Chapter 26 part 2

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Chapter 26: Discoveries and Prospects (Part 2)

 Licia, who had been watching him helplessly, found herself continuing to stare at the door after he was gone.

“……Why was I staring at the door?”

 The question escapes her mouth and she collapses onto her bed.

 Before she knew it, her head, which had been tormented by a burning hot, splitting headache, seemed to have calmed down a bit.


 She called for her personal guard knight, who was probably outside the room.

 She asked the knight to call Weiss, who soon arrived.

“What can I do for you miss?”

“I have a favor to ask, Weiss. Actually—-.”

 The task was to defeat the monsters.

 When Licia and her group came to the village, they had also seen an unusual outbreak of little boars in the forest.

 She hoped that if Weiss and the knights could help, they would be able to thwart many of the outbreaks.

“I’m supposed to escort you 、、、, but 、、 are you sure ?”

“You’re not needed right now right? Even if you’re not there, I still go out, and even in Clausel I have my own escort when I go out to town. It’s the same thing.”

“That’s certainly true, but ……”

“There are plenty of other knights, so it doesn’t really matter if you leave for a bit. I’m only sleeping anyway, and I want you to go and work for the Ashtons.”

 Naturally, Licia wanted to do her part.

 Never before had she felt so resentful about being so sick and immobile. Weiss, who had caught that thought, was struck by Licia’s growth.

 “I will do my utmost to extend our gratitude to the Ashton family.”

 Finally, he readily agreed and decided to comply with Licia’s request.

 He then leaves Ren’s room with a look of satisfaction on his face.


 She remains alone in the silent room.

 Licia, unable to fall asleep due to a slight feeling of loneliness, sits up in bed.

 She then turns her attention to Ren’s desk.

“I guess I’ll borrow the pen now……”

 She would have preferred to sleep, but she was not sleepy by any means.

 So she thought she’d try to write a letter to avoid being overwhelmed.

 She tried to stand up, straining her body.

 But she still felt unsteady on her feet.

 But she was feeling better than she expected, so she took out a piece of letter paper from her bag and got to her feet.

 She went to the desk Ren usually uses and looked for the accessory box.

 However, there were two accessory boxes she found.

 One was in a corner of the desk, and the other was on a shelf attached to the desk.


“I wonder which one it is …….”

 Licia was not feeling well and could not make normal judgments.

 Normally, she would have easily guessed that the one on the desk should be the one prepared for her, but this time, in a daze, she reached for the small container on the shelf.

 Perhaps it was because the accessory box stood out.

 It was covered with melted paint, but it caught her eye in a strange way.

 When she picked it up, the paint which had been dry, cracked with a sound.

 It seemed to have spent the winter in storage and had become brittle due to the difference in temperature.

 Licia found it in the open accessory box.

“…… this could it be?”

I’m sure it belongs to me, I thought I had lost it.

The first time she came to Ren’s village, somehow it should have disappeared somewhere, but it was stored in the house.

“……Hmmm, right.”

 Licia is calmly tormented by many emotions.

 Anger …… was strangely fleeting.

 If anything, she was puzzled with sorting out the indescribable shame, and was more concerned about what to do with this thing she had found.

In addition, the fact that she had caused too much trouble for Ren already, played a part in it. 

  When you think about it, as a woman and as a young lady, she couldn’t discount it as just a piece of underwear —-.

Naturally, she had her thoughts

 The first thing that comes to mind is the need to scold Ren.

 After what she just said, she would never want to take Ren to Clausel….. or threaten to take him to Clausel because of this matter.

 But it should be absolutely necessary to correct such an action…… right.

 ’It’s not that I expect Ren to come to Clausel and make amends on his own accord.’

 Licia mocked herself for having such a devious thought in a corner of her mind.

 But she still had to tell Ren that bad things are bad.

 Licia felt a twinge of shame when she thought of the time she would have to point this out to him, but she made up her mind.

“When I’m feeling a little better, I’ll have to have a one-on-one talk with him.”

 Licia takes only her things from the accessory box and carries them to her bag and puts them inside.

 She had already lost the desire to write the letter. 

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