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18. Mysterious caretaker

I opened the entrance door to find a polished stone staircase leading down. Despite the fact that it had been abandoned for hundreds of years, there was very little dust and it was relatively clean.

We walked down the stairs and came out at a place with a series of supporting pillars.

“A Door again? Isn’t it too strict?”

“That’s right … but this door is hard.”

Unlike the transparent walls that covered this place, this door is made of obsidian with a magic circle carved into it that’s more than twice the height of the door.

Even if you push it, it won’t budge.

“Collapsing the door can destroy the building itself if it’s not … controlled properly” (Nigris)

Altera doesn’t know how to handle collapses. That’s why she always keeps her gloves on.

I look around at the members.

Alisa, who has the most firepower, could cause secondary damage. Fels has a limit to how much her body can be strengthened. Florence is more of a technical person than a power person.

If so, there is only Vell, who re-wrote the non-healing magic circle at the adventurer’s guild.

“I can’t do it. How am I supposed to rewrite a magic circle on a wall?”

“… I see.”

It’s not that convenient, apparently.

Only one person has the most firepower in brute force.

I don’t think there’s any other solution and I don’t think I have time to worry about it.

“I’ll do it.”

I tell them to stay back and stand in the middle.

I’m using heavy clothed layered heal to increase my body’s defenses.

I swung my fist at the magic circle, which would stun even the adherent dragon.

The entire library seemed to shake with the impact, but there was no sign of collapse.

It was so sturdy that it seemed a lie that it was several hundred years old.

“And you, Nigris ……as ridiculously powerful as ever.”

“Are you really a healer……?”

Still not broken.

At the second strike, nothing happened. At last, the third strike finally blew the door off.

Isn’t it too hard? I thought I hit it with all my strength. Seriously?

“We finally found it. So this is the library.”

The smell of old books tickled my nostrils.

Books were lined up in a space on a large disk surrounded by extreme tranquility.

Then I suddenly realized.

“Hey, Vell. Where’s the magic mark?”

“…That’s weird, it should be there.”

There are only books as far as I can see.

I’m sure they’re all forbidden books or books of lost history, but this time the purpose is different.

I’m only here to get the magic mark.

“If it were that easy to find, we wouldn’t have any trouble. Let’s just look for it.”

“Well, maybe there are some books on skills.” (Vell)

“S-skills …? Can they help me with my skill?” (Nigris)

“Maybe. Don’t get your hopes up.”

That’s right.

If there’s no magic mark, that’s fine.

If Erad’s aim is the magic mark, it’s a relief if it’s not there in the first place.

And with skills, there was a lot I wanted to know.

No one knows much about the skills themselves. All we know is that there is a concept of skills and that they are capable.

It’s the same with 【Primordial】.

We don’t know what the 【Primordial】means in Alisa and Altera’s skills.

Even though we searched for a while, we found many books that were too old to read or written in languages we didn’t know.

“Hey, this is impossible, isn’t it? (Alisa)

“You give up easily.”

It’s true that I don’t understand any of the books I’ve picked up.

They are like fairy tales, stories about demons and a demon king.

There’s no mention of skills anywhere.

“Cui …….”

“Hmm? Did you say something, Nigris?”

“No, I didn’t say anything.”

What’s wrong?

Come to think of it … none of the books are covered in dust.

These things are supposed to be dusty and colours of books change over time.

Are they …… maintained?


The animal’s cries echoed through the air.

We turned our gaze to the direction of the sound.

It was on top of the bookshelf, looking down at us.

“What the hell?”

There was a …… pitch black beast with nine tails and red eyes.


” It’s cute for a monster ……. What’s that?”

“I’m guessing that’s him.”

Vell comes up next to me and shows me an illustration from a book.

The picture was centered on a single animal, revered by the people.

But in the picture, it’s all white.

Here, It’s pitch black.

“If this book is correct, it’s a monster that’s been around for more than a few hundred years. I’d love to catch it and use it as research material. ……”

“You …… so you were that type of person?”

“Oh? Did you think I’m a combat enthusiast? I’m just an inquirer.”

You’re a sage. That’s not a mistake.

… But at the very least, it should match your appearance.

“It’s not attacking us, so we can leave it alone …”


The mysterious animal uses water magic on Alisa.

It’s not a magic circle or anything, It’s the same magic we use.

“Hey! it’s dangerous! Why you!”

