Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Camping Knowledge

 He said yes to Weiss, but Ren was also concerned that his parents would not comply.


(I didn’t expect them to agree.)

 Not only Roy, but even Mireille gave permission.

 When Weiss returned to the mansion, he told them the details, and it was a piece of cake.

 The two were surprised at first, but when they heard that the Clausel family had been taught by Weiss, the head of the knighthood, they agreed.

“We’ll go to Tsurugi rock, Let’s get ready to spend the night there.”

 Weiss, walking one step ahead of me, said with a torch in his hand.

 The forest was covered with snow this season, making it difficult to walk, but Weiss did not seem to be affected by the snow and moved forward with strong steps.


 I guess it was the difference in his physical strength and physique.



 He easily cuts down the little boar that jumped out at him with the sword in one hand.

 In doing so, his torso did not shake in the slightest, and I wasn’t confident that I could follow his fast sword stroke with my eyes.

(I wonder how strong he is.)

 As Ren, walking behind him, looks at Weiss’ back and thinks, Weiss seems to have noticed Ren’s gaze and turns around.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“I was thinking Weiss-sama is amazing.”

“Ha ha ha! What’s up with that? You’ll be stronger than me in no time!”

 Weiss carries up the little boar that he just cut down while praising Ren.

 At first glance, he looks like an old knight, but I wonder how much physical strength he has in his body.

“Then let’s leave the monster up ahead to you boy. Can you fight at night?”

“I think I’ll be fine. I’ve been through it once, and I managed to handle it.”

 However, when it appeared, it was only Little Boar.


 Ren slaughtered several little boars without difficulty while aiming for the end of the Tsurugi Rock that Weiss mentioned.

 As if he were breathing.


“—- I see. No wonder she’s no match for you.”

 Weiss muttered to himself as he watched the battle.

“They’re just little boars”

“But all of them received only a single thrust to the forehead.  The speed with which you responded was also remarkable.”

 He summons his bracelet to his hand, and even the wooden magic sword is carried at his waist, but this evening Ren has an iron weapon in his hand.

 But when praised as he was just now, he felt embarrassed.

 Perhaps I’ll never get used to being praised,…… and Ren learned that before he learned to camp.

 —-Another while passed.

 More time passed beyond Tsurugi Rock, and they stopped in the open land where a large rock sat.

 Weiss, still carrying the little boar, approached the large rock and proceeded to hollow a large space and beckoned Ren to come.

 Once there, they were able to escape the chill of the quietly waving snow.

“First, we have to build a fire.”

 There are several ways.

 The main method used by the knights is with magical tools.

 But when there are no magical tools, they use flint, and if that is not available, they rub wood together as a last resort.

“But if the wood is wet, it will not catch fire. So you have to be prepared before you go to the last resort, and be careful not to get into that situation,” 

 Weiss then hands Ren a dagger in a leather sheath.

“It’s my gift to you. There’s a special ore embedded in the butt of the stone. The leather scabbard is also made of an artifact. If you rub it hard enough, as you would with a flintlock, it will produce sparks.

“Is that fine? It seems to be an expensive item.”

“Not so much. In Clausel, you can get it for as little as 10,000 G —- a day’s wages for a commoner.”

 Even so, it would not be cheap, Ren thought.

 But Weiss’s words were honestly indulgent, and he pulled out a dagger as he was urged to do.

 Weiss pulled a piece of firewood out of his pocket and placed it on the ground.

“Today is that kind of training, so I got one from the boy’s mansion. Now, first I will show you how to do it, and then the boy will do it too.”

 Weiss then rubbed the sheath against the knife in a familiar manner.

 Ren cried “Oh” when he saw the sparks easily generated.

 Weiss, next to him, loosened his cheeks and fished around in his pocket. He pulled out a short bundle of straw from his pocket and struck a spark on it again.

 After a few repetitions, a faint fire was lit on the straw.

“Now try you light it boy”

“I understand. I will try.”

 After the tenth attempt, a spark was produced.

 Weiss gave the spark to the newly taken out straw and made a fire. It seems that even a beginner can easily start a fire.

 Ren was also taught how to start a fire on firewood, and he was learning how to make a fire smoothly.

 Ren was also taught how to start a fire on firewood, and he was learning how to make a fire smoothly.

“Should I go look for some firewood?”

“That’s another training exercise, but we don’t have to go that far tonight. From here on out, we’ll warm ourselves with the flames of our magical tools.”

