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Chapter 33: A Detour and the Shape of a Bell

 As they walked down the main street of Kazesuna, greeting the citizens, Hirune found a skewer shop along the way.

 It was a skewer shop that had moved from the Royal Capital.

 When they first moved, they seemed to be looking for a place to set up the store, but recently they have set their sights on the main street of Kazesuna. The main street seemed to be a calm place for them to sell their product.

“Hirune-chan! Would you like one?”

 The friendly shopkeeper spotted Hirune and called out to her. He was one of the few people who had known her since her apprenticeship as a saint, and even now that she was a Great Saint, he was one of the few people who were willing to speak informally with her.

( Tanetu-san, you’re looking good today.)

 His standard hairstyle was a square haircut and a headband. Perhaps it was his own obsession, but his kebab stall was clean and there were hardly any signs of grease splatter. This was one of the reasons Hirune liked him so much.

“Are you sure you want to do this today?”


“Of course! It’s the new one with spices from Ixendahl!”

“I see.”

 As she approached the stall and peered into the net, she could see the charcoal fire burning red and oil spilling from the meat skewers roasting on it. The fragrant smell made her cheeks relax.

(The smell makes me feel a little sleepy. It looks delicious. ……)

“Then please pay the Great Saint payment for the  skewers…….”


 The Great Saints Pay-In other words, it was free.

 Jeanne had seen this scene many times in the capital, so she only complained, “You are not like a saint at all …….”

(If I eat it, it will be a publicity stunt, so the payment method that came with it is “the Great Saint payment”, ……. It’s a win-win situation.)

 The payment method had been changing as Hirune got promoted from Saint apprentice to Saint to Great Saint.

 While thinking about this, Hirune received a skewer from the store owner.

“It looks delicious, Jeanne.”

 When she turned around with a smile on her face, Jeanne looked as if she wanted to say something and mumbled, “I can’t say anything when you look so happy, Hirune-sama.”

 The attendant priests opened their mouths to stop her several times, but they all couldn’t say anything when they saw Hirune happily holding the skewers. Behaving in a manner unlike a Great Saint seemed to be a natural behavior for the Great Saint Hirune.

 More than anything, the sight of the pretty girl’s face breaking out in happiness warmed the heart of those watching.

“Mmmm… yum!”

“Fufufu! You’re a good eater!”

 Hirune ate the skewers with gusto.

(The spicy sauce and the spices mixed into the meat accentuate the full flavor of the meat. I wonder if the Japanese pepper-like aroma comes from the Ixendahl spices?)

  Hirune thought about it as she chewed on the skewers.

 The meat’s fragrant charred edges arousing her appetite.


“Please, your maid too!”

 The shopkeeper happily served out the skewers.

“I’ll take it.”

  Hirune took the skewers and smiled as she presented them to Jeanne.


“Hirune-sama, I’m working …… that ……”

“Here, Jeanne, ahhh. Aah!”

“Oh, …….uh ……”

 Jeanne’s brow furrowed as she tried hard to say no today, but after a few seconds she gave up and opened her mouth.

“…… it’s always delicious.”

“Thank you!”

 The owner of the restaurant, Tanetu, burst into laughter when Jeanne paid him a compliment with an embarrassed look.

“Jeanne, in times like these, it’s good to be loud! That’s how it should be. That’s the skewering style.

“I’ve never heard of such a style. ……”

“Come on, together, it’s good.”


 The two of them continued on their way down the main street after enjoying the skewers.

 Hirune would stop and talk to citizens when she found something of interest.

 She mainly paid attention to things that could be used to make futons or materials that could evolve into chairs that would ruin people.

 The priests accompanying her walked around with a sense of pride when they saw Hirune, thinking what a wonderful, Great Saint she was, who was so kind to the citizens. They were more enthusiastic than usual when they made the holy seal.

 By the time they arrived at Morgul Steel Mill, which took quite a while, it was beginning to get dark.

“Let’s go.”

 As soon as they entered the steel mill without an appointment, the craftsman working there noticed and hurried to call Master Zuguri.

 In a few minutes, the master arrived.

“Oh …… Great Saint Hirune.”

“I heard that the freelance saint Makura took care of you the other day.”

 Hirune said plainly as she listened to the sound of iron being struck with a Clang, Clang, Clang.

“We really appreciate your work. I can’t thank you enough.”

 Master Zuguri was not the type of person good at belly tricks.

 He didn’t know why Hirune, dressed in the clothes of a Great Saint, had come to visit him, and his words were stilted.

“Well …… Great Saint Hirune? What is your relationship with the Freelance Saint Makura-sama?”

 The master was confused by Hirune’s governing setting.

