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Episode 8: It seems my magic power can’t be measured

I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, It looks just like it did in the game.

A notice board with a large number of requests posted was on the left wing. On the right wing, there’s a bar that’s also used as a meeting place. I head to the reception in the back.

“I want to register as a new member, can I do it here?”

“Yes? Oh … Yes”

The receptionist keeps staring at me as if she noticed something.

“Is there a problem if I’m not a brave?”

“No, that’s not it … New enrollment is possible if you pass the exam, but It’s not easy?”

“It’s a life-threatening job. It’s only natural that the exam is difficult.”

“Okay, do you want to start now?”

“The sooner the better. Let’s start now.”

“Then, the test is divided into a magic test, a practical test, and then a final test. First, we’ll do the magic test, please come this way.”

I followed the receptionist and entered the back room.

There were various appliances in the room.

“Please sit here”

There was something like a blood pressure measuring machine in front of me.

Am I having a medical exam?

“Put your arm through here. It will tighten tightly, and measure your magic power.”

“I got it”

This seems to be a machine that measures magic power.

The amount of magic is probably MP. If so, I can check it on my status, so I already know the amount … Oh, can I show it to others, I should test this?

As my arm starts to feel pressure,

“What? Error … why”

The receptionist tilts her head.

“let’s try again”

Therefore, I was re-examined.

But ——

“It can’t be! I can’t trust the new magic tool. I’ll measure it with the crystal, so please move over there.”

The receptionist points to a large transparent crystal in the corner of the room. All other equipment was movable, but only this crystal seemed to be fixed to the room.

I stand in front of the large transparent crystal as told.

“What should I do?”

“Touch the crystal. It can’t measure as accurately as the other one, but you can roughly tell by the change in it’s color.”

“So that’s it”

It’s like the difference between digital and analog. Digital is useless if not working well but analog is a little more flexible.

I touch the crystal.

I felt my MP being drained like when using a skill.

The transparent crystal turns blue with static, and then turns blue-purple.

“What? It shouldn’t be like this …”

“It’s kind of hot … is this okay?”

“I don’t know, this is not in the manual!”

An employee who can’t use it, are guild employees like civil servants in this world?

Piki Piki …….

“The crystal cracked, is this really okay?”

“Maybe … The color‘s still changing, so wait until it stops.”

Bikibikibiki …….

“It’s getting louder. Is this really normal?”



“Hey, it’s broken …!”

“If it breaks, the maximum magic power limit is exceeded — That means you exceeded the limit of the crystal! The measurement limit of this crystal should be 100,000 MP … Wow, that’s amazing …! You’re really extraordinary …?”

The exact MP I confirmed in my status is about 210,000. This crystal’s performance is quite bad …

Isn’t it expensive? No matter how thorough the manual is, it’s a problem if it breaks. It should be a little more reliable.

“Since your magic power is over 20,000, you passed without complaint. I never thought you would pass!”

The receptionist says in marvel. I feel her eyes are different from when we first met.

“Hold on! Isn’t it 10,000?”

As I stroke my chest In relief, Aleria, who was observing behind me, asked the receptionist.

“Yes. Until just yesterday, 10,000 was the passing score, but it’s been increased to 20,000.”

“10,000 to 20,000, why so suddenly … Isn’t that tough even for veteran adventurers? Is there anyone who can pass?”

By the way, Aleria’s MP is about 15,000. Is that the average of this world?

If that’s so, suddenly doubling the limit is tough.

“Um … I don’t know how to say this, but yesterday we received a notice from the kingdom.”

“A Notice?”

“Yes, it’s not a rare thing, but … I mean, it’s my first time seeing one.”

Speaking of yesterday, that was the day I came to this world? I’m glad I passed the exam but how could I be so unlucky.

“The content of the notification was,’ To the Adventurer’s Guild, you’re hereby ordered to change the passing score of the magic test for new adventurers from 10,000 to 20,000. However, only enforce it for Matsusaki Yuki. Effective immediately.'” That’s it. “

“That’s … I mean, they twisted the rules just for Yuki alone!”

“As expected … this is a bit terrible.”

The rule was changed just to kick me off completely.

Even though it’s a just a change in numbers, It’s sickening to be feel such discrimination.

Now knowing the situation, the two remaining exams-the practical and the final, seem more insidious.

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  1. I’d definitely go use that climate manipulation skill to crank the humidity in the castle to 100, then make it rain a literal ocean on them permanently. Throw in some lightning for good measure. The castle will never see a ray of sun again! Mwahahaha!

  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    …..for a corrupt nation their tactic seems too childish,why tf can’t they just send soldiers and capture him instead?
    feels like author barely has a clue of consistency

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