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Episode 4: I learned a new magic

"Seriously ...? You were being sold to the king?"

"That’s what they said, I'm glad Yuki saved me!"

A ridiculous king.

I have a lot to say to that old man, but I didn't think he was one to do such a mean thing.

It's not something a decent country does, manipulating another country using the empire’s daughter as a hostage.

"I can't just leave it as it is. I don't know if I can protect you alone but I’ll support you as much as possible."

I'm worried about Aleria, and I don’t want to let things go according to that vile old man's scheme.

" I'm glad! I'm relieved If Yuki protects me!"


Aleria happily jumped into my chest thrilled.

How cute.

This is how I decided to travel with Aleria.

<< Acquired the new skill "Climate Manipulation" >>

Suddenly, I heard a machine like voice in my head.

"Climate manipulation..?"

"Status open"


Name: Yuki Matsuzaki Lv.1

Class: Sage

Skills: "System operation" "God blessing" "Climate operation"

HP: 97701/97795

MP: 216987/216987


It certainly increased.

Could it be that I can change the weather freely as the name implies?

I guess  for things like holding a party, if the weather changes, having this would be convenient

While I was still conscious of the word "party" ---

I noticed in the upper left corner of the screen, the name, level, as well as HP and MP of Aleria, are displayed.


Name: Aleria Villas Lv.3


HP: 10451/10451

MP: 15632/15632


It's convenient, but it's so much like a game...

"What happened? Why’re you suddenly checking your status"

"Can you see a strange bar in the upper left corner?"

"...? I can't see it."

"That's fine, It’s nothing."

Apparently, I'm the only one who can see it.

Aleria looked at me strange, but lost interest as she remembered something more urgent and important.

"I'm hungry. Do you want to eat? It's lunchtime."

"I'm hungry too, but I don't have money. I need to find a job first."

"I have money, so it's fine!"

"Weren’t you robbed by the thieves?"

"Although I was robbed, adventurers have to keep a little hidden. It's common sense you know."


Aleria naturally took out five gold coins from her cleavage, as if she were taking out coins from her purse.

I was also surprised to see a gold coin that’s probably many times more valuable than a bronze coin, but my attention turned elsewhere.

The valley that holds 5 coins is so big ...

"I didn’t expect that……"

"Right? Not many people hide it here!"

Most people can’t hide it there even if they tried.

"Let's go eat! Though I actually don’t know the stores around here."

"I'll take you to a place. I didn't actually go there, but I heard a lot of people say it’s good."

When I was strolling around the castle town, I was listening and collecting various information.

Among them, I happened to find a cheap yet delicious restaurant.

~ Elsewhere ~

At that time, there was confusion in the royal castle.

"Your Majesty, Alleria Villas has been abducted by someone!"

"What!? Where!?  who attacked! Weren’t they notorious thieves!?"

"That’s…, according to the witnesses, the thieves were insta-killed ... but going by the culprit’s features we heard from the thieves ... I think it's impossible..."

"Why, what’s the problem!"

"It’s... the Matsuzaki Yuki we just kicked out ..."

"Idiot! Of course that’s wrong!"

"I'm sorry! I'll review it again!"

"Hmph... quickly find the culprit and get Aleria Villas back. understood?"

"Hah! Leave it to me"

After the guards left the room, the King — Cerber Oswald held his head.

Would you like to buy the Third Princess of the Villas Empire? I was given such a proposal and immediately received it.

It’s a famous story how the emperor loves his children. Even though she is the third princess, if the story is true , she can give us a diplomatic advantage.

Is what I thought, but the situation has changed completely.

If Aleria returns safely to the empire, the emperor will thoroughly investigate who captured her. If the kingdom’s involvement gets exposed even a little, it will be regarded as a declaration of war.

The empire alone can’t do anything, but if the neighbouring countries form an alliance, victory is unsure no matter how many brave’s we have.

"This has become a nuisance ..."

The biggest challenge of life for Cerber was coming.

It was a seed he sowed.

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