A paw stomped on Alisa’s face, knocking her down with a slam.

After that, the claws scratched her, and she went down half-crying.

“Well, the wizard girl’s been attacked!”

“I’ll catch it!”

Using her magic to strengthen her body, Fels desperately chases after it. 

However, it dodges using a narrow escape route, probably because of its small size and familiarity with this library.

“Cui cui~!

Its steps are nimble, almost playful.

Even the quicksilver Fels lost sight of it.

This time, it appeared in front of Altera.

It’s nice to meet you…!”

Altera bows.

I almost laughed at the sight.

I thought that maybe Fels had taught her how to do that, and looked at her.

The monster attacked us, but it didn’t seem to want to kill us.

I felt that it wanted us to play with it and that it might also want us to leave.


The monster bowed as well but quickly moved off somewhere.

It then looked at us who were confused as if laughing.

I’m sorry, but we don’t have much time either.


“Sorry. Just be quiet.”

I catch him from behind before he realizes what’s happening, and he goes wild.

I cough uncontrollably.

This guy, why is he covered in so much dust?

Its tails, they could be what it used to clean the books.

Maybe this guy was maintaining the library.

“Heal. I’m going to clean it up a bit.”

It turned a little whiter, but it was still gray.

I’ll need to increase the effect of the healing a bit more to get it back to the picture-perfect white.

I don’t have a choice. Heal.

…… Wait.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Florence said.

The village here was “not isolated, but destroyed by a monster disaster”.

If that’s the case, could this be the guy?

By the time I thought that, the effect had been enhanced. At the same time, I saw the past of this monster.

19. The End of the Fallen

Get out of here, you monster!

“You monster, you bring bad fortune!”

The white monster living in the forest did not get angry when stones were thrown at it.

It quietly watches the village and occasionally messes with the people.


I just wanted to play.

I just wanted to have friends. I just felt lonely and alone.

I know I’m not a person, but I wished I was.

I know that people could play together so I thought we could be friends if I were a person.

“Damn you! Drop dead!”

“Will you just stop?”

A man grabbed a hand of a villager and made him and the rest of the villagers stop.

They wondered why he made them stop, even though they were willing to throw more.

“This child has been the one protecting you!”

“I don’t know that! He’s the reason we’re poor! I bet he’s the reason why this year’s harvest is so small, because he was eating it!”

“Don’t assume… Damn, you’re hard-headed.”

The man approached me and reached out his hand.

“Come on, this is no longer your place.”

“Cui Cui!”

“Come on, you don’t have to like it. You don’t have a master anymore.”

I bit the extended hand.

I was not trying to hurt him, but before I knew it, the man’s hand was bleeding.

“You can bite as much as you want and it’s okay to cry. But the heroes are dead. This is no longer a place to protect.”

They all have the same thing to say. My master can’t be dead.

Because he promised to come back one day.

That’s why I continued to protect this land.

He can’t be dead. He’s just a little late getting home and he’s going to smile and give me a hug like he always does.

Then I went to the ‘library’ as the man called it.

“It smells like the hero right? Besides, people come here to play, will you take care of it?”

When I sniffed, I was sure I smelled a hero.

I ran up to the top of the stack with a light gait.

It’s a large place. I could also smell people.

I could tell from the lingering scent of my master that he had been here before.

This is a new place to protect.

If I believe the man’s words and keep them, my master might visit.

Or someone else may come to play.

That man must be a good guy! That’s why he gave me a new place to protect!

“Cui (I can’t wait for someone to visit me!)!”

I was lonely today, but I won’t be lonely when my master comes home!

No one came today, but they might come tomorrow.

Today, someone could visit …….

My nine white tails were wagging with excitement, but they gradually wilted without power.

I had waited alone for hundreds of years.

I waited alone for hundreds of years because I love the heroes and because I love people. And yet, no one came.

Then, the days of crying and wailing continued.


…Poor little thing.

Its beautiful white fur appeared, and its nine tails tickled my cheeks.

So this is its true form.

Also, the destruction of the village is not this guy’s fault.

It may have been something else, but as far as the past is concerned, it was self-inflicted.

Because he genuinely likes people.


He was quietly holding tears in the corners of his eyes.

… Why are you angry? He has a face like that.

“Don’t worry. I’ll play with you and I’ll introduce you to some good friends.

“Cui (really)?”

” Yeah.”