(Come to think of it, …… Hirune and Makura are strangers. …… What should I do?)

 Hirune, who hadn’t thought much about it, was dismayed and looked up, pondering.

“I know the Saint Makura,……. Yes, I talked to her the other day.”

“Really? That’s, heh, I see.”

“Yes, it is. That’s right.”

“Oh, yeah. Huh.”

 It was awkward, as if two noob actors had come on stage and were acting.

 Jeanne had a troubled look on her face, unsure of how to offer a helping hand.

 After a few seconds of awkwardness, the master clapped his hands to change the subject.

“So, Great Saint Hirune. What need do you have of such a hot and humid place?”

“Yes. Actually, I’m thinking of reviving the clock tower.”

“The clock tower? Oh, that’s a good idea!”

 The master responded with a favorable impression.

 Hirune smiled.

“Does Master Zuguri also have a fondness for the clock tower?”

“Of course I do. When I was a kid, I lived by the sound of bells.”

“Hmmmm. It seems that the clock tower is an indispensable part of Ixendahl.”

 Hirune raised her eyebrows sharply.

  When her long eyelashes rose, her blue eyes glittered with the flames from the demon coal, and her appearance was that of a precious great saint who used her power to save the frontier city.

(Everyone wants one. I also want the Bell of Restful Sleep. This is a win-win relationship. ……!)

 Hirune was thinking seriously about it.

“Hirune-sama, that’s a wonderful idea, just like a Great Saint!”

 Jeanne was so moved that she clasped her hands in front of her chest.

“Oh …… how sublime” “Hirune-sama,” “Ixendahl really is changing ……!”

 The attendant priests also made the holy seal reverently.

 They didn’t think that Hirune had half a desire for more restful sleep than good intentions.

“The bell was made by the great saint Martine here at Morgul Steel Mill, according to the old man of the previous generation. I believe she left a journal behind.”

“Can I see it, please?”

 Master Zuguri took Hirune into the office building behind the Steel Mill.

 It was a stone building made of ochre-colored sandstone.

 Hirune, Jeanne, and the accompanying priests went up to the third floor and entered the room of the Morgul steel mill family.

 Master Zuguri pulled out an old book from a bookshelf in the ruggedly built room and placed it on the table, saying, “Here it is.”

 Hirune stood tall and peered into it.

(The Great Saint Martine used holy magic to transform iron into bells–that’s about it in a nutshell.)

 It seems that instead of having a craftsman make the bells, she transformed them from iron.

 The bell depicted in the memoir was shaped like a round wind chime.

(Heh, ……, it’s kind of round and cute, isn’t it? I wonder if the Great Saint Martine liked this kind of shape.)

 Hirune thought about the great saint she had never seen before.

(I think I’ll copy this shape for the bell: ……)

 Thinking such, She turned her head to the side, Jeanne’s eyes lit up as she looked at Hirune.

“What kind of sound do you think the bells you make will make?”

“Well, …… I hope it sounds beautiful.”

“Don’t worry! I’m sure Hirune-sama will make them just fine!”

 Seeing Jeanne’s smile, Hirune got an idea.

(The shape of the bell is …… decided. Now we can try to make some bells with holy magic.)

 Hirune smiled and thanked master Zuguri for the valuable materials.

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Chapter 34 – Making the Great Bell of Holy Rest

 Hirune used holy magic to make one prototype out of Makura iron.

 The first thing she did was to make it the size of a wind chime to see if she could transform it.

“Hmmm ……, that used quite a bit of magic.”

 They had all gathered in a corner of the fountain square at Morgul Steel Mill.

 Master Zuguri’s eyes popped out of his head in amazement when he saw the translucent wind chime in Hirune’s small palm.

“The iron turned translucent …… and white …… with holy magic…..impossible …”

 The craftsmen around him were also astonished.

 And the priests who were Hirune’s attendants were losing their minds over the delicate manipulation of magic power.

“This is… the holy magic of the Great Saint…….” “Object manipulation, purification, and other holy magic are also granted …….” “When you pray, do you suppress your power? ……”

 They’ve seen Hirune’s holy magic on a regular basis, but this was the first time they’ve seen holy magic that required such delicate manipulation, and they couldn’t hide their surprise at her skill.

(Prayer is just sleeping, though. ……)

 With that in mind, Hirune puts the wind chime-sized prototype in Jeanne’s hand.

“Hirune-sama …… I’m afraid to hold this.”

“Do you know what it’s supposed to look like?”

     Smiling, Hirune looked into Jeanne’s eyes.

 The cute maid blinked a few times, then immediately opened her mouth, as soon as she caught had on.

“I got it! The lily-of-the-valley flower, right?”

