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30. Great aristocrat

 From the terrace of a mansion, an old man closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Looking at the crows nearby he mutters.

“Did Azel lose?”

 After learning of Azel’s defeat, the great nobleman could not hide his annoyance at the unexpected situation.

…… I can’t believe my plan failed. I thought I gave it two pure powers, I didn’t think there was anyone who could compete with it.

 Who is it?

 I can’t find the answer even after thinking about it.

“I’d taken solid measures against the primordial fireball user. If there’s anyone left, it’s that Nigris, a healer with appraisal skills.”

 Although there were uncertainties, he should be a healer who is only a little strong.

 Healing magic is a profession that only activates people’s healing ability. It can’t do anything.


 I wonder what went wrong.

 I pondered and pondered, but could not come up with an answer.

 As I crossed my arms lightly in distress, I was called by a voice.

“… I greet the great nobleman, Alfred Erad.” {TN: Could also be translated as ‘Alphard’ but I felt this was better}

“Well well, it’s good of you to come by.”

 I welcomed her with my arms open wide but was greeted with a look of disgust that made me wince.

 You don’t have to look so disgusted. We may not be a close organization, but we live in the same country, don’t we?

 Well, I don’t hate this kind of girl.

“So, what does the paladin leader from the Holy Church want with me?

“Ancient weapons. I came to check the situation after receiving a report that the black dragon’s armor was rampaging in the slums.”

“Why are you coming to me?  Why don’t you send soldiers to the slums right now to suppress them? Violence is your patent right. Let’s use it aggressively.”

 She glared at me with eyes that said, “You old fox”. 

 Without losing his charming smile, the great nobleman, Erad, sat down in a nearby chair.

“The case has already been resolved. Azel, the wearer of the black dragon armor, has died, and there were no deaths in the slums.”


 you’re kidding?

 I unleashed Azel-kun with that much power.

 In the olden days, it wouldn’t be strange if it destroyed one country. How is it zero deaths?

 I hid my expression so that the other person would not notice and changed the subject.

“The slums are a thorn in the side of our kingdom as well. This country in the western part of the continent is only balanced because of the three forces, the Kingdom, the Adventurer’s Guild, and the Holy Church, right?”

“Yes …… we are aware of that. If the slums expand their power, the balance between the three will be upset and the country will be in chaos.”

“If so, I don’t think you should say anything about what I’m doing, right?”

 He laughed and waited for the paladin leader’s response.

 Erad knew very well that she could not say anything back.

 Whether or not they have power in the Holy Church, it’s the great nobles who hold the power in the center of the country.

 Even if they put their people in danger, it is none of the Holy Church’s business.

 However, the Paladin leader Jeanne hated what was wrong.

 No matter what, there’s no way she can accept taking the lives of those who live there.

 With her strong sense of justice, this action was her own will.

“… Yes, but I can’t overlook it this time.”

“It’s a straightforward thing. Laugh more, you’re ruining a good woman.”

“… I forgot my smile.”

 With that said, she left the room.

 Oh dear, Erad shrugs his shoulders.

“Did she come all this way to say that? I’ve been marked by a problematic person. Should I refrain from moving a little? But I want that library.”

 The library that is said to be in the slums.

 That was the aim of Erad.

 Get whatever you want.

 That was Erad’s greed and self.

 Looking out the window, he suddenly saw a girl.

  She was in the flowerbed of the mansion and returned with Jeanne, the paladin leader, who had just left.

 …… Hoh, her sister?

“… Paladin, Jeanne’s sister? By the way, there was an interesting rumor … it’s said that she has curse skills?”

 That’s it.

 Why not use them to check the situation.

Why was Azel-kun defeated and the man named Nigris still alive?

 How could it be that there were no deaths?

  Nigris, who the hell are you? 


31. Go ahead

 A few days have passed since then, and we’ve been working hard to rebuild the city.

 With the apology money paid by the Adventurer’s Guild, we bought food and building materials for the residents.