… Hmm.


I just heard a voice.

… Hey, why does it feel like I’m the only one who can hear this?

Even when I look at everyone, it doesn’t seem that they can hear it.

Why is it just me?

Could it be because I’ve seen this guy’s past?

“You caught him pretty well…” (Vell)

“Well, I guess I got lucky.”

“Hmm? Also, I didn’t see a name in the book about him.”

A name?

It’ll certainly be inconvenient without a name.

“Cui (Shiro)!”

“Your name is Shiro (White)?”

“Nigris-sama, do you understand what it’s saying?” (Fels)

“Uh, yeah. …… I think I do.”

It’s like I can hear it directly in my brain.

I knew I was the only one who could hear it.

“It says here that you can only understand its words if it recognizes you  as its master.”

” …Well, I didn’t do anything.”

I only felt sorry for him when I healed him and saw his past.

I can’t say I’m his master.

“More importantly, about the magic mark and skills. We don’t even have a clue yet.”

That’s right.

We’re only here to look for those two things.

Shiro runs out and comes back with a book in his mouth. 

It behaved like a dog who came back with a ball that we threw …

But the title of the book is not in any language we know.

Even Vell was scratching her head.

“……【About primordial skills】?”

“Fels, you can read this?”

“Yes, I can. It’s going to take a while though.”

“Hey, this is one of those Elven languages that you have to be pretty high up to read. How the hell do you know it?”

Vell furrowed his brow and her face contorted quizzically.

Fels is an elf, so it’s not surprising that she can read the language of elves. ……

But what does high rank mean?

“It’s not important now. Just read it.”(Nigris)


Fels reads aloud about the primordial skills.

Beside her, Altera touches Shiro fearfully and smiles.

She’s clearly afraid to touch him, but it seems she can’t resist Shiro’s nine fluffy tails.

“Skill is considered a blessing from the goddess and can only be obtained by the chosen ones. Among them, skills with the primordial name are the highest and can break through the …… status limit of SS. And …… the rest will take time.”

“Can you read the rest?”

“If anything else, the magic circle has a stronger effect when it is used for oneself. It also says that the magic engraving is the result of the collective efforts of the founders of magic, and that it requires a different feeling than chanting and magic circles.”

… Seriously?

Chanting is the magic we use, isn’t it?

Another feeling …? Isn’t that to help everyone or something?

“Don’t worry. The magic mark here’s a little special. That’s why Erad is after it.”

“Explain to me why it’s special, or I’m gonna have a hard time believing you.”

“The magic mark here is ─”

Suddenly, the library shook.

Altera could barely stand, and she fell to her knees. Fels rushes to my side.

Florence takes advantage of the commotion and jumps into my chest, but I don’t have time to react.

I hold her tightly so she doesn’t fall, and wait for the shaking to stop.

” Nigris-sama …” (Florence)

” You jumped into Nigris-sama’s chest in the confusion didn’t you…!?”

… You guys we can’t afford to play around.

Vell gasped.

Beyond her line of sight is Jeanne, who wore black armor and had empty eyes, as if she had fallen.

“Is it all out of the tube … that Erad bastard” 

It’s clearly not a normal situation.

The holy sword clutched in her hand was engraved with a magic mark (previously engraving) and the magic circle that nullified my magic.

“The scary sister from before…” (Altera)

20. Combat preparation

“Hey, hey, is the Holy Knight Commander being manipulated by Erad?” (Arisa)

There was no reply, but I could see the fear in her eyes, like a machine with no intentions or murderous intent.

Fels and Florence were unable to get a foothold against Jeanne in the battle in the slums.

I didn’t attack, but she almost broke my heavy clothed layered heal.

I’ve already been graded

Even if Vell were here, it wouldn’t change the situation much.

“… Awaken, Arondite.”

Jeanne’s holy sword glowed black, and the tip of the blade pointed to us in front of her.

There’s a magic circle on that holy sword.

Is it the magic circle specialized for me?

I couldn’t heal that man, Guy at the Adventurer’s Guild because of this magic circle.

I was only able to heal him because Vell was there.

My healing can be stacked multiple times to increase defense and be similar to support magic.

…and it can also heal wounds by making what ‘happened’ into what ‘didn’t happen’.

But it’s nullified by that specialized magic circle.

I can also increase the effectiveness of my healing and rarely see my opponent’s past, but it’s useless in battle.