“That’s a great answer! Since you guessed correctly, you will receive a shoulder massage.”

“No way I’m giving you a shoulder massage! I’ll do it for you later, Hirune-sama.”

“Oh, then please do”

(Jeanne’s shoulder massage feels so good)

 Hirune nodded her head without hesitation.

 Jeanne giggled.

“So I decided to use the lily-of-the-valley flower, which is popular in the southern regions. What do you think, Master Zuguri?”

 The small bell resembled the shape of a cracker used at parties, with six petals parting at the bottom to form a beautiful curve. It was a fragile and graceful piece of work, just like a lady of the deep.

 Master Zuguri nodded, not taking his eyes off the wind-chime sized prototype for even a moment.

“It’s a model that can be called a divine work of art. The six petals are also beautifully formed. …… This is a masterpiece.”

“It’s all thanks to holy magic and the goddess.”

 Hirune made the holy seal in front of her chest.

 The priests behind her also reverently made the seal.

(Making the holy seal has become a complete habit. This is also the result of Wanda’s education…….)

 This reminded her of the many times Wanda had been angry with her in the past.

 Hirune liked Wanda, she was strict but loving, but her sermons were too long.

 Whenever she thought of the word “sermon,” for some reason she started to feel sleepy.

“Well….then, this prototype will be given to Master Zuguri.”

“Eh? Is that okay? Are you sure you want to give away such a precious thing?”

“It’s okay. The holy magic I use is free of charge.”

“Well, how can it be free, ……?”

  Master Zuguri chuckled at Hirune’s tone of voice, as if she were handing out surplus vegetables to her neighbors.

 The prototype of the petite iron bell was placed as a wind chime in the rest area of the steel mill, and its gentle sound would bring comfort to the craftsmen, but that was a story for another few weeks. It will be a few weeks before the wind chimes become a very popular product in Morgul.

“May I ask you to bring the large iron to me? I’m starting to get sleepy.”

 Hirune yawned and bowed.


 Master Zuguri regained his composure and called the craftsmen to work.

 Hirune and the priests sat down on the chairs that the thoughtful craftsman had brought them, and Jeanne made tea with a tea set that she had borrowed from the rest stop in exchange for the prototype.

(Speaking of maids, tea. Speaking of tea, tea set. The scent of black tea made with holy water …is so soothing.)

 Hirune sighed and gazed blankly at the fountain that was sprinkling water droplets.

 At the back of the square, iron ore was being cleaned using the holy water from the fountain. She couldn’t help but follow the agile craftsmen as they worked.

(The buckwheat noodle shop I went to with my mother a long time ago was delicious. …… It was fun to watch the buckwheat noodle cutting through the glass.)

 She sipped her tea, somehow remembering the events of her previous life.

 A number of Craftsmen bowed happily when they saw Hirune, she smiled in reply.

 Perhaps the sight of the great saint, the savior of the city and the symbol of its recovery, sipping tea in a relaxed manner warmed their hearts, and the craftsmen continued, hard at work. Hirune was a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair who looked like a saint out of a storybook when she wasn’t talking. It’s no wonder the craftsmen were in high spirits.

(I wonder if buckwheat noodles exist in this world……. Ah, these cookies are delicious. …… I like that they’re hard.)

 The great saint drank the tea that was served to her carefree.

“Hirune-sama, here’s a cookie”

 Hirune was grateful that Jeanne was willing to take care of her.

“ it’s so calm….let’s sleep like this. Jeanne, give me a lap pillow.”

“What are you talking about, don’t fall asleep. We’re going to make bells, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we are. I was so relaxed that I almost forgot what I was doing.”

 While they were lazing around, the sun was beginning to set and the lumps of iron that would be used to make the bells were being brought in.

 The logs were lined up and pushed by twenty people.

 The shouts of “Heave-ho, Heave-ho” echoed through the steel mill.

(It’s huge! It must be twice as big as the bells in Church.)

 Hirune’s eyes lit up when she saw the iron lump being carried in.

“If we use this as a bell, the sound will definitely reach Diego village outside the city……. ”

 She nodded her head and stood up.

 Jeanne put away the tea set so quickly that it left an afterimage in her hands.

“How about this one, Hirune-sama?  We’ve made a whole batch of high-quality iron ore.”

 Master Zuguri tapped the iron lump with a reliable face.

“it’s wonderful. Now, let’s use holy magic to transform it. It’s going to take a lot of magic power, so you’ll be dazzled. Everyone, please step back a bit.”

 At Hirune’s instruction, everyone moved away from the iron lump.

 The priests were worried about the considerable amount of magic power required just to transform a palm-sized piece of iron, and showed some nervousness on their faces.

