Chapter 25 part 1

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Chapter 25: She fell ill (Part 1)

 It was the day Ren took a break from hunting.

 It was a pleasant afternoon in the warm spring sun.

“Ren, let’s do some cleaning today.”


“Yes. It’s getting warmer outside, so it’s time to put all the winter stuff in storage.”

“Oh, ……, come to think of it, that’s true.”

 By the way, Roy is not here.

  He should be heading into the woods with his knights and working on his daily hunting routine.

 So why was Ren the only one off? There was no big reason. It was simply because that was the schedule.

“What do you want me to do?”

“We’ll clean our rooms first …… and then, well, I have some stuff on the dirt floor that I plan to put in storage, so can you bring it to the front of the warehouse for me? I’ll take over and carry the necessary items into the house.”


“I’ll also change all the winter stuff on Ren’s bed.”

“What? I can do that myself.”

“I know. I know, but it’s easier to do it all at once since I’ll be changing the bedding in all the rooms. You know, you’ll do the laundry later, right?”

 If that’s the case, then let’s be obediently spoiled.

 Instead, I’ll just do what she wants and take the winter goods to the warehouse.

 Nodding his head, Ren immediately went to his room.

 From the windows to the walls to the floor, he swept and wiped, carefully wiping away the winter’s dirt. The ceiling, for example, he cleaned by creating a foothold by growing roots with the wooden magic sword. 

 The cleaning took about an hour, and when he was done, a pleasant sweat ran down his forehead.

 Ren then went to the dirt floor of the mansion as he had talked about with Mireille.

 In the dirt floor, as Mireille had said, there were bags to be carried, and surprisingly, they were arranged in a heap.

 Ren carries them out little by little.

, “Hm?—- what was this melted down box?”

 As he was carrying them out, he suddenly heard Mireille’s voice unexpectedly coming from the warehouse.

Yes, that’s right. Ren —- did it, and he’s going to tell us. —-

“Mother! What’s wrong?”

When Ren peeked into the warehouse through the entrance, he found Mireille in the back of the warehouse, talking to herself with something in her hand.

 However, he could not see what was in her hand.

 The back of the warehouse was dimly lit, with only a little light shining through a small window.

“It’s nothing! Never mind!”

 Hearing her reply, Ren quickly replied, “Okay,” and went back to carrying the luggage.

 After a while, Mireille, who had been inside the warehouse, came outside with a lot of bedding.

 Ren offered to help, but she laughed and said, “It’s light, so I’m fine.”

 Mireille passed Ren and entered the house.

 First, she went upstairs to make up the beds in the couple’s bedroom, put the bedding to be changed in the hallway, and now stepped into Ren’s room.


 Here, too, the bedding is changed, and she takes out the wooden box she brought with her.

 This wooden box has melted paint on the surface and the lid is blocked.

 Mireille puts it on the shelf by Ren’s desk.

“I’ll have to tell Roy that I left it in Ren’s room just for the sake of it.”

 She quickly left Ren’s room and went to the guest room.

 But here she noticed.

 The bedding for the bed in the guest room is somewhat moldy, and she let out a sigh at the fact that it was not usable.

“….. this one needs to be washed again.”

 She had no choice but to leave the bed in the guest room unmade.

“Ah, are you done?”

 She headed for the dirt floor, and when she went outside, Ren had just finished carrying the winter items in.

 After telling him that she had finished changing the bedding, Mireille went to the back of the house to wash all the bedding.

 She does this because there is a well in the back of the house where she does her laundry.

 Meanwhile, Ren decided to organize the warehouse while he was at it,…….

“—- eh?”

 I noticed a certain group as they passed through the forest and approached us on the field road.

 Come to think of it, they haven’t been here recently.

 I guessed that today must have been the first visit after the winter had passed.

“As usual, his footwork is too light.”

 The line of knights riding horses along the field road was familiar to me.

 But Ren, who was watching the scene from the window of his room, suddenly tilts his head.

 Weiss’s expression as he moved through the field road was different and stern, and the horses that were being led down the field path seemed to be galloping more than usual.

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