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Chapter 10: It seems that I'll be sent to his son-in-law to a neighboring country after dropping out of school.

Late at night, my father, who had finally come back, came to my room.

"Father, welcome back"

"Oh ... I have to tell you urgently. Your future treatment has been decided. It's not my intention, but it's not bad for you."

"Yes ... I will accept any punishment."

"You violated the rules, but you didn't commit a criminal act, so the term punishment is is too much."

"That's right. So, what will happen to me?"

"I’ll tell you what has been decided... First, due to the loss of the dragon, you've been expelled from the dragoon school."

My father said he had decided on my treatment, but had it already been decided that i was expelled?


Then, did cancelling the engagement come before or after?

"Yes... I was prepared."

"That's why I tried to transfer you to the magic school, but your score at the entrance examination taken at the Dragoon School was too bad, and couldn't clear the required score for magic school, I've never felt so ashamed... Despite the fact that the King himself went and bowed his head, the school director felt like he was in a bad spot since your score wasn't high enough. He apologized for not being able to take you... I and the school director aren't on bad terms, but I can't say there were no bad feelings! "

I understand. From my father's point of view, I even had a tutor, but I was just stupid. Is that why he's angry? It's hard to say that the school director who refused and said "I don't have enough points ..." or my father who told me that was to blame.

Actually, Luke's intelligence itself is high, but he's just not studying at all. He was half-gray during the rebellious period. {TN: Half grey is what was used in the raws, I didn’t get it so any suggestions are welcome}

"I couldn't help it, so I thought I'd send you to the knight academy, but no matter what I think, it's impossible with your fat body ..."

"But if I don't go to some school, the prestige of the royal family ..."

"That's right! Your unsightliness remains a stigma to the name of the royal family! Do you think you, who grew up to be an ugly pig, can keep up with the rigorous first-year physical fitness of the knight academy? The knight academy that raises knights who compete in physical strength is harsh and strict in building basic physical strength in the first year! "

I see ... It's clear that my giant body can't keep up with the physical fitness of the first year.

It's okay to enroll but if I drop out on the way, it’d be left as a stigma that the royal family shouldn't have. In an aristocratic society that respects bloodlines, if there is an unsightly person, the noble family will be disrespected ... It’s a situation that should not be in a royal family ... If it gets too bad, I may be assassinated.


"Orc Prince" Me ~~! I just apologized for you!

"Therefore, when I consulted with the Minister about what happened, he suggested a good idea ... I decided to send you as a son-in-law to the neighboring country."

What? A son-in-law!? Is this the cause of the engagement cancellation? Give me a break already! I'm really irritated! Why do I have to marry a woman I don't know! I didn't come to this world for that!

Even more so, I don’t want to leave the country ... I should become an adventurer and capture the dungeon where the evil god is.

To be honest, if you’re so infamous and well-known, there are restrictions on what you can do. Even if I try to capture the dungeon, my father will not give me permission. Perhaps I'll end up living under house arrest as I do now so that I won't behave problematically in the future.

The goddess may have chosen Luke because the royal family would support him, but if Luke's credit is so bad, the existence of the royal family is likely to become an obstacle. In fact, he's now handcuffed and restricted in his actions.

My dad started making excuses, perhaps noticing the wrinkle between my eyebrows.

"It's not bad to be a son-in-law! Do you know the neighboring Kingdom of Forrell? We've decided that you would join a duke's house there. Even if you're here, you're the third son and have a bad reputation ... ... If I give you a high rank, my vassals will complain, so you can only be a baron ... The Duke of Forest, where you’ll go to be a son-in-law, has only three girls ... His wife suffers from an illness, so he can't hope for a child anymore. "

By the way, the rank  of nobility is roughly like this.

King> Duke> Marquis> Count> Viscount> Baron> Baronet> Knight


In addition to this, there are other titles such as the Grand Duke and Margrave.

"It's rare for a high-ranking aristocrat to have one wife, isn't he taking a concubine?"

"That's right ... Normally, it’s usual to have a few wives in a noble family so that the blood of the house won't be lost, but some wives have strong jealousy and a desire for exclusivity ... Well, there are also such houses."

"Jealousy, is it ..."

"That's why I heard that he decided to take a son-in-law to wed to his eldest daughter ... you’re not going to get married right away. You're going to enroll in the magic department of their knight academy. His daughter is also there. You’ll study there and you'll get married after graduation. Both of you will live in dormitories until then, so I'm not saying that you should go over there and get married and live in the duke's house. The story was settled immediately cause the girl is the same age as you ... "

"Why did you choose me? In the first place, I already have a splendid fiancée named Lulu ..."

"I've come to an agreement with Marquis Lulutier in this case ... because she's a beautiful and talented daughter who's said to be engaged to an "orc prince " by the public. There is already talk of marrying her to the son of another Marquis family. She would be happier to get married to the next head of a Marquis house family than to the idiot you who can only be a baron. "

I can't talk back ... Certainly, she may be happier to be the wife of the Marquis family than to be married to me, who is famous for being stupid, and scorned in secret. Originally, if you're a son of the king, you would normally be given a duke's rank, but if I was given such a high rank, the vassal aristocrats around him won't stay silent.

"But father's choice will let the other country know that I’m stupid, right? Wouldn't the other country get angry when they know about it?"

"Uh ... you don't know, but once every few years, I get a daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat from a friendly country to bring in excellent blood so that the blood between nobles is not weakened. However, the blood of the upper aristocrats of our country is getting more and more thinned for some reason. "

"That’s one reason, but isn’t the real intention to hold the children of the upper aristocrats hostage and prevent war with neighboring countries?"

Japan during the Warring States period also did it. Even though it was a friendly country, they did not know when there will be a war. Those who were married at that time become effective hostages.

"The Kingdom of Forrell is a vassal state derived from the royal family of this country. There is no need for hostages in the first place because the difference in strength is obvious. You know that heredity is related to the fact that only nobles can use magic. That's why each family is eager to seek the blood of an excellent family. The tendency worsens the higher the rank of the family, and nowadays brother-sister marriage is commonplace, and some houses have children between parent and children. It's come to that now... "

"Yes I know"

"Since Wolg is a large country, the number of nobles is very large. Inevitably, there are many who have excellent genes. The neighbouring Kingdom of Forrell is a small country with a population of about 1/50 of our country. So, until now, we have only sent a bride and son-in-law of Wolg of a count's family, but this time the request is to join a duke's family ... the other side wouldn't accept it unless it was at least a Marquis family. "


"You were asked for the son of a high-ranking aristocrat at the right time, so you used the opportunity to get rid of the famous orc prince of this country ..."

"It's not the personality the other side wants from the son-in-law candidate ... It's the blood of a family with excellent magic attributes. Whether you're a fool or an idiot, that's fine. ...... "

"It's true that even if I’m stupid, my bloodline is the direct line of the royal family. Moreover, my main attribute is the rare holy attribute ... Besides, I'm a precious existence that can also use holy> darkness> water / wind> thunder ... But that's okay. I see, I'm convinced ... It doesn't matter who the stallion is. What they want is not personality, but the rare attributes. The duke’s daughter’s, quite unfortunate ... "

My father probably intended to dance around the topic, but I'm surprised that he pointed it out directly. But if you think about it, isn't it more convenient for me than staying in this country?

My reputation in this country is the worst. If I’m not going to get married right away, it's a good idea to strengthen myself then run away before the marriage ... Yeah, it's not a bad story.

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