 Jeanne clasped her arms in front of her chest.

“Please do your best, Hirune-sama!”

 Jeanne cheered her on.

“Leave it to me.”

 The iron lump reflected a dull silvery light.

(The image is important. When I made the small bell earlier, the transformation was accelerated by expanding the image. …… For now, let’s just try it with the feeling that it’s okay to fail.)

 Hirune closed her eyes as if in prayer.

  Hirune chanted carefully, making sure not to omit a single word of scripture and not to make any mistakes.

 At some point, stardust began to dance around Hirune. Jeanne, the priests, Master Zuguri, and the craftsmen were transfixed by the sight.

(Scripture chanting complete–infuse magic power into iron …… for a restful sleep and …… for a calming tone… …)

 Hirune concentrated on building up the image.

 She imagined the lily-shaped iron bell in her mind over and over again, starting over and imagining it again.

“The Great Bell of Holy Sleep–!”

 When she opened her eyes, a dazzling magic circle appeared in multiples around the iron mass, and stardust blew up with a sound.

Chapter 35: The Miracle of the Clock Tower.

(Damn…… This is taking more …… magic than I imagined. ……)

Hirune pointed both hands at the iron block and used holy magic.

 Dozens of magic circles overlapped around the iron block, and stardust streamed in from all directions, echoing the light scraping of metal. The surroundings were as bright as day.

“Hirune-sama….. are you alright,……!”

   Jeanne, who was behind Hirune, squinted her eyes and raised her voice in concern.

“It’s a …… moot point.” {TN: means debatable question}

“I don’t understand, Hirune-sama …….”

    While the two of them were exchanging words, stardust jumped into the iron mass, and before long, a mini-Hirune, made of stardust, appeared around the mass and began to supervise the scene.

(My alter ego appeared on its own, but thank goodness!)

 The mini-hirune took care of the minor operations and guided the stardust.

(Even so, adding a purifying effect to the …… bell tones may have been a bit …… overkill.)

 Hirune usually used magic in a relaxed state, but she shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic. It turned out to be a holy magic that required an enormous amount of magical power and tremendous magic manipulation.

 The effects she granted were:

 Automatic bell ringing (the bell would ring automatically three times a day, morning, noon and night)

 Tone Purification (purifies any miasma within the sound’s range), and

 Growth promotion (effective for agriculture)

 The shape of the bell would not change or deteriorate. ( It Doesn’t deteriorate. It doesn’t rust.)

 These were the four.

 All of them had unparalleled effects, especially the purifying effect of the tone, which was the highest level of holy magic that couldn’t be granted even if a hundred saints had gathered.

 Another characteristic of Hirune was that she used her imagination to arrange the various scriptures for holy magic, and her imagination, which was originally Japanese, worked to the fullest. Even if it were another great saint, it would be difficult to give such an effect.

(More and more stardust is being absorbed. I need to be more enthusiastic ……)

   On the steel block, the stardust was whirling around, making a zaaaah sound.

“…… Jeanne.”

“What is it?”

    Jeanne stuck her face out at the serious tone of voice, which was unlike the usual Hirune.


“Can you say something motivating ……I’m going to fail …… at this ……!”

“Motivation. I understand! I’ll do my best as Hirune-sama’s personal maid.”

    Jeanne was motivated by Hirune’s dependence on her.

   She clenched her fists in front of her chest and thought about it for a few seconds before opening her mouth.

“Let’s buy a new comforter with my allowance!”

 The words were seductive.

 For a moment, Hirune forgot that she was in a steel mill and opened her eyes to look into Jeanne’s eyes.

“Oh, really? No, no, no, don’t do that, Jeanne. You can’t spend your precious money on my bedding.”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve already ordered one from Thomas at the Valhalla bedding store.”

“…… Is that true?”

“We’ll sleep together all the time. …… It’s my comforter too, you know?”

“Hehe,” Jeanne giggled with embarrassment.

 I should’ve really kept my mouth shut, she mumbled happily.

(How …… nice of her! My little maid! )

 Hirune smiled and nodded, jumping up and down with a shout of “Oh futon, Oh futon, Oh futon”.

 Joy overflowed from the depths of her heart, and stardust flew out of the magic circle as if in response.

 Mini-Hirune, who was supervising the scene around the iron lump, also seemed to have gotten into the spirit of things and took a whistling pose to control the spiraling stardust.

“I’m going to get serious!  Watch me!”

 Hirune injected more magic power into the air with a feeling of joy.

 In a flash of light, the lump of iron began to float, and a huge magic circle appeared on top of it.

“The iron’s floating!” “ This is awesome!” “Oh, Goddess Sophia, ……, Great Saint Hirune, …….”

