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Chapter 16: The First Night Welcomed by the White Crown

As they strolled and enjoyed the lively atmosphere, they continued to move forward. The group came across an old road that appeared different from before.

It was a now unused road that stretched straight toward the mostly submerged town.

They veered off the path they had been taking and walked along the old road for a while.

"Is that it, I wonder?"

"Yes. It's the first time Licia has seen it, right? Of course, it's my first time too."

Beyond the low hills, the surroundings changed completely. They could see a town from several hundred years ago.

――――The Old Town.

It was a remnant of Eupheim that had also suffered significant damage when the Demon King's army approached the Imperial Capital.


The Old Town had been a newly developed area in Eupheim shortly after its birth when the Demon King's army wreaked havoc.

However, it was attacked by the Demon King's army from outside the town center. The attacks from powerful monsters, including sword demons, caused significant changes to the terrain.

The surrounding rivers and the sea connected, and the relevant sections of the town sank into the water.

Everyone continued along the old road and looked down at the sunken Old Town from where the road ended.

Most of the stone houses retained their shape, creating a scene reminiscent of ruins submerged underwater.

Colorful fish elegantly swam through the sunken town.

"We can't go any further without permission."

Sarah said just before the water's edge.

The Old Town is periodically investigated by the Mysterious Agency due to its historical value. Knights also patrol the area, although not frequently.

There are specialized magic tools for security. It is not a problem for tourists and adventurers to visit this area, but beyond this point, permission from the lord is required to enter the Old Town.

They came here because they could see it along the way. They only stopped by as part of their sightseeing, and their main destination was further ahead.

"Sarah-chan, should we go soon?"

"Yes, let's come back and see it again on our way back."

They returned to the direction where rocks and trees were lined up, deviating from the road.

As they proceeded along the path where monsters occasionally appeared, a new monster appeared.

But this time, the appearance of the monsters was different from before.

"If Licia is going to join the battle, this might be the perfect monster."

Sarah said assertively, but more cautious than before.

What appeared was a large horse-like creature covered in scales resembling dragon scales, a monster D-rank monster close to C-rank.

It required extra vigilance because it used lightning-based magic.

Without warning, the magic was about to be unleashed. Lightning crackled at the feet of the monster.


While observing the situation, Licia drew the white blade, that she carried on her waist.

She swung it lightly, as if brushing away dust. In front of the others who had taken a combat stance, she stepped forward.

"Don't worry."

What If Licia had learned the Holy Sword techniques and become a Sword Saint?

At that time, she would have used her combat arts, combining sacred magic and Holy Sword techniques, to protect everyone and defeat the approaching monsters alone.


However, everything was different now.

Licia didn't turn around, hearing the voices of Sarah and Vane from behind.

"Don't worry."

Before the flash reached her, she swung her sword sideways once again.

The approaching lightning transformed into particles of light and dissipated like mist.

The magic disappeared—or rather, it was extinguished.

"Oh, another challenge for the me who has improved... I wonder? 』

Maybe I'll surpass Ren soon. Who knows?"

Those were the words she spoke when she talked with Ren on their way back from the Holy Lion Sanctuary.

Licia recalled the words she had spoken and felt a sense of fulfillment.

As a swordsman of the highest caliber, had she gotten even a little closer to Ren? Even though she had reached the same level as Ren in terms of skill, the answer still remained "there's no way."

Sarah and Vane, as well as everyone else, were also astonished.

They understood the meaning of slashing magic and the significance of a swordsman achieving it.

Among the practitioners of the star killer which was known as the hard sword, achieving one rank higher in other styles was said to be equivalent to a one-step increase in the style. So, in the case of Holy Sword practitioners, it would be at the Sword Saint level?

Although it was questionable if all of them were of equal value, it was a generally correct sense.

In other words, it meant that Licia was a powerful individual in a different class.

"Sarah, what are you spacing out for?"

"Oh, um... everyone, let's go!"

After that, Licia handed over the lead, and Charlotte's arrow pierced the forehead of the monster.

A deep sound reverberated in the surroundings, and the monster fell to the ground. Licia smiled at everyone's surprise and sheathed her white blade while speaking.

"It wasn't as surprising as I thought."


While still amazed, as they continued forward, a breathtaking sight unfolded before their eyes.

Beyond the cape that lay beyond Eupheim, along the intricate path, they finally came face to face with a hidden paradise.

[The Coastline Cave: Great Legacy]

Cobalt blue sea, white sandy beach, and the gentle sound of waves.

The entrance to the nearby cave beckoned the descendants of the Seven Heroes to embark on a new adventure.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

It was evening, and if it were summer, the sun would still be out, but now, approaching winter, the sky was already pitch black. Len and Licia, who had returned from outside the town, met in the center of Eupheim.

"Ah... Ren!"

Licia ran towards him with a smile that seemed to sparkle brighter than ever before.

Sarah watched with a smile, as if keeping a watchful eye.

"Are you on your way back too, Ren?"

"Yes. After our conversation, I went to the cafe with Radius."

"Fufu, so you were planning to walk back."

Licia knew the nature of Ren's business because she had heard about it.

As it was related to her, Licia seemed to feel a bit apologetic.

"So we happened to meet just as I finished my business... Oh, by the way, Licia—"

Ren noticed the presence of Sera and the others.

Then, they approached Ren and Licia.

"It's rare to see Ren and Licia separate."

"Not really. Well, when we were at the academy, it happened quite often, didn't it, Vane?"

"Yeah, but this isn't the academy."

"Well... well, I had some business to attend to today too."

Next, Kaito burst into laughter.

Ren caught a glimpse of the large shield Kite was carrying.

"Hahaha! That's right, Ashton, you have your own things going on too!"

"That's right. By the way, where did Leonardo-senpai and the others go with all those equipments? And everyone is in uniforms too."

"We went to the rumored cape. You know about it?"

"Kaito, even if it's Ren, that's not enough information—"

Sarah's voice expressed her exasperation, but...

"It's a beautiful place, farther from the Old Town, right?"

"You see? Ren knows a lot."

"Fine, fine. Do as you please."

Sarah sighed, and Vane smiled at her.

Meanwhile, beside Ren...

"You're the boy from the rumors, right?"

Charlotte was trying to introduce herself for the first time.

After a light introduction between the two, she continued.

"We received some of the Saint's time today."

"So, Licia was also with you, going outside the town?"

"Yes, that's right. She's amazing, you know. She's so strong, you wouldn't think she's younger than us."

It goes without saying, but Ren didn't mind.

He secretly rejoiced, nodding in agreement.

With this, Ren had met five of the descendants of the Seven Heroes. The remaining two were a year younger than him, so he hadn't met them yet.

Vane and the others might have met them, but for Ren, who belonged to a different faction, they were still strangers.

"Licia, wasn't Altia-san with you?"

"Nemu said she was tired and went back to the inn right away."

Ren had only just appeared when they were about to disband.

Licia grabbed the sleeve of Ren's clothes.

"After this, let's play a little before going back."

"Of course, that's fine."

"But if we stay out too late, we might worry Lessard-sama..."

"Yeah, you're right... Well then, another time..."

"Oh no, it's fine. Let's go back first and then go out again."

"Really!? Then, I want to go!"

Finding her friend's determination adorable, Sarah smiled and made sure not to interfere.

"We're going to the inn where Charlotte is staying, so see you later."

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