Chapter 24 part 2

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Chapter 24: A second invitation (Part 2)

‘What’s all the racket! What’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry, sir! In fact, these people have been waiting for you! They have a letter for…! Huh, hey!”

 Then a knight of Viscount Givens leaned forward and interrupted him.

 The knight was the same knight who had previously asked Ren, whom he had met in the forest, to show him the way to the mansion.

 Roy accepted the letter as a courtesy and looked at it, wondering what to do with it.

“I’ll check inside the mansion,” he said. “But what business brings you to this village?”

‘”An invitation to the Ashtons, of course.”

 Again, Ren let out a sigh as he hid his face.

 Again, Roy mends his smile to keep it from becoming bitter.

“The Viscount still thinks highly of your abilities, And the same goes for your son.”

“Ren? Oh, we’ve talked about this before, haven’t we?”

Y”es. That’s why I’ve come to you with a new story.”

“…… new story?”

(I have a bad feeling about this.)

 In such a case, the new story is basically not a good story for the person in question.

 Even though it may seem like an exceptional response from the outside, if it’s something the person doesn’t want, it can sometimes only be a nuisance.

 Ren muttered to himself in his mind.

The Viscount has offered to help Ren Ashton enroll in the prestigious Imperial Academy of Military Science’s 、、、、、、、、、、 special class 、、、、、.

 Ren’s hunch was right on target, and it hit him hard.

( Gi…… give me a break ……)

 Unlike Ren, who was disgusted, Roy was surprised with a wide mouth.

 Naturally, the knights of the Clausel family were surprised, too.

 Representing their surprise, Roy asked Viscount Given’s knight as if he were stuttering.

“What —-? Even general admission is extremely difficult, there’s no way that our Ren could get into the special class. ……”

“The Imperial Cadet Academy’s special class is certainly exceptional. In addition to the heirs of the seven great barons and generals, only a handful of talents who have been trained in the imperial capital from an early age are allowed to enter.”

 Ren was annoyed by the knight’s confident and enthusiastic tone.

The Imperial Military Academy is the main setting in the legend of the Seven Heroes.

 Furthermore, the special class is also the class to which the

 protagonists will belong.

 In other words, it’s no exaggeration to say that if you enroll in the school, it will be close to the same future as in the game.

 Now that he could not avoid meeting Licia, he had to avoid entering the Imperial Cadet Academy at all costs.

“However, the Viscount had served as assistant to the Minister of Justice at the Imperial Castle. He said he could send a letter of recommendation to the academy.”

 Perhaps he was going to talk to one of the heroic aristocrats among them.

Ren, who could easily imagine this, was not at all pleased, and on the contrary, he was beginning to get fed up internally.

“It’s not —- impossible, but it must be difficult to recommend our Ren.”

“Yes, that may be true, but the Viscount sees potential in Ren Ashton.”

“Potential ……?”

 Roy’s reaction was probably what he expected.

 The knight of the Viscount Givens said happily, 

“A nobleman who is friends with the Viscount has told him that the Ashtons may have some of the blood of Lauren the Hero running through them, even if it is thin. ……”

“Is —- is that true!?”

“It would be foolish to dismiss it out of hand. Considering he is a legitimate son born at about the same time as the children of the seven great barons we can’t not find hope in a boy who has done such a rare feat.”

“It can’t be! We’ve been in this village for a long time. ……”

“But no one knows the truth. It may be that the Ashtons were born from a further branch of a side line long ago. But rest assured. Even if he is not, Len Ashton is still a brave boy.”

 Ren thought as he listened to the conversation.

 After all, Viscount Givens wants to use him as a flower to add to the factional warfare.

 I don’t know if he really thinks that the Ashton family has the blood of a hero in it. That’s exactly what the knight of Viscount Givens said, but it could be different.

(If I’m even more active, they’ll lift me up, and if I do something bad, they’ll say I lied about being a hero…)

 I can only assume that I will be treated as a convenient frame. That’s why even Roy is hesitating.

 But what matters here is the momentum of the heroic faction, not the truth.

(……What should we do? Should I tell them about the village where the hero is?)

 And what if I tell them?

 If I’m asked if they would believe me,…… I honestly thought that if I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t believe me.

 A boy who has never been out of his village would say, “There is a descendant of a brave man in that village!” 

 I’m sure they wouldn’t even look into it.

 On the contrary, they would doubt his sanity. That is a normal reaction.

“So, what’s your response? Let’s skip the details at this point. If you graduate from that institute, it is as good as guaranteed that you will receive an important position at the same time, right? The Ashtons should only have to consider this fact.”

“Yes…… I know that,…….”

“That would make things a lot easier. It’s not a bad deal for you as his father.”

 But Roy kept his mouth shut.

 Seeing this, Viscount Givens’ knight turned his attention to Ren.

“Boy, wouldn’t you like to develop your talents in the imperial capital?”

 But when asked this, the reply was obvious.

“—- No.”

“I knew you would say so. If so, then by all means come to the Viscount. Wait, what did you say?”

 The knight of Viscount Givens was surprised with his his eyes widened as he asked 

“I have no intention of leaving this village.”

“Wha, Why?”

“I am sorry. I feel content to spend my days hunting in the forest and protecting the village…….”

“Don’t you want to be a nobleman? You could be a baronet upon graduation!”

“I’m sorry to repeat this, but it is too much for me.”

Then, the knight of Viscount Givens faltered. He looked as if he had been on the offensive so far, but he was speechless now.

 But then he looked at Roy and said.

“…….What do you think of?”

 If Roy nodded his head, it would be fine.

 But Roy, like Ren, answers in a simple voice.

“I am sorry. I am honored that Viscount Givens has contacted us twice like this, but I would like to decline once again. I’m proud to have served the Clausel family for generations. Besides, I myself have no intention of leaving the village.”

“You don’t want your son to be a nobleman!?”

“I’d like to do that, I also want him to go to the Imperial capital to learn what I can’t teach him in this village if possible. But the most important thing is Ren’s own will.”

“The boy is clever. He may be reserved!”

“No, that’s not it.I’m sure Ren is a caring child, but he won’t say anything he doesn’t think.”

 The knight of Viscount Givens was almost enraged that his invitation had been rejected so outrightly. His face was slightly reddish and his fists were shaking.

 However, he did not say anything more unreasonable.

 He was acting disgruntled, but still maintained a shred of civility.

“…..I’m sorry, Lord Ashton.”

 With that, he bowed his head to Roy.

 He then quickly went to the other knights waiting nearby and mounted his horse.

‘”Oh, hey!  Please hold on while I write back!”

“No matter. I’ll let the Viscount know your reply directly—-.”

 Then they drove off without waiting for Roy’s reply.

 Roy scratched his head and muttered, 

“Huh,…… I wanted to write a letter myself so I wouldn’t be rude. It would be troublesome if they made up something I didn’t tell them, without my knowledge.”

‘Isn’t it all right? I’m sure it won’t make much difference when we’ve refused two invitations .”

 Roy heard Ren’s words and nodded with a shrug, “I guess so.”

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