 The people watching over the scene let out shouts of admiration.

    The iron lump wrapped in the magic circle rose into the night sky, and the residue of the holy magic fell on the city like a stream of meteors. The stardust danced and danced around the iron mass, and it never stopped twinkling, as if it was rejoicing in the birth of a new bell!

 The mini-Hirune, who had been supervising the site, gave up and made a bed out of the stardust that was nearby, and began to sleep, making a snuffling lantern.

“Hirune-sama’s…… eyes are rainbow-colored……”

 Jeanne shouted in surprise.

    Hirune’s large eyes changed into seven transparent colors, the colors constantly changing due to the magic power.

“Jeanne, it’s almost finished. …… look, …… look!”

 The moment Hirune said this, there was a flash of light that turned the surroundings white.


 At the same time, Holly and Zigitoria, who were working in the Central Goddess Square, the site of the former clock tower, saw a flash of light on the north side of the city and turned their heads to the sky.

 Holly was holding a notebook and Zigitoria was looking at the Clock Tower scriptures she had brought with her.

 In addition to the two of them, there were other artisans in the crowd: architects, sculptors, woodworkers, and watchmakers.

 All the people in the square were looking up at the sky.

“Zigitoria, the response to the holy magic is …….”

“Oh, my God, …… the stars are …… gathering in the sky.

“There’s stardust flying this way!”

 Holly closed her notebook and pointed at the sky.

   The glittering stardust shined and made a light, wind-swept sound as it came towards the clock tower.

“Is this …… Hirune’s Holy Magic?”

 Holly felt an enormous main current of magic power and was blinded by the twinkling stardust.

“It would seem so. What the heck is Hirune-chan doing at that steel mill ……?”

 Eventually, the stardust converges on the pile of rubble that was the clock tower and began to swoop and change shape into a giant sphere. It looked as if it was struggling to change into something else, and little by little the sphere changed into a vertical shape.

“What kind of magic is this ……?”

“I’ve seen a thousand forms of holy magic, but I don’t know what …… it is.”

 Holly grabbed the hem of Zigitoria’s robe, reeling from the unknown magic.

 She stood upright, not wanting to miss the scene.

 The artisans looked at the sudden phenomenon and swallowed hard.

 Stardust rained down incessantly, falling into the rubble-filled square with small popping sounds.

 In a few tens of seconds, the vertically deformed collection of stardust transformed into a human-like shape.

“Oh …… what a …… this is!”

 Zigitoria was so impressed that he made the holy seal several times.

 The assembly transformed into a long-haired woman dressed in the attire of a great saint.

 She held a holy staff, her hair swaying, and although the details of her face could not be seen because of the stardust that had gathered, her expression seemed to be that of a compassionate smile.

 Holly looked up at the sky, where the stardust was falling like May rain, and felt an inexplicable excitement.

“Who is this person, …… Archbishop Zigitoria ……?”

“The Great Saint …… Martine.”

 Zigitoria made the holy seal over and over again, tears streaming down his face.

 The older craftsmen who had seen the Great Saint Martine before, were murmuring things like “It’s the Great Saint Martine ……” and “The Great Saint has come down.”

 As he looked at her, Zigitoria’s lips quivered.

“When I was a child, I saw the Great Saint Martine and wanted to become a priest. It is……  a miracle that I am able to see her again in this way, now that she is in heaven. ……”

“The Great Saint Martine……”

 Holly let go of the hem of Zigitoria’s robe and made the holy seal to the silvery Great Saint Martine.

 It was the first time she’d ever seen a woman with such a beautiful face.

 Holly couldn’t move from the glitter and divinity and stared at the Great Saint Martine.

 She didn’t have any eyes, but it felt as if they were definitely meeting, and it made her heart burn.

“Great Saint Martine, ……? My name is Holly, a saint of the southern branch of the Mephistopheles Church.”

  As Holly muttered this, the notebook in her hand floated by itself.

“Ah, …….”

 The notebook flipped vigorously in the air.

    The Great Saint Martine nodded several times in a human-like manner, as if she had seen the contents. She picked up the notebook and returned it to Holly.

“Um, thank you for ……”


  Holly took it in her small hands, and the Great Saint Martine gave her a quick wink.


 At the same time as her heart jumped, the stardust that had been raining down on her stopped moving and was sucked into the pile of rubble in the square..

“The clock tower…”

 The pile of stone and wood shone brightly, and quickly transformed into the clock tower that Holly had designed.

 In just a few tens of seconds, the rubble of the plaza had been completely cleared away to make way for a brick paved walkway and a lovely gothic clock tower. If you climbed to the top, you could see the whole city.

“My, plans for …… the tower …… in an instant.”