 The people continued their work while sweating.

“Hey~, why did you give them all the money?

 Arisa was sluggish and weak due to the depletion of her magic power. She would recover in a few more days, but she couldn’t use her magic for a while.

She went around helping the city rebuild, I guess she wants the slums to return to their original state as soon as possible.

“Didn’t Arisa also give up the money she saved to travel the world?”

“Wha!? how do you know that!”

 Her face turns bright red and she gets angry like a cat.

“Fels told me.”

“I’m sorry …… you were talking to yourself about regretting your donation.”

“Ku, I do …… regret it. I regret it, but I think it’s okay.”

“Did you want to travel to another country?”

“Yes, this world is wide. I was thought of going on a trip to let the world know how wonderful my fireball is … but I feel comfortable here now.”

“I see”

 She shows a shy smile.

 …… It’s getting brighter.

“By the way, Arisa. How are you feeling after reaching magic aptitude SS?”

“Hmm. I don’t feel any particular change, but …… how, is it any different?

  I use appraisal.

 I also want to check if Arisa has a magic aptitude SS.

[Race] Nino

Arisa Scarlet 17 years old Condition: Peace of mind

Maximum magical power

Swordfighter D / D

Magic SS / SSS

Dexterity D / D

Loyalty 100

[Primitive fireball user]

I am destined to use only fireballs.

 Hmm, the magical power is maximum … maximum!?? Wasn’t it originally big?

 I see … Maybe it’s because she used a lot of magic power. Does magic power increase like that?

 After that … there’s no problem because the magic aptitude is SS.

“SS … SSS !?”

 wait a moment. What is SSS?

 Isn’t SS the limit …? It’s a new discovery.

“… You’re ridiculous.”

“I don’t know what it is, but that’s right! I’m the strongest wizard! You can praise me.”

 If you didn’t have this personality, I’d be happy to praise you.

 It’s just like Arisa to be so full of self-confidence.

“Ohh, you’re amazing” (Nigris)

“I’m starting to feel better! Oh! I’ll do my best!” (Arisa)

“Don’t overdo it”

 She rolled up her sleeves and went to help remove collapsed debris.

 Residents of the slums know the difficulty of living. Even though they were doing their best to live each day, everyone was smiling.

 When I first came here, it seemed a little more bleak.

 Florence came alongside us while we were taking a break.

“Really, I can’t repay you, Nigris-sama.”

“Don’t worry about money. We can always make money by being adventurers.”

“… You’re the man this mistress expected you to be, I’ll never forget this favor.”

  In my mind, it’s no longer an exaggeration to say Florence is my friend.

 It’s only natural to want to help if your friend is in trouble.

 Besides, the slum was already an important city to me.

“Everyone smiles. After all that’s happened.” (Florence)

“Is reconstruction going well?”

“Yes, in a few more days we’ll be able to make a modest recovery.”

“……That’s good”

 It may take a little longer to regain its original shape.

 But we’re definitely going to get it back.

“This place has changed since the arrival of Nigris-sama.”

“Is that right…?”

“For the better.”

 I’m not very aware of it.

 It’s been so since I was at my previous party.

 I was just doing what I could.

“There are people who have been saved thanks to Nigris-sama.”

“That … maybe so.”

 …… I saved them?

 I certainly hope so.

“Head! Could you come over for a moment?”

“Don’t you see! I’m in the middle of talking to Nigris-sama!”

“Um …You told us to call you if something happened …”

” So noisy! What is it?”

 Florence leaves her seat and I and Fels are left alone.

 She fluttered her elf ears and glanced at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“No,… I mean um … I’m weak.”

“Weak? You’re strong enough.”

 Her status is as good as the other two.

 What can she be ashamed of?

 …… Ah, Maybe it’s because I left her when Azel attacked the slums.

 I decided it was too dangerous for Fels, but simply because I thought that Fels’ could play a part by saving a lot of people in that place.

