Chapter 29 part 2

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Chapter 29: The beginning of the escape (Part 2)

Weiss’s famous horse looks like an ordinary horse at first glance, but in fact, it is faster and more enduring than other horses because it has the blood of a monster mixed in it.

He used this as an advantage to search all around Ren’s village.

However, he couldn’t find Ren and Licia.

So he ordered his knights to join him on the way, while he himself rode to report to Baron Clausel.

He returned to Baron Clausel’s mansion on the morning of the fifth day after Ren’s escape from the beast master.

In other words, it was the morning of the ninth day after Ren and Licia were taken away.

“I will take all the punishment in place of the dead escort knight. But I ask for a reprieve until the young lady is saved.”

Returning to Baron Clausel’s residence, he reported to Baron Clausel’s office what had happened in the village ruled by the Ashtons, and the fact that both Licia and Ren had been taken away.

“Why did you leave Licia’s side?”

“…… because of an error in judgment.”

“That’s why I’m asking you! Why did the Knight Commander leave Licia’s side?”

Baron Clausel was so close to Weiss that he grabbed him by the chest and raised his voice.

Soon, he had a look of surprise.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

Weiss’s eyes swam.

“It’s about Licia. She cursed her own failure when she fell ill, didn’t she? To repay her debt to the Ashton family, she asked you to help her defeat the monsters that had increased out of the blue, didn’t she?”

Weiss was silent, saying nothing, but his silence was as good as an answer.

“…… sorry about that.”

“No, it’s still my fault. I have the most ability, I should rather have sent my own men to hunt, and stayed behind as a guard.”

“It wasn’t a mistake, it is righteous loyalty. How could I punish you in response to Licia’s strong wish?”

Weiss, who was overcome with remorse, couldn’t say anything in response to the sorrowful tone of voice.

Baron Clausel’s hand was clutching his chest, and he walked slowly to the window.

Outside the window, a heavy rain was falling, which seemed to indicate the state of mind of the two men.

“We can’t sit still any longer.”

Baron Clausel said in a strong tone.

“I’ll contact the Imperial City! Not only the nobles of my faction, but also the Emperor must be informed of what has happened!”

When he received the report in his office, he was furious and shook his fist.

But there was no proof.

Baron Clausel was convinced that Viscount Givens had committed the crime, as before.

But there wasn’t enough evidence to judge him.

“We must be very careful not to make false reports. It would be a good thing if we could get reinforcements to search for Licia. By the way, Weiss, how are the Ashtons doing?”

“They are being evacuated to a safe village with the villagers, accompanied by knights other than myself.”

“Good. Then we’ll move quickly.”

First of all, we need to contact the capital.

Of course, we also need to contact the nearby neutralist nobles.

Whatever we have to do, we needed reinforcements.

“If we make a bad move, the other factions will eat us alive. We must move carefully.”


We’re going to be busy from now on.

Baron Clausel, his mind tightened, was about to pick up his pen, when a moment later.

“My Lord!”

The usually calm butler came to his office without knocking.

“A visitor from the Imperial Capital has arrived……! Please hurry to the hall!”

Baron Clausel was startled by the butler’s ghastly appearance, but thought it was no time to be surprised to hear that he had a guest from the imperial capital.

Who had come all the way here and for what purpose?

With doubts in his mind, he left his office and walked on the thick crimson carpet to the hall.

He was surprised to see the manner of dressing of the people.

“Baron Clausel, isn’t it?”

“Ah…… you are …….”

They were civil servants in gray robes, belonging to the legal affairs bureau.

“We are here by order of His Excellency the Minister of Justice.”

One of them steps forward and reaches into his pocket.

He unfolds a rolled parchment and presents it to Baron Clausel.

“In accordance with the great imperial law, Baron Clausel, you will stand before the tribunal.”

“Huh —- why me!”

“Baron Clausel, you’re suspected of gross misgovernance. As you’re aware, the nobility entrusted by the Emperor with his lands have several obligations.”

Weiss muttered the following to the civil official who spoke without hesitation.

“Viscount Givens, I never thought he’d involve the imperial capital as well.”

Following Weiss’s hateful muttering, Baron Clausel says.

“I’m well aware of that! We nobles have a duty to protect the people of our lands and the wealth of our lands! But which of these have I violated?”

“In addition to the continued damage to several villages, Baron Clausel’s failure to take prompt action has spread the monster’s damage to the neighboring Viscount Givens’ territory. The Minister of Justice has received a report from Viscount Givens and has decided on this trial.”

Baron Clausel had a counterargument.

At the very least, it was all beyond the scope of the disturbances that could occur in his domain.

But when he tried to open his mouth, the civil servant from the legal department interrupted him, saying, “At the tribunal.”

“I’m told that Viscount Givens will arrive the morning after tomorrow, so the first arguments will be made here in Clausel on that day. The day after that, the verdict will be handed down—-“

“If you are dissatisfied with the verdict, the next round of judgments will be held in the Imperial City. If you are still dissatisfied with the verdict, you will go to the Great Temple of the Imperial Capital for a trial before the gods.”

“That’s correct.”

Everything happened too fast.

Things were unfolding at an overwhelming speed, including the attack on Ren’s village.

No doubt, this was a trend that had been set in motion for some time.

Baron Clausel and Weiss realized this.

“We’ll leave you now.”

The civil servant from the legal department bowed his head for the last time, said he would stay at an inn in town, and left the hall.

“If I am found guilty by the judges, the Clausel family will lose their titles.”

“But my lord! All territories suffer damage from monsters! No lord should be held responsible for something as trivial as this!”

“That’s right. That’s why Viscount Givens claimed that the damage had spread to his territory.”

“It’s a fabrication, as we all know.”

In the first place, Baron Clausel dispatched knights to villages whenever possible and did his utmost best to protect his subjects.

Was it all pressure from Viscount Givens, or perhaps the heroes? The conflict between the heroes and the royalists must have become even more intense.

Baron Clausel kept his eyes down and began to ponder what the best course of action was.

“I don’t even know why the two were taken away.”

Viscount Given was obsessed with Ren, but if wanted to take a hostage, Licia should have been enough.

For example, it should be no problem to threaten the Clausel family and try to bring them into the faction.

Considering the heinous acts that had been committed against the village, the possibility that they would kill Licia in the event of an emergency couldn’t be dismissed.

But it’s difficult to ask whether Ren is worth it as a hostage.

He’s no different from any other boy with a bright future ahead of him…….

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