Chapter 25 part 2

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Chapter 25: She fell ill (Part 2)

 The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the two of them were not riding alongside each other.

“………… doesn’t look like she’s sleeping.”

 There, Licia’s eyes were downcast and her back was resting against the female knight who was riding with her. I can’t peek into her expression from here, but I can’t stop wondering.


 I couldn’t help but wonder why she was so quiet when she came to this village to meet me.

“For now.”

 I have to get ready to receive her.

 After leaving the warehouse, Ren went to the backyard and informed Mireille, who was about to do the laundry, of Licia and the others’ visit.

 Mireille was a little surprised, but she too was used to Licia’s visits.

” I have to go get ready, so Ren, will you go welcome the lady?”

“Yes, of course.”

“But the beds aren’t made in the guest room yet, well…… I’m sure they won’t mind. I’m sure she won’t be sleeping anytime soon.”

“I think so too. Well, I’m going to go now.”

 Ren replied and returned to the garden.


Even as we were doing this, Licia and her knights were approaching the mansion, and they were already almost at the gate.

 Ren saw them and furrowed his brow.

 Licia, who had appeared to be sleeping, looked as if she was in some kind of distress.

 Ren noticed the change and rushed to Weiss, who had stopped his horse.

“Weiss-san, my mother just prepared the room for you. First the lady…”

“I’m sorry. Thanks for your consideration.”

 But Ren suddenly remembered Mireille’s words.

 The beds in the guest room are not ready yet.

 That would not be convenient.

 Besides the fact that it was Licia who was being welcomed, he also wanted her to rest in the cleanest bedding possible, since she looked ill.

 This means that she cannot sleep on the bed in the guest room.

“Please bring the young lady in, and take your time. I’ll hurry and go talk to my mother.”

“…… sorry to trouble you.”

 We have no choice but to have her rest in another room.

 After saying this, Ren returns to the mansion and rushes around the house.

 His eyes searched for Mireille, and he ran into her in the hallway on the first floor.

 In his haste, Ren tells her that Licia is not feeling well and points out that the bed in the guest room is not ready.


“Then we’ll have her sleep in our room,”

“No, I think my room would be better since Mom and Dad’s room still smells a little of herbs. I would rest in the guest room later when I’m ready.”

 Fortunately, I also took into account that I had just done some major cleaning today.

“Well, …… I understand.”

 When it was decided that Ren will sleep in the guest room instead, Weiss and the female knight arrive.

 The knight was holding Licia in her arms, with sweat on her forehead.

 Ren told Weiss about the situation and told him that Licia could use his room.

“Thanks again. I owe you.”

 “It’s all right. Please take care of the young lady first.”

“You’ll need to change her clothes. Let me help you.”

“…..Please don’t trouble yourself, Mireille-dono…….”

“It’s all right. Now, since that’s decided, the men will wait for us downstairs.”

 Ren and Weiss looked at each other and watched Mireille go into Ren’s room. They soon proceeded down the creaking hallway, down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry,. It’s a mansion without a parlor.”

“Don’t say that. It’s a nice, warm house, isn’t it?”

 First of all, he led Weiss to a chair, then brewed a cup of tea, which was not a very good tea, and offered it to Weiss.

“Thanks. …… and I should also tell you about the lady’s condition.”


“That’s right However, I don’t understand why she left Clausel even though she wasn’t feeling well.”

“Of course she wouldn’t. The young lady fell sick about three days ago. —-“


According to Weiss, it is a disease that often affects children who have a lot of magic in their bodies. 

However, it is not always the case and is only a probability.

 It is said that once the disease is contracted, a phenomenon similar to lifelong immunity remains, and the same disease will never be contracted.

“Three days ago, we were in the vicinity of another village that we were planning to visit, but I had to rush to this village to attend to the health of the young lady.”

“Is it Grandma Rigg, by any chance?”

“Yes. I thought it would be safer if Old Lady Rigg were here.”

 But,” Weiss continued.

“The disease is said to be an omen, but many people are unaware of changes in their health condition since there aren’t any signs. It was possible that the young lady would contract the disease, but I never imagined it would be during the course of an excursion.”

“……As expected, you can’t return to Clausel under the present circumstances”

“The illness itself is not life-threatening, but the high fever and headache can be aggravating, and can compromise the immune system. Complications can kill you, so she must rest for a while.”

 The only good thing was that Ren’s village was close by.

 And there was a skilled pharmacist named Grandma Rigg in the village.

“She will be better in two or three weeks. So I’m sorry, but ……”

“It’s all right. Please take your time until the young lady feels better.”


“……I’m grateful. Of course, please let me and the other knights know if there is anything we can do to help. Whether it’s hunting, carpentry, or whatever else, we’re here to help.”

 Frankly, I’d like to have help with both.

 Weiss and the others would probably be more concerned if I didn’t ask them to do anything, so I decided to ask them to help without being rude.

 There are an odd number of little boars these days, so it would be just right.

(Speaking of which…)

 When the conversation came to a close, Len recalled a conversation from the other day.

“The other day, Viscount Givens’ knights were in this village again.”


“He said he was going to help me get into the Imperial Academy. He also said he was helping me get into the special class.”

 Weiss was surprised to hear that.

 However, he immediately nodded and let out a deep, deep sigh.

“It’s possible if It’s someone as good as you. If Viscount Givens, who has experience as an assistant to the Minister of Justice, is added to the mix, it can’t be a false statement. I wish you the best of luck boy.”


“Mm? What’s the matter?”

“It seems you think we’ve agreed to it, but the Ashtons have refused.”


 Weiss hit the table with a loud bang. 


   ”How could you turn down a glorious future when you were promised one?”

“We all love this village, and we’ve served the Clausel family for a long time.”

 That’s what Roy said and he thought so as well.

 While there is a desire here to avoid Ren’s own tragic future, the words he uttered are also true.

 Weiss was stunned to hear this thought, and sat back in his chair with a sigh.

“I promise you.”

 He looked at Ren with a mysterious expression on his face.

“After this excursion, I will not bring the lady back to this village.”

“—- what?”

“Besides her own wishes, I had hoped that the young lady would receive good inspiration from the boy. But it was all spoiled. She was spoiled by the generosity of the Ashtons and spoiled by you boy. …… I’ll make this the last time.”

 These were convenient words for Ren, but he wonders why so suddenly.

Ren, who continued to be perplexed, listened in silence.

“We can’t cause you any more trouble. Even though she is the daughter of a baron, the young lady will understand if you give her the reason for this incident. I will inform the master of the family.”

“Umm, what’s going on with you all of a sudden?”

“……We can’t just sit back and take it easy when you’ve just shown us such loyalty.”

Apparently, Weiss does not like to flaunt his power and respects the will of Ren and his family.

 This may be the reason why he did not force Ren to go with him to Clausel.

 And this time, when he learned how the Ashtons were behaving, he decided that it was time to stop acting so spoiled.

 But —-.

(…… seems a little sad, doesn’t it?)

 I don’t dislike Licia’s personality, although I wondered if I should think that myself.

 I would be lying if I said I didn’t find enjoyment when I was in contact with her.

 …is that why?

When I think that this is the last time, I feel I would regret it.

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