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Chapter 48: Those whose lives were to be taken and those who were supposed to take their lives (Part two)

“Now that I no longer trust the royalist faction itself, what I need are like-minded and valued allies.”

Marquis Ignat said.

Hearing this, Edgar, a gentleman in a tail coat, smiles.


“Hmm? Why are you smiling, Edgar?”

“I beg your pardon. I didn’t expect to hear such words from the mouth of the Master. But I’m sure you have the right idea.”

Certainly so, the Marquis Ignat continued, mocking himself.

He looked at Edgar.

“But I think it is difficult. There aren’t many aristocrats like the master, so I have a feeling that it would be very difficult for us to share our ambitions.”

“Maybe. If the demon king’s cult is involved, it’s something you have to entrust your life to. As a matter of fact, you have to be smart and have a strong presence of mind. I’m aware that I’m saying some difficult things.”

But the Marquis Ignat thought as he walked.

Thinking that this was a big problem that would affect his future, he nodded at Edgar’s words but furrowed his brow, unable to give up.

Of course Klonoa came to mind, but I want to find other possibilities besides her.

Oh….. is there a strong existence somewhere that can share the same aspirations as me?

He was feeling a sense of urgency that he had never felt before about the existence of the demon king’s cult, and he wondered if that existence would conveniently appear in front of him.

“But I need to get a companion.”

Currently, Baron Clausel is the one being he can trust.

Leaving aside whether he would be willing to share his aspirations with Marquis Ignat, if he uttered the words in the hope of having other like-minded friends besides him.

“Oh dear …… I wish I could get a dedicated knight along with the company I desire.”

And then a voice came from behind the bend in the road.

And then I met the owner of the voice at the corner.

“Good morning?”


Marquis Ignat’s stunned voice was followed by the silver-haired boy’s questioning voice.

Then the two looked at each other.

The two had seen each other many times in the castle, but this time they looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged a silence as if they were searching for the true meaning behind the other’s eyes.

“—-Well, Your Highness Radius.”

“—- it’s you, Ulysses.”

After calling each other’s names, they remained silent for a few moments.

Realizing that the other would have heard the words they had exchanged with each other’s squires, they still searched each other’s bellies.

Even in the presence of Ulysses Ignat, a nobleman so great that many nobles avoid him, the boy called Radius never backed down.

Rather, he was there with dignity, not averting his eyes as if he were staring back into those twin eyes.

“Do you have time after this?”

Radius was the one who started the conversation.

“I was planning to return to Eupheim immediately, but if His Highness Radius, of all people, invites me, I, Ulysses, will accompany you wherever you wish.”

Radius looked at the man who smiled at him and went on ahead.

Radius looks over his back and asks the Marquis Ignat.

“If your daughter had died, what would you have done?”

“Do you mean now? Or was it when the royal family refused to grant materials to Fiona?—-Honorable Prince Radius the Third.”

“Of course, the later.”

Edgar, who had been walking alongside, had his heart beating so repeatedly that his chest ached. He wasn’t worried about what the master would say if he said the following words without concealment.

But the Master said to him as if they were exchanging small talk.

“I can’t speak hypothetically in this case—- but if Fiona had lost her life in the previous case, I would not have forgiven Leomel or the royal family.”

“And what did we do that you couldn’t forgive?”

“I can only assume, but I would’ve wished for the fall of Leomel. To do so, I would have taken the life of you, the third prince, who is being touted as the next emperor.”

“Oh, Lord!”

“I don’t care. Thanks to you, I now know exactly how this man feels about me.”

Radius stopped and looked at Marquis Ignat.

“But Ulysses. Don’t you think I could join hands with you for the sake of your cause? Even if you have a grudge against me, the royal family.”

“… Oh. Don’t you think I can stab you with a sword from behind?”

“If my work is also for your daughter’s sake —-  I’m sure you will take advantage.”

Again the silence lasted several minutes.

They looked into each other’s eyes and said nothing.

Their followers, too, were breathless, sometimes even blinking, as they stared without opening their mouths.

“You are the first person to be so bullish about this Ulysses—-.”

He held out his hand and Radius took it.

In the story that Ren knows, the one who took a life and the one whose life was taken.

It would be a little later that Ren would learn that the two had joined hands.

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