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Chapter 4: Misunderstanding of a certain maid

“Fuaaaaa …… sleepy desu.”

 Rosie yawns while changing from her sleepwear to her work clothes.

 The morning of a maid is early.

 Especially the morning of the exclusive maids who take care of the royal family.

“Rosie … You look terrible, are you okay?”

 Anxiously asked Lina, a fellow maid who shares her room.

 Lina is a half-elf, so she looks pretty, she’s also the daughter of the Margrave in the west and has a cheerful personality, a beautiful girl with a trademark ponytail.

 Along with Rosie, she was preparing for work early in the morning.

“I’m Okay des, just a little sleep deprivation”

 Rosie replies, patting her cheeks.

 But the sleepiness didn’t go away, and her eyes were still squeezing together.

“Are you really okay? Your master seems to be more motivated recently but… aren’t you being forced?”

“That’s not true desu. Brad-sama tells me to take a rest, but I’m doing it because I want to do it. Besides, Brad-sama is doing his best while I’m sleeping … I can’t sleep peacefully. “

 One week had passed since Brad collapsed during class at the academy.

  Since then, Brad has been absent from the academy due to poor health, while he has been very active in the royal palace. The people around him don’t seem to like the fact that he took a voluntary leave of absence using a false illness while his behavior and grades are not good, but from the perspective of Rosie who is watching him closely, she thinks it’s good because he seems more energetic than ever.

 Rosie has been busy being Brad’s hands and feet every day. As you can tell, she gets very little sleep, but she thinks it’s a good thing because the work is very rewarding. It’s a lot better than the old days when she worked in fear of Brad’s punishments.

 I don’t know what the purpose is, but master himself is motivated. How can I, his loyal aide, not step up here?

 Rosie made a fist and renewed her spirit, but Lina looked at her face from the side.


 Staring at her from a close range, Rosie felt somewhat shy and turned away.

 However, she was held by the chin and forcibly turned toward Lina.

“Ah … you’ve gotten some big dark circles and your cute face is ruined.”

 Lina gently touched Rosie’s eyes and shrugged her shoulders in dismay.

“It’s true that Brad-sama is being generous as if he’s a different person, but you shouldn’t expect this to continue forever. He’s going to turn back into a foolish tyrant on a whim anyway, so take a good rest while he’s going easy on you.”

 She seemed to be caring for her, but Rosie was a little annoyed because she was saying bad things about her Lord.

“It’s not a whim desu, Brad-sama will surely stay kind desu! I don’t think he was originally a stupid tyrant in the first place.”

“No … what would you call that if not being a tyrant?”

 Lina shrugs.

“It’s true that until now … Brad-sama, At first glance, has been a tyrant des. I can understand why Lina-chan misunderstood. But that was probably all acting.”

 Unable to stand her Lord being ridiculed, Rosie concluded her speculations about Brad over the past week.

 ”Acting?” Lina frowns.

“Yes, acting. You know that Brad-sama is selling his fortune and donating it to charity right? That’s one of the proofs desu.”

“Oh, I’ve heard that story? But isn’t that just to earn points? These days, people are calling for the second prince, Alberto-sama, to be the next king, so they say he’s trying to appeal to His Majesty “

“It’s different desu! That’s probably what Brad-sama had planned for a long time. At first glance, Brad-sama was spending his days in luxury, but in fact, he collected a lot of goods that could be converted into cash desu. It was probably to help the people who were suffering in these times of need. “

 Recently, the national government has been favoring the aristocracy, and the poor and lower-class people have been treated poorly. Anticipating such a situation long ago, Brad had been pretending to be an idiot and had been accumulating a fortune by buying all kinds of luxury goods. At first she was only vaguely convinced, but seeing how thoughtful Brad was recently, Rosie was almost convinced that she was right.

“… Huh? Aren’t you overthinking it? You’re thinking too deeply about his whims. It doesn’t explain why he’s been extremely selfish.”

“I’m not thinking too much desu! There are many other things he’s doing for the people, I’m sure there was a reason for being a tyrant! For example, in order to avoid a succession dispute with Alberto-sama, he tried to act incompetent and hand over the throne… “

“If that was true, wouldn’t he still play the tyrant?”

 Rosie hesitates as she was calmly questioned.