“…… Don’t worry, it’s not that I don’t trust you. If anything, I wouldn’t be here without Fels.”

 I once thought that I didn’t want them to get hurt because they’re important to me.

 But if they’re your true companions, you should rely on them. Fels taught me that.

 Even in the battle with Azel, I could never win by myself.

 I may have even been dead.

“I want you to stay by my side … will you?”

“………… Happily, Nigris-sama”

 With her delicate blonde hair fluttering in the wind, Fels puts her hand on her chest and swears strongly.

 ──── I’ll definitely get stronger. For Nigris-sama.

“I’ll be by your side for the rest of my life.”

32. Quiet story-Arisa’s cooking class-

  As the reconstruction of the city progressed, the three girls. Fels, Arisa, and Florence were gathered in the mansion.

 When it comes to girls-only gatherings, the atmosphere should be a bit softer, but due to Fels and Florence who were on bad terms, it didn’t look like fun.

“… Arisa-san, why did you call her?”

“If we want to thank Nigris, we have to invite her.”

“This mistress just doesn’t want to be surpassed by this elf puss.”

 Fels crossed her arms and Florence crossed her legs and they glared at each other. I know the reason why they’re not on good terms. Florence doesn’t like the way Nigris looks at Fels, and Florence doesn’t allow Fels to stay by his side.

 Arisa with her eyes half-opened thinks it’s annoying.

“You should get along a little …”

She opens her mouth and sighs.

Although the reconstruction is progressing, there’s not much time to play around.

    There are many troublesome things, such as the magic circles and the influence of great nobles.

“First of all, Nigris doesn’t care about things and money, so what can we do to make him happy …”

“A knee pillow.”

“A mistress”

“” … “”

  While they glared at each other, Arisa raised her voice without reading the air.

“Fufun~, you guys don’t know what a girl is, do you? Girls are supposed to be about cooking and being a maiden!”

“… Can you cook Arisa?”


“This mistress can’t.”

“I win” (Fels)

 Fels cooks Nigris meals every day.

 She’d been studying how to make good food.

“What what !? This mistress won’t lose to you at cooking!”

 Florence is frustrated.

 Florence grew up as a slave and, with her own skill, climbed up to being the empress of the slums. So she’d never done anything girly like cooking.

(Fels gets serious when it comes to Nigris …)

“Then I’ll teach you how to cook.” (Arisa)

“Are you sure !?”

“I’m an adult lady. Leave it to me!”

“I think it’s better to stop …”

 Only Fels knows.

 Arisa is extremely bad at teaching people.

 And she’s crazy.

“Are you scared that I’ll be cooking so well that Nigris-sama falls in love?” (Florence)

“……This is good. I thought it was time we settled things.”

“It’s decided! Let’s get started!”


<Empress POV>

 Outside the mansion. Florence was taken by Arisa.

“Why are we outside, wizard girl? Isn’t cooking indoors?”

“My food is special. First, prepare the fish …”

“Is it a fish dish! What on earth are you going to do?”

 I get excited and my expression brightens.

 Why is this exciting!

 Is it sashimi? Or is it boiled?

“Raise both hands in the sky”


“See, hurry up”

“Like this?”

 As Arisa told me, I reached out.

 Nothing happened.

 Does this have any meaning …?

 Could it be … a prayer for cooking!?

 It’s true that there are cultures that say “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisosama”. {TN: basically means ‘thank you for the food’}

 It should be a culture unique to the Nino people that makes the food taste even better!

 I know, this mistress knows!

“God of fire! God of fireball! I offer this prayer … See, say it with me!”

“Oh, do you say …? God of fire! God of fireball! I offer this prayer!”


 I wonder if there was a culture of doing this kind of thing.

“Make these fish delicious!”

“Um, make these fish delicious!”

 I felt embarrassed and chewed at Arisa’s lethargic words. 

    Why is this mistress doing this!

 No, no, …… there must be a meaning! I’m sure this will make Lord Nigris happy!