 Holly moved her head upward.

 The beautifully curved clock tower has a red conical roof with a large round hollow in which the clock was mounted. The pillars also had a number of hollows, and it looked as if the Great Saint Martine was telling them to carve there.

 The artisans were unable to speak, their mouths hanging open at the miracle that had just occurred before their eyes.


 Seeing Holly trembling with emotion, the Great Saint Martine in her stardust form chuckled and slowly stroked Holly’s and Zigitoria’s heads.

 Then, with a curve of light, she ascended into the sky and disappeared.

 At some point, the stardust stopped, and the residue fell slowly upon the square like powdered snow.

 As the silvery shimmer was sucked into the ground, lilies began to grow from the ground beside the promenade, making a rumbling sound, suddenly the square was covered in white flowers.

“Wow, …… that’s so beautiful!”

 Holly jumped up and spun around with her arms outstretched, forgetting that ZigItoria was there.

“I’m sure …… that Hirune had summoned the Great Saint Martine. ……”

 Zigitoria was watching the scene, forgetting to wipe away his tears.

 When she heard his voice, Holly stopped moving and coughed, embarrassed at herself for being so excited, and straightened the skirt of her saint dress.

“Hirune’s holy magic is far beyond your imagination,  Zigitoria-sama.

“It Truly …… truly is …… truly is ……”

“What a Beautiful clock tower–nice–“

 Holly hugged her notebook tightly and smiled up at the clock tower she had designed.

 The red roof of the clock tower and the lily-of-the-valley flowers looked like a page from a dream or story.

Chapter 36: At the Square, where the Great Bell Rings

 When the presiding priest announced the miracle of Holly’s design for the clock tower being approved by the Great Saint Martine, the citizens of Ixendahl applauded in unison.

 The citizens of Ixendahl had no doubt that the city would recover, thanks to the miracles that had occurred so many times since Hirune’s arrival.

 Everyone looked radiant as they waved their hands at Holly.

“Blessed are the stars.”

 When Holly spun the scripture and produced the stardust of blessing, everyone’s smiles became even bigger.

“Fu …….”

 Holly breathed a sigh of relief, relieved that she hadn’t failed after a job well done.

 She glanced at  Hirune, who was sitting in her chair on the platform.

“That was a great verse.”

 Hirune waved her hand in a carefree tone.

“Hirune hasn’t fallen asleep, how out of character ……”

 Holly walked off the stage in surprise and returned to the stage sleeves, then Hirune slowly stood up.

 She was holding a Bible in her hand.

(That’s a lot of people. . …… Hmmm… I wonder if it’s because of my reincarnation that I don’t get nervous when I go out in front of people.)

  Thinking vaguely, Hirune went to the front of the stage and looked around the square.

 There were thousands of people looking at her.

(Yes, let’s use the Holy Magic of Louder Voice so that everyone can hear.)

  Hirune omitted the scripture and used holy magic.

 Stardust fluttered and danced behind her.

“Mephistopheles – in the name of the Goddess Sophia, I wish you eternal happiness and peace.”

 Hirune said in a solemn tone, just like a great saint.

 The air in the central Goddess Square changed to a tranquil one.

 She opened the Bible at her own pace and flipped through the pages.

“Bible — Section 2 — The Mare Who Dwells in the Clean Spring –“

 Hirune’s thin, clear voice rang out.

 It wasn’t often that they got to hear a Great Saint read from the Bible in their lifetime.

 The citizens in the crowd stopped chattering at once.

 The central Goddess Square became silent.

“The mare gave birth to many children, including a golden calf that looked like light…”

 Hirune’s voice rang out thanks to the loudspeaker magic.

 She was just trying to stay awake, but her unique phrasing and rhyme scheme took the audience’s breath away.

 Everyone in the room forgot that they were in the square and looked at Hirune.

“The water from the fountains is dying, but lush vegetation fills the plains.”

 At some point, stardust appeared in the sky above the square, slowly falling like powdered snow.

 The people who had gathered there let out a sigh of admiration at the beautiful twinkling lights.

 The bell of the clock tower began to sway as Hirune’s voice melted into the air.

 There was a sound like the cracking of thin ice, and then the sound turned into a lovely melody, ding, ding, ding.

“Oh,” the people would look up at the clock tower and shout, and the sound of the bells would spread like ripples, echoing off the exterior walls of the buildings in the city and spreading further and further away.”

 Along with Hirune’s voice, the sound of the bells somehow transformed into the most beautiful sound they’d ever heard.

“It’s a strange sound. ……”

“Yes, it is. It gives me a pleasant feeling.”

 Jeanne and Holly, who were watching Hirune from offstage, said with enraptured faces.