I can’t break it with my magic. That’s why I came here to get the magic mark.

We’re out of options, huh?

At that moment, Jeanne jumps out.


” Nigris-sama!”

I was caught off guard for just a moment.

Fels stepped forward to face Jeanne as she came at me.

I couldn’t heal, and that fact scared me.

“No, Fels!”

Don’t fight her.

A single stroke of the holy sword will cut you in two.

Sparks flew violently in front of my eyes.

The steel from the sword’s popping blade grazed my cheek, giving me a scratch.

“Is this karma… seriously.”

If one of us can’t do it, two can.

They were blocking Jeanne’s blow.

Two people who normally don’t get along are working together.

“…… When did you guys make up?”

There’s no tension as Alisa says with a sigh.

The two people who were never going to cooperate have changed.

It’s not the case that I’d given up…

They countered and managed to get Jeanne to distance herself from me.

“We won’t hold on much longer! She’ll break through us eventually.”

“I know… Vell, that magic mark absorbs magic, right?

“Ah, that’s why it’s troublesome. Everything is meaningless if cut by that holy sword.”

… My healing is no good. Even if I use a heavy clothed layered heal, it will still cut me down normally.

I’d like to deploy a universal range heal, but it would be absorbed like it was in the slums.

This is really useless…

“Cui …… cui (This smell, it’s the smell of demons)!”

Shiro is looking menacing.

Demons, is he talking about Jeanne? 

No, Jeanne is human. Since that’s the case, I don’t care about demons …… right now.

The first priority is to get rid of the current situation.

Fels and Florence, deciding that they should attack rather than defend, stepped forward.

“I won’t let you attack Nigris-sama.”

“Damn! I couldn’t agree with you more

Jeanne evaded the pincer attack.

It was as if she had eyes in the back of her head.

Fels’ big swing left her bosom wide open. The holy sword slashed relentlessly.

If she takes even a single blow, she will die at that point.


“────! You didn’t have to kick me, but I appreciate it.”

“No need.”

Florence’s quick thinking allowed Fels to escape with a hair’s breadth. 

“Don’t think we’re dealing with a normal person…  That is clearly out of the ordinary. “

In battle, it’s natural for a swordsman to fight for one’s life.

They couldn’t rely on me, and that made them concentrate.

“Hey, you can only use fireball right? Then lend me your power.” (Vell)

“You know my fireball is so strong that it causes collateral damage. That’s exactly why I’m not shooting it.

“I said I’ll let you shoot it.”


It seems Vel has an idea and is making a proposition to Alisa.

Wouldn’t the magic be absorbed if it were cut by that holy sword?

…No, it’s Vell. I’m sure she has a plan.

I searched to find a way I can help.

“… Nigris-san?”

Altera, who is holding Shiro in her arms, tugs at my sleeve.

“That scary sister, She’s scary, but she’s kind of … sad.”

Jeanne’s expression is inorganic, with no emotion.

She was just kicking away the obstacles in front of her.

But I could see tears faintly in the corners of her eyes.

Is she still conscious?

Just like with Azel, even if I touch her directly, I can’t heal her because of the specialized magic circle.

If Jeanne is still even slightly conscious and is resisting, I have to help her.

“There’s only one way to help …”

I just had an idea.

I figured it out in the time we all earned. I don’t know if we’ll succeed.

But I have to do it.

If we fail, we’re all going to die.


We acknowledged that Jeanne’s ability deviates completely from the norm.

“You guys! Step back!”

She told Fels and Florence to retreat and gave instructions to Alisa.

“Try it.”

“I can really shoot with all my might.”

She pointed the tip of her staff at Jeanne, and a fireball of maximum power swirled and formed.

The whole surrounding area was overwhelmed by the swelling scorching heat.

“I suppose that’s not a problem…”

Seeing Alisa’s magic, Vell’s confidence weakened.

“Let’s go! Fireball!”

Jeanne tries to swing her holy sword at the crimson fireball that’s flying towards her.

What the hell are they doing? Arondite has a magic mark that absorbs magic.

If it’s sliced through, it will become Arondite’s power.

“Magic isn’t just fancy stuff! I could do this just by manipulating magic power!”

Using her magic power, Vell bound Jeanne with transparent tentacles that sprouted from the floor.

Can she manipulate the magic power itself?

…That’s amazing.

Jeanne is unable to escape from this.