 Weiss reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vial.

 He opens the lid of the vial, places it on the ground, and after a few seconds, it begins to exhale fire.

“Soon it will be as strong as a bonfire. Until then, I will teach you how to make another fire and how to dismantle demons.”

 The other way to build a fire was to rub the wood together.

 First, Weiss would shave the wood to create a mechanism that would make it easier to start a fire.

 Then he showed them how to make a fire by rubbing them together.

 After that, Ren also tried it, but this time it took longer than the previous one.

 After all, it was after 30 minutes from the start of the trial that he was able to start a fire.

 It was the moment when he realized from the bottom of his heart that the advantages of civilization are great.


“You have good instincts boy.”

“……it took me a long time, didn’t it?”

“Not really. First-timers often have a hard time even making smoke. Now, let’s continue with the dismantling.”

 The little boar that we have brought here is the target.

 He said he would teach me how to process it into food.

“First of all, the edible parts of most monsters.—-“

 Ren was not put off by the fresh entrails, as Mireille always did the same at the mansion.

 Ren joined in the dismantling process, with Weiss teaching him how to do it.

 It took him an hour to finish dismantling the animal, while learning many things, including the art of bloodletting and the treatment of the fur.

 The meat was then roasted over the fire of a magic tool.

 The roasted meat was savory, but not enough because it was not seasoned.

(Well, it wasn’t bad.)

 Perhaps it was the influence of the atmosphere, but strangely enough, it didn’t taste bad.

“Speaking of which, may I ask you a question?”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Why did we leave the villa just before the day changed? I was ready, but I think we spent a long time before departure.”

“I didn’t want to ………… be overheard by the young lady.”

“Ah, aah …… I see…….”

 If Licia knew, she would surely have said she would go too. (TN: Changed Lithia to Licia)

 That said, there is no way Ren could have said that, and he knows very well that Weiss is the same way.

    That’s why when Weiss said he would do something, he did not ask me not to bring her.

 In the first place, such words should not have been uttered in light of their positions.

“We will return to the mansion tomorrow at a time when the young lady is not awake. It will be a demanding schedule,…….”

“It’s light compared to the day I fought with Thief Wolfen, I’ll be fine.”

“—- hahahahaha! Yes, you’re absolutely right! No wonder you, unlike my men, never whine at all!”

 Ren shrugged his shoulders and chuckled.

 After this, he was taught how to camp in cold places, how to keep watch, how to guard the fire, how to hide in such places, and many other things.

 Although it was only a one-night-only lesson, it may come in handy one day 、、、、、、、maybe、、、 、、、、、、.

 When I think about it, I even felt that today’s experience was a valuable asset.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ 

 The next morning we woke up before the sun rose.

 I had a short sleep, about half of what I usually get, but my eyes were surprisingly clear.

 We left the big Tsurugi rock, and passed the bridge over the river.

 We returned to the village early, as planned, and walked along the snow-covered field road.

“We got back early, didn’t we?”

“Mm. The young lady should still be asleep.”

 They proceeded with pleasantries and arrived at the mansion on schedule.

 But when Ren put his hand on the door and opened it—-.

“Oh, welcome back”

 Lizzia, who greeted Ren with a light voice like a ringing bell, was smiling gleamingly.

But what about this indescribable pressure?

 Though ……, she’s surprisingly not angry.

“It was cold, wasn’t it? ……You didn’t have to go at that time of night.”

 The reason for leaving so late at night is Licia, so how can I explain it?

 With a bitter smile, Ren scratched his cheek and spun in circles.

“I’m not going to ask you to take me to the woods late at night, either. That’s ……I’m just a little miffed that you didn’t tell me……”


But It’s fine And also, I’ll skip today’s match.”

 Ren thought she was offended by his words, but in fact she wasn’t.

 “You’re tired, aren’t you?

“No, no! Just a little bit. —-“

“It’s okay. It would be terrible if you overdo it and get sick, right?”

 The reason why she decided not to attend the meeting was because of Ren’s fatigue.


Weiss was stunned that she had come for a stand-off with him, but restrained herself in this way.

(…… something like that.)

 When you are suddenly cared for, your senses are dulled.

 However, looking at the expression on Licia’s face, it doesn’t seem like she’s acting.

 The …… words she just said are definitely her true feelings.

“I’m not at all happy to beat you when you’re tired.”

 The next words must also be true.

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