“One day this scene will become legendary.”

 Wanda looked up at the clock tower and made the holy seal.

“Oh, …… Martine, …… you see …… the clock tower of Ixendahl has been …… restored by the little Great Saint, …….”

 Archbishop Zigitoria was moved to tears and fell to his knees in prayer.

(I feel good. …… ‘m glad I made a nice bell……)

 Hirune finished reading the Bible and yawned loudly, feeling sleepy.
 When she opened her mouth, her vision became blurry.


“Oh …… I feel so good ……”

 She staggered drowsily.


 Jeanne, who noticed, jumped out of the stage sleeve and held Hirune just before she fell.


“Jeanne ……The Great Bell of Restful Sleep: ……It sounds so nice ……”

 While half asleep, Hirune whispered, and Holly, Wanda, and Zigitoria quickly came up to the stage. As Hirune whispered this, half asleep, Holly, Wanda, and Zigitoria quickly came up to the stage.


“Jeanne. What’s wrong with Hirune? Is it magic deficiency?”

 Holly looked into Hirune’s face, understanding everything, and sighed.

 Wanda and Zigitoria, who followed her, also breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re just sleeping, aren’t you? How can you sleep in this …… situation at all?”

 Holly looked around the square.

 The citizens applauded when they heard the sound of the bells.

 After a few moments, the applause died down, and the great bell swayed as if watching over everyone, spinning a beautiful melody.

“Wake up, Hirune-sama. Please get up. Hirune-sama…”

 Jeanne tried to wake up the Great  Saint who was fast asleep on the stage.

 Then Hirune shouted in a very loud voice.

“Oh, I see the futon there…”

 She said.

 Because of the effect of the loudspeaker magic, Hirune’s sleep-talking echoed out loud.

 The whole square burst into laughter.

“Oh, she’s asleep! “You’re asleep, aren’t you, Hirune-sama? “All hail the Great Saint of drowsiness!” “Hail, Great Sainted One!” Thank you, Great Saint!”

 Men and women of all ages were smiling, clapping their hands, and proudly turning their faces to Hirune on the stage.

“Oh, ……, you’re embarrassing me, Hirune-sama. ……”

“What are you doing ……?”

 Jeanne and Holly chuckled, Wanda sighed, and Zigitoria laughed softly.

 Hirune had completely fallen asleep and was rubbing her face against Jeanne’s stomach.

“If you listen to this, I’m sure Wanda’s sermons will …… disappear and you’ll be able to …… sleep peacefully …… guu……”

 The Great bell rang for a while in the central goddess square, and people’s smiles never disappeared.

Volume 2 – The End

Author note


Dear Readers…

 This is the end of volume 2. ◦(¦3[▓▓])

 How was Hirune’s adventure as a great saint?

 I hope you had a relaxing time reading it.

 Also, I am very grateful to announce that “Book 2” will be released.

 Thanks to everyone’s support.

 Thank you so much for your support. ……!

 It will be released in the summer.

 I’ll make another announcement when the date is closer.

 As a bonus to the book, I’ve decided to include a bonus track (the last scene of volume 2 with some additions), which is about the same amount as three chapters of the main story.

 The reaction of the people of Diego Village when they hear the Great Bell of Restful Sleep.

 The story of Hirune going with Jeanne to get a quilt.

 It’s a story a little bit after volume 2.

 I’d like to thank you for your support of this book. M (__) m

 Volume 3 will be updated as soon as the plot is ready.

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“ Reincarnated Saints leisurely trip to another world”

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Quiet Talk: Everyday Life with the Bells Ringing

 Two weeks have passed since Hirune repaired the clock tower in Ixendahl.

 At noon, the crystal clear sound of the great bell rings out.

 The inhabitants of Ixendahl break from their work, saying, “Come on, it’s lunch time,” and everyone starts laughing and chatting happily about work and small talk. The owners of the bento shops and food stalls were making a lot of money, and they were loudly advertising their products to attract customers.

“Ohhhh…….It’s so peaceful here”

 Hirune, who was cleaning the thousand-hall corridor, placed her cheek on the end of the mop handle and hung her hands slackly.

 Her long platinum blonde hair swayed, and her head swayed as well.

 Her cheeks were cushioned by holy magic, so it didn’t hurt to put weight on them.

“Yes, it is. It’s peaceful.”

 Jeanne, a pretty maid with a black ponytail, smiled happily.

 Jeanne knew that this peace had been brought about by Hirune, and she felt proud to be her maid.

 The frontier city of Ixendahl was tainted with miasma and overrun by demons, and it was commonplace for people to live in fear of death by night and work hard to survive by day. Misfortune was so prevalent that not knowing the whereabouts of one’s family was no longer a story of misfortune.