The heat from the fireball liquefied the ground around Jeanne’s feet in the high temperature.

Then Vell put her hands together and trapped Jeanne with the fireball in a transparent shell.

It’s a wall of magic power.

It feels similar to the transparent wall that covered the library.

“… Oh, isn’t that a dead end?”

“I hope that’s enough to beat her, but I doubt it…….”

Due to the confinement, the damage was minimal. The inside of the wall melted and scattered, and lava was formed.

However, it cracked cleanly and an unharmed Jeanne emerged from inside.

“What the fuck is that? unharmed? …… You’ve got to be kidding me.” (Alisa)

Even with Alisa’s fireball, it is not the determining factor.

Fels and Florence jumped out again.

I followed suit.

“I have an idea. Can you handle her?” (Nigris)


“Leave it to me.”

The magic mark and the special magic circle are all engraved on the holy sword.

In other words, as long as the holy sword is ripped away from Jeanne, the level of danger will be greatly reduced.

It will be reckless to attack from the front. Maybe if I get around the back and strike a blow,…

As expected, Jeanne easily dodged my blows.

Fels and Florence’s slashes strike at that moment.

“Glory, Sword of Arondite!”

The distance was zero.

We were caught in the blast of Arondite and blown away.


… I almost fainted at the slightest touch. That’s incredibly powerful.

Did she take it easy on me when you showed me her power in the slums?

Then, the point of the holy sword was directed at Alisa.

Judging her fireball to be dangerous, Jeanne released a glow of light without hesitation.

“Not good!”

The beam of light strikes.

Alisa quickly protects Altera.

Immediately after, Vell jumps forward and deploys a small magic circle to protect them. 

“Alisa-san… Vell-san!”

“It’s… It’s okay, Hehe… I’m still a sage… and I can use a little magic…”

The light subsides, and Vell collapses with the magic circle.

Even if she couldn’t fully prevent it, it’s strange that she survived after being hit by that much power.

“Alisa… san?”

“You don’t look… hurt. That’s good…”

“Why… me?!”

Alisa fell also.

Fels couldn’t even stand up, and if we didn’t stop Jeanne from walking over, Altera would be slayed.

“Jeanne, stop. That’s your sister…”

It’s a close call. But once she crosses that line, there’s no coming back.

In this desperate situation, there was nothing I could do, and my friends were getting killed.

“Cui cui, (… don’t come here…!)”

Shiro stands in front of Altera and threatens her. 

I didn’t want to lose anyone, so I mastered healing. Because I didn’t want to let them die, I mastered healing.

A feeling of helplessness washes over me.

I’m so useless.

“Get up.”

Cast your own healing spells.

This is because the holy sword nullifies it.

Nobody is going to be killed, nobody is going to die. That’s what healing is for.

I jump out.

Just in time.

But mercilessly ──── the holy sword is swung.


With the Arondite, Jeanne had pierced her own heart.

She collapses on the spot, coughing up blood.

“You ……you even want me to put a hand on my own sister! Erad…!”

With her last remaining consciousness, she took her own life to protect her sister.

What are you doing…!?

I cast a healing spell at Jeanne’s side.

“Heal, heal.”

Jeanne pierced her heart with Arondite.

My healing magic is sealed… I can’t heal

I can’t let her die.

Even if Jeanne hurt my friends, it was Erad’s fault.

Jeanne is not at fault for any of this. 

“I’m sorry to… trouble you… until the end…”

” Don’t speak anymore…”

The heal is not working. Vell is lying unconscious. Healing is disabled, so no healing is possible.

Don’t think about it. Just think about saving her.

If I don’t do something, Jeanne will die.

Don’t think about it.

I don’t care if it’s disabled, I call out for healing.

What kind of healer am I if I can’t heal here?

How can I say that I save people?

If I feel strong enough, I’m sure the healing will be effective…

“Idiots like me should be… left alone…”

“I have to save you. No one is going to die!”

“You … idiot.”

It’s no good. No matter how much I try, the healing is nullified.

Are you saying that my desire to save isn’t enough?

I don’t want to let you die, you haven’t talked to Altera properly yet.

If you’re going to die, at least make Altera smile.

I will not accept this end.

I heard a few claps, and some crackles.

──── There stood an old man.

He said, “Isn’t this a wonderful …… sisterly love? I’m impressed, huh? Ah, it’s just the right time, I should give Altera’s memory back.”

