Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Leveling up for the first time

After the day of his first training session, Ren’s afternoons became a routine of training with Roy.

In the morning, his day began as usual with studying, and in the afternoon, he would exercise until he collapsed.

“That’s enough for today.”

Roy saw that Ren had fallen down comfortably into a wide position on this day as well, and he announced the end of the training.

“Yes, thank you very much…..”

“You did your best today.”

At first glance, after the training, Ren appears to be in the same ugly state as he was on the first day when he started training.

The actual fact is that he was able to move for almost twice as long as he did on the first day. His physical and muscular strength had grown steadily.

“……Today’s results are………”

  • Magic Sword Summoning Technique (Level 1: 88/100)

Recently, he had been on the verge of improving his skill level.

“I’ve been working hard for over a month already.”

The skill level that could finally be obtained after working hard until one falls down in one training session is “2”.

So, by simply dividing the accumulated proficiency by half, I was able to calculate how many days of training I had done up until today.

“If I work hard for six more days, I will be able to level up my magic sword summoning technique.”

I am amazed at how I have been able to keep up the effort until today.

I can’t say that I was simply working hard to improve my skills because of my gamer’s mindset.

(I wonder if that’s it…).

Ren had other reasons in mind.

It was the influence of Roy and Mireille.

Unlike his parents in his previous life, they would give him full praise when he worked hard. When he sees their smiling faces, he’s inspired to work even harder.

“Come to think of it, I was never praised when I was Ren…..”

In his previous life, his parents separated when he was very young and he was taken in by his mother.

However, as he grew up, his mother didn’t like his resemblance to his father and she stopped talking to him. By the time he was in college, his mother was rarely home and they spoke only a few times a year.

So compared to then, life now is very fulfilling.

Although there are times when I feel inconvenienced by the lack of home appliances in my daily life, I can say with certainty that I am happier now.

“I will do my best again tomorrow.”

That’s why I was able to work hard for this happy time.

I felt the irreplaceable value of making my parents happy.

From that day on, my training was more intense than ever. The next day, and the day after that, I continued to swing my sword at Roy until I collapsed.

With the skill level increase just around the corner, I was even beginning to look forward to collapsing.

It was during training six days later that Ren’s body began to change.

“Eh ……?”

An hour had passed since I started training and I felt strangely light.

It was even lighter than before I started training, and when I put strength into my feet, I felt as if I could fly into the sky at any moment.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re hurt…..”

Roy looked at Ren, who suddenly stopped moving and looked surprised, and asked in a voice filled with concern: 

“I’m fine! It’s nothing serious!”

“I hope so, but …… don’t overdo it!”

“Yes. I understand.”

He tried to find out what it was, but couldn’t figure it out.

But Ren, not wanting to worry Roy, held his head low and said. 

“Here I go!”

He said in a brash voice and stepped forward as he had done before.

Roy could tell that Ren’s behavior was different as soon as he took the first step.

“huh… He’s fast ……!”

Even Roy, who goes to the forest every day to hunt monsters, was surprised by Ren’s speed.

“Gggg …….”

However, Roy held his wooden sword right next to him, and he parried Ren’s attack.

The ground beneath Roy’s feet was gouged as he endured and a screeching, creaking sound began to echo from the wooden sword he held.


Ren’s sword rush still attacks Roy.

The clashing swords made loud and dull sounds as they clashed over and over again.

(My body is light ……!)

He could swing the wooden magic sword as he wished, without the numbness he usually felt in his hand.

‘How can he suddenly become so strong? —- Ah, I see! Ren! You might be —-!’

Roy’s eyes were now narrowed, his brow furrowed, and sweat was forming on his forehead. 

He stopped and readied the wooden sword in his hand. For the first time, he decided to attack Ren himself.

“Ren! I’m going to attack you this time!”

Roy’s mood changed.

His eyes were sharp and made Ren nervous, but Roy pulled his sword back in the middle of his attack.

The reason is that Ren’s body, which had been wielding so much power, wavered and he dropped both knees to the ground without any effort

“—- what the……?”

“You must be at your limit.”

“I’m still feeling strong…… but I’m at my limit?”

Ren, who was puzzled because he did not understand what was going on, was approached by Roy, who was smiling with a kind of happy smile.

Roy reaches for Ren’s body and lifts him up.

“—- well done! I never thought my kid had skills!”

“Hey…… dad ……!”

“The reason you’re suddenly so strong must be because your skill level has gone up! I don’t know what it feels like because I don’t have any skills, but I can’t think of any other reason!”

Ren, who was being held up by strong arms, finally realized what happened.

(I see. During my training, my skill level in “Magic Sword Summoning Technique” had increased.)

The power that was supposed to be gained at the next level was physical ability UP (small).

No wonder my body became lighter and my physical strength increased. The sudden change in the body’s understanding of consciousness and physicality may have been unanticipated because it hadn’t been able to keep up with the changes earlier.

“If that’s the case, I’d like to go to the church and get a skills appraisal…..”

Suddenly, Roy looked down at Ren with a dejected look.

“I’m sorry. We don’t have the money to go to the church.”

“Is it really expensive to have your skills appraised?”

“No, if it’s just the money for the appraisal, all I have to do is hunt two monsters and that’s it. When you are a child in a town with a church, you can have your skills appraised as soon as you are born.”

Then why? Ren wonders, then remembering the location of this village, 

“Because it’s too remote here and the travel costs are too high…….”

Roy nodded quickly.

“Even the nearest church to this village is located at the city where the baron lives.”

The distance to the city where the baron lives is around ten days by horseback.

“But I can manage the travel expenses for the three of us. But we need to hire mercenaries to hunt monsters in this village while I’m gone. I’m talking about the money being tight.”

This was convenient for Ren, who had been hiding his skills. Ren had planned to live quietly in the village for as long as possible, so it was as good a relief as any.

“Then I don’t think it’s necessary to appraise it.”


“Just because you don’t know the name of your skill doesn’t mean you’re going to die.”

“Oh, you’re being considerate, aren’t you ……? As a kid, you’d be more eager to know the name of your skills……”

“More importantly, we’re home.”

As soon as Roy was taken aback by the words, he let out a high pitched laugh that seemed to reach far beyond the horizon.

When Mireille heard the laughter, she ran out of the mansion to see what was going on. She was so happy to hear that Ren had a skill that she hugged him tightly and strongly.

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