 After Hirune’s arrival, the situation had changed drastically.

 Thanks to the ward protecting the entire city, the inhabitants were able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in years.

 The city gradually regained its humanity, the symbolic clock tower was restored, and now there was enough room to take a nap after lunch.

 There were still many things lacking in life.

 But, the people had hope.

 A joyful tomorrow, shining like stardust, laid ahead.

 Everyone praised the Great Saint of drowsiness and thanked her for being born in the same era.

“Ah~…… ah~……”

 The Great Saint, who had earned all the respect in her small body, was in the process of cleaning the thousand-hall corridor.

 A small amount of stardust fluttered from the holy magic that cushioned the Great Saint’s cheeks, and Hirune, with her cheek on the handle of the mop, let out a sloppy “Ah~…… sleepy……” her starry blue eyes following the tiny stardust as it fizzled away.

“It’s glittery……why again am I cleaning the thousand-hall corridor …….”

“It’s because Hirune-sama flew through the air with holy magic while riding on the chair that ruined people and snacking on strawberry bread.”

“Oh, …… I act on instinct……. Why is that? Is it because I’m sleepy? “

“I think you’re too honest with yourself, Hirune-sama.”

“I wonder why.”

 She moved her head and moved the handle of the mop around.

 The mop doesn’t move at all.

“Um, Hirune-sama. Please stop posing in a sloppy manner that might ruin you as a person. If anyone sees you–“

 Just as Jeanne was saying that much, a saint in her late teens who had been assigned to the south and her maid walked by and stopped when they saw Hirune’s pose.

“Oh, senpai! Ahh! This is not what it looks like! Hirune-sama, please be crisp, like a straight cut radish!”

    Jeanne looked at the senior maid and rushed to ask Hirune to straighten up.

“Huh……..It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”


 Hirune waved her hand in an easy-going tone, as if she was too sleepy to hear.

 The saint and the maid looked at each other, and then turned their attention to the lovely and beautiful platinum blonde Hirune, who smiled as gently as the spring sun.

“How do you do, Hirune-sama? It’s a beautiful day,” she said, waving back at her.

 Tatiana, a saint in her late teens, was a beautiful saint with large, droopy eyes and peach-colored hair that reached to her chest.

 She was also one of those whose life had improved since Hirune’s arrival.

 Before Hirune’s arrival, it was common for people to stay up all night. Trying to combat the miasma that attacked them at night, the saints would work on a night shift rotation, often to the point of exhausting their magical power.

 During the day, they were dizzyingly busy with purification work, making holy water, praying, maintaining wards, chanting scriptures, giving alms, etc. Together with the night shift, they were working so hard that they could have collapsed at any moment. This was the reason why Ixendahl was under so much pressure.

 After Hirune’s arrival, the working environment changed drastically.

 The night shift was abolished thanks to the warding, and she was able to concentrate on daytime work.

 Saint Tatiana was always grateful to the little Great Saint.

(Two beautiful women ……, long live the other world, this one)

 Hirune applauded inwardly when she saw the peach-haired saint and maid.

“There’s strawberry bread in the cafeteria. I got it from Phi Phi-san. Why don’t you two go eat some?”

“Oh my. How wonderful! Thank you very much.”

  Saint Tatiana thanked her with an overflowing smile, exchanged smiles with the maids, and walked quickly away to the dining room.

 Sweetness was always very popular among girls.

(It’s soothing~…… I’m sleepy~……)


 Hirune let out one big yawn and looked next to her to see the ponytailed maid squinting at her.

“Hirune-sama. Please stop now. You’ll get a hole in your cheek.”

“I’m using holy magic to protect myself. It’s not a problem.”

“You can’t use your precious holy magic for that again, Hirune-sama. Now, please stand up straight. Yes, that’s right. Stretch your spine……. You should also straighten your back, yes, yes, go on. You can do it if you want to, so please start from the beginning.”

“Mmm ……, I can’t say no to Jeanne’s request.”

 Hirune wasn’t a straight cut radish, but she straightened up well.

 From the direction of the dining room, a happy voice could faintly be heard.

 Hirune looked at Jeanne and opened her mouth.

“Let’s finish cleaning and then go to the cafeteria?”

“Yes! Let’s do that.”

“Because Jeanne’s stomach is about to growl.”

“How did you know I was holding back……?”

“Yes. I used the holy magic of increased hearing to determine the status of your stomach. It’s churning right now.”

“Please don’t use holy magic on my stomach! Please use it for something better than this!”

 Jeanne protested while rubbing her stomach with both hands.

 Hirune chuckled, grabbed the handle of the mop, and began to run, humming.

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