The old man snapped his fingers, and with a crisp sound, Altera held her head down.

” Hahahaha! Nice view, isn’t it? I wonder how she feels about the fact that her sister died because of her.”

Intuition is telling me this is Erad.

The root of all evil that must be defeated.

“…it’s you.”

“Hello, Nigris the Healer. Nice to meet you.”

22. The healing magic

“Do I need to introduce myself? I don’t think so, because you guys know who I am, right?”

Erad, the Great Aristocrat.

He’s the Prime Minister’s right-hand man, and he’s the mysterious one who is responsible for Florence’s assassinations and the use of magic circles.

… Everyone’s a mess because of this guy.

“Don’t stare at me like that. I haven’t done anything wrong, have I?” 

“… You gotta be kidding me…”

“Does it look like I’m kidding? You’re still unsightly even though you can’t heal.”

“… Still, I’m not going to let you have your way “

A specialized magic circle made for me.

Vell said she could handle it if we had the magic mark.

We were supposed to come here for it, but …… there’s nothing here.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing the look of despair on your face. You’re like a cool hero for not giving up.”

How could I ever say I was a hero?

No, I’m not a hero, I’m a hypocrite.

I desire, greedily, for everyone within my reach to be happy.

Fels praises me for that, and Florence laughs at me for being too naive.

But that’s me.

“I was in a hurry, you know? I didn’t expect you guys to suddenly say you were going to get the Magic Mark. …… I also didn’t expect you to find the library instead. Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking.”

Expectations huh?

Erad’s tone of voice was extremely monotonous.

With dazed eyes, Jeanne reaches for Erad.

It was a tremendous obsession…. no, it could be said to be a grudge.

“… Eraaad…!”

“Pardon me, but why haven’t you died yet after piercing your heart with the holy sword? I think it would be easier for you to just let go.”

And yet, his smile never faltered.

It’s eerie and somehow not very old man-like.

“What’s so funny about seeing Jeanne in pain?…” 

For others’ sake, no matter how far, I was overwhelmed by that greed.

Why won’t the Healing answer me?

If it’s for everyone, it should answer.

… For everyone?

I’m stunned. I had never seen myself in the list of people I want to save.

Why do you need to save me?

What’s the point of me being saved?

I felt like that one vague point was the clear difference.

Maybe, that’s why I couldn’t win.

I had no … desire.

The magic I use is for the good of everyone.

I can’t just think about it, I have to wish for it.

“She killed herself in front of her own sister. Isn’t that funny? How can you not laugh at this?”

“… heals”

“You’re not listening to me. Healing is futile. ──── What?”

It should be possible without the magic mark.


I’ll save Jeanne. I’ll save Altera.

I’ll save everyone.

I’m going to save them. I want to save everyone for myself.

“… are you interfering with my magic circle?”

I can make it so it never happened. I just need to concentrate as hard as I can.

I’ve seen the sage Vell, interfere with the magic circle.

The magic circle can be interfered with from the outside.

Don’t lose in quality. Don’t lose in spirit. 

I’ve got my wish.

To save them.

“…Oh come on, seriously?!”

Erad felt a little shaken by what was happening right in front of him.

Little by little, Nigris interfered with Erad’s magic circle.

For the first time, Nigris was able to slightly surpass Erad.

Erad, the great aristocrat, was no longer an obstacle for Nigris.

Restore her heart in an instant.

It’s not easy. But it has to be done.

I breathe in and feel my heart beating through my hand.

I can’t interfere with the other wounds. It’s just the heart for now.

“It would have been so much easier if she had just died.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not letting Jeanne die.”

“Oh, how cool.”

Fels and Florence aren’t fatally injured, and Vell and the others, though covered with wounds, were not in any danger of death.

The problem is Altera.

“Ah…Why, I…What was I doing?”

Suddenly her memory was restored, and she was half-crazed, unable to understand the current situation.

“I’m sorry ……. When I’m done, we’ll have a proper discussion.”

“Heal, get some sleep.”

Healing revitalizes the body and in high amounts causes it to calm the mind.

Recovery is done. When she wakes up, there’ll be no after-effects.

“Cui, cui, (why are you alive)?”

“… You must be White! How long has it been, a few hundred years?

“Cui! (the Demons should have died!!)”

“I still don’t know what you’re saying. Hahaha.”

