not very smart, so it’s a dangerous vehicle that can cause accidents.

She immediately mastered how to fold a wyvern, so I also taught her Mr. Frog. It’s a mechanism that bounces when you flip the butt part with your finger.

“Pyon! Pyon!”

Lara plays the frog with her finger and enjoys herself.

Anna looked at her younger sister playing happily, and she no longer glared at me …

If I had a crayon, I could paint it green and make a better one … sorry.

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