“That um… I’m sure there was a terrible situation where he had to stop pretending and start acting himself. or he decided that he can’t leave the country in Alberto-sama’s hands and decided to become king himself. “

“Ye ye ye (no no no), Alberto-sama is as excellent and handsome as ever, and he has a reputation for being the best king candidate, and he’s handsome… Anyway, I don’t really hate Brad, but I’m also in Alberto’s camp. “

” Alberto-sama is rumored to have bad tastes in women and said to be black-hearted. Just because someone looks good and is handsome doesn’t mean he’s a good person desu.”

 Alberto, like Brad, frequently changes his maid, and there are rumors that the reason is that he has a thing for maidservants.

 Of course, it’s groundless, and no one, including Rosie, seems to believe it. Alberto is Brad’s twin brother, so he’s only 14. I don’t think he’s doing anything like that right now, let alone in the future.

 Lina also brushed it off, saying, “It’s just a lie someone spread out of jealousy.”

“Anyway, it’s definitely not the case. It’s nice that Brad-sama seems to have changed, but it’s better not to have too many illusions.”

  She laughed, and Rosie’s cheeks puffed up.

 She poked Rosie’s cheeks, forcing her to expel the air and squeezed them, then chuckled, “Don’t be so angry”.

“Anyway, don’t overdo it. I would be sad if you collapsed and quit this job when we get along well.”

 Rosie was not convinced, but she knew that Lina was just concerned about her.

“… Okay desu, I’ll be careful.”

 Thanks for worrying about me, Rosie thanked her honestly.

 Lina smiles and strokes her head.

“… Please stop treating me like a child desu. We’re the same 16 years old?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, it’s because you’re so small.”

 Lina sticks out her tongue.

 She then suddenly looked out the window.

“Speak of the devil, I guess he’ll also work hard today.”

 When she looked outside, there were two figures in the courtyard.

 One is the first prince Brad, Rosie’s Lord, known as the ” black pig prince ” and the other is a tall man with a frivolous smile-a hero who is enrolled in the Knights as an honorary knight, Glace Stresemann, the Demon Slayer.

 The two have been practicing the sword, with the sound of their swords echoing fiercely since early morning.

 Brad, who has been acting differently since a week ago, suddenly asked Glace to take him as an apprentice, and he has been training with him every day for the past week.

“I thought he’d quit in a day, but it’s been a week now. He’s doing well. Or rather, why did Glace-sama agree in the first place.”

 While Glace is one of the best warriors on the continent, he is famous for his elusive and frivolous personality. I’ve heard that his nature is to enjoy life and not get involved in troublesome matters, and the reason he’s in the royal palace is because it provides him with food, clothing, and shelter.

 That’s why she was surprised he took Brad as a student. Was it just a whim, or did he find some talent in Brad?

“But Brad, he looks as terrible as ever. Rosie…… can you really trust that? As I thought it’s tough, isn’t it?”

 Lina looks at Brad as if she were looking at filth and asks.

 From the sidelines, you could see there was an unbelievable difference in ability between Glace and Brad, and it looked like Brad was just being played by Glace from the beginning.

 Brad was desperately trying to keep up with Glace’s movements, but his body couldn’t keep up, and his movements became as if he was dancing a strange dance. In addition, he was drenched in sweat, and his pained face looked as if he might collapse at any moment.

 Because he was always practicing like this, the aristocrats around him and his servants, including Lina, always ridiculed him as humorous.



 Rosie thought so.

 Even though he looks like he’s in a lot of pain, Brad continued to practice with Glace all week. His single-mindedness she respects wholeheartedly, and his figure that moves desperately while shaking his flabby flesh even looks cool.

 These days, Brad has been extremely intelligent, and his thoughts are deeper than the sea. That’s why I feel a gap in his present appearance of being out of breath and trying desperately, and find it precious. In addition, I feel that his face and body shape have become more dignified and refined, probably because he’s endured rigorous training for the past week.

“Eh … Rosie, why are your cheeks red?”

“Ah, huh!? Is it red desu!?”

 Pointed out by Lina, I hurriedly touch my cheeks.

 I notice that my cheeks are strangely hot.

 Lina looked at Rosie, whose cheeks are dyed like an apple, with a startled and amazed face, and shrugged, “This is a serious illness.”

“……huh? Alberto-sama?”

 But then Rosie spotted the figure of the second prince, Alberto, in the courtyard.

 The handsome prince, who is praised by both the aristocrats and the people, seems to be talking to Brad as he walked across the courtyard with his maidservant in tow.

(What on earth are they talking about?)

 I’ve never seen them talk before, but I’ve heard that they don’t get along very well. Rosie frowned, wondering if it was okay.

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