   “Fireball !!”

The fireball ruthlessly strikes the fish ingredients

 The fish that was hit by the fireball became charred and black.

“What are you doing !?”

“What, cooking”

“Cooking!? Is this what you call cooking !?”

 What are you talking about? 

 Is the mistress wrong??? No, this isn’t cooking no matter how you look at it!?

“This black one is crispy, bitter and delicious.”

“It’s burnt …!”

 I understand now.

 This girl is crazy!

 I can’t use this … this will just get me hated by Nigris-sama!

 What’s more, Nigris-sama will get taken by that elf puss!

 No, no, no, no!

“Um, would this work?”

“No! I have to think of another plan …hah.”

“Then why don’t you do something maiden-like? If you make them think you’re girly, any man would fall in love with you.”

“Oh, like a maiden …”

 In the end, Florence decided to thank him by writing him a letter and some cookies she bought at the market. Needless to say, she was so embarrassed about it that she couldn’t face him for a few days.

 Fels safely gave him homemade cookies.

“… Arisa? What’s this?”


“No, it’s pitch black …”

Volume 2

1. ≪Cursed Girl≫

 The name of the cursed girl is Altera.

 Her parents had already passed away and she looks up to Jeanne, a paladin, and her sister.

 Altera and her sister, who had come to the court to attend a meeting in the royal capital, stayed in the garden for a little while.

 Altera picks flowers to make a crown while soiling her knees.

“It’s done …!”

 Pleased with her work, she approached her sister Jeanne.


“… What is it Altera?”

“Oh, um …!”

 She hides it behind her and approaches. But she wonders if she’ll say it’s dirty? Won’t she be told not to make garbage?

 Suddenly such anxiety held Altera.

 Because of that, she couldn’t say anything, and her mouth froze up.

“Paladin Jeanne! It’s about time for the meeting!”

“Is it time. I’m going, Altera. You should throw away those flowers.”

“Huh … you knew … Uh, yeah … I’ll throw it away …”

 I was told to throw away the crown I made with all my heart, and I suppressed my heart and threw it away on the spot.

  I walked behind her to arrive in front of the conference room, while looking at it with regret.

 I was held back by the soldiers guarding the entrance.

“From here on, outsiders aren’t allowed to enter.”

” I can’t take my eyes off my sister.”

 Altera had to always act with Jeanne.

 She was allowed to live because her older sister is the wielder of the holy sword “Arondite”.

 ──── Because “Arondite” is a sword that can kill Altera at any time.

“It’s an order from His Majesty the King to prevent information leaks at the meeting.”

 With His Majesty’s orders, even Jeanne could not go against it.

 Even if she wants to leave her to someone, she has no subordinate she can trust right now.

 …… Although she was worried, she told Altera to wait by the flowerbed nearby.

“Okay, I’ll be back soon, don’t talk to anyone.”

“Yes, Onee-chan. Please do your best at work.”

“Yes, you must stay quiet. And no matter what happens, don’t take off your gloves.

“…… I know that, too.”

“Okay, I’m off.”

 The two are supposed to be sisters.

 The sense of distance was so far away that Altera felt unsatisfied with her sister who was always stiff.

As she looked away from Jeanne’s back, the soldier guarding the entrance gave her a look of contempt.

“What are you standing around for? Get lost … you abomination. I wish you died early … cursed child.”

“… !!”

 She grabbed the hem of her skirt and stifled her feelings.

 Don’t cry.

 If I do, it will bother my sister.

 She endures with all her might while being exposed to the malice they do not hide.

 The intelligent Altera knew that Jeanne was the one who understood her position and was protecting her.

  I don’t want to cause her trouble. …… Because of me, sister is already unhappy. I have to endure.

 She walked through the well-kept gardens of the court. Through her gloves, she touched her favorite flower and smiled.

“… I wish I could touch it directly”

 The flowers I touched through the gloves felt rough like a wall.

 Unlike me, the flowers