Shiro is standing in front of me.

Do they know each other?

From the looks of it, they don’t seem to be on good terms.

Also, the word “demon” sticks in my mind.

“Heavy Clothed Layered Heal.”

It doesn’t matter now.

There’s no troublesome holy sword.

I’ll just beat up Erad and be done with it.

I’ll settle it here.

I jumped out, not missing the moment when White distracted him.

I clenched my fist.

I won’t miss this chance.

” Deployment Open, Inversion Magic Circle.”

My fist was blocked by a six-pointed star formation.

The impact reversed, and my arm burst open like it was exploding from the inside.

Not only did it stop my fist from making a big hole, it also returned the damage to myself.

Fortunately, it was not incurable.


Layered healing.

Heavy Clothed Layered Heal.

Attack power and defense power are not enough.

I need more, more.

A series of heavy clothed layered heals are stacked.

Place as many as possible. Don’t even think about magic power consumption.

” What are you, a monster? Most people would freak out if their arms were blown off.”

“I hate to say it, but I’m so angry at you that I’ve lost my mind.”

I’m going to punch him.

 That was the only thought that was strong in my mind.

“The reversal spell is the most powerful spell I have. Healing won’t work either. It reverses things that never happened!”

If that’s the case, I’ll just erase the entire reversal magic circle.

I was able to interfere a little when I healed Jeanne.


Erad laughs and smirks. The reversal magic circle in front of me suddenly cracks.

My magic gets through. 

“What!?──── You affected my magic circle? You’ve completely outclassed me!”


I clenched my fists again.

I can’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass me by.

I will defeat him right here.

With a straight line, the fist of Nigris pierced Erad near the eyes as if it had gathered hatred.

The library, which hadn’t faltered when I broke down the obsidian door, roared with a thunderous sound similar to a scream.

Books were sent flying by the raging storm, and rubble fell in flakes.

Erad was on the ground after being hit by Nigris’s fist.

“Hah …… huh…… hah …….”

I’ve used almost all the magic I have.

Any more than that may cause depletion of my magic power.

But I must not collapse yet.

I have to heal everyone.

I’ll just endure until then.

Erad is down.

This should solve everything.

“Cui! (It’s not over yet)!”


“Nigris, did you exceed your limit? I must admit, I was caught off guard.”

He stands up nonchalantly, his face half-cracked.

That was my most powerful attack ever!

“This is a shell. Being an old man on the outside is very convenient, you know? People are so stupid, they fall for it.”

Erad grabs his face from and tears off the skin underneath.

There was a beautiful young man with blond hair.

He exhaled, muttering something like, “I’m glad I made the adjustment in time.”

“I didn’t think it would take hundreds of years to get my body back. What do you think? Aren’t I handsome? This is me in my prime.”

“… What the bloody hell?”

“I’m what they call a demon. I’m a survivor of a demon tribe that the heroes failed to defeat. …… I almost died a few hundred years ago. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

It’s an existence that the heroes subdued.

If so, ancient…It was a time when magic was overwhelmingly stronger than it is now.

No wonder our power was ineffective.

We were challenging such a monster to a fight.

And he said he was in his prime, right?

Does that mean what we just saw was just a game?

“If I can get my hands on the magic mark, a race of demons unparalleled in human history will be born. Not just the demon tribe, even the Demon King can be reached by me.”

… The Demon King is the guy who destroys the world!

How can I fight a guy that I clearly can’t defeat?

The word “stalling” comes to mind.

“Shiro, I want you to take everyone and run… …… Stalling is the best I can do.”

“Cui cui … (No, You haven’t introduced me to your friends yet.)”


“Cui cui! (I’m not going anywhere until you introduce me to your friends!)”

Shiro wants to make friends.

Friends? I had thought I’d introduce you to the adherent dragon.

I doubt I’ll be able to keep that promise.

“Cui (Nigris is going to introduce me to his friends, I’m not going to let Erad kill him)!”

White’s forehead begins to glow.

The nine-pointed star that was also engraved on the demon emerges.

This is a magic mark.

“Ah, there it is. …… I had no idea I had left it with Shiro.”

“Cui (I’m not giving this to Erad)!”


“No, you can’t. You can’t remove the magic mark once it’s been engraved. So it’s mine.”

Erad’s eyes widened and he lunged forward.

Before he could reach us, I touched White’s forehead where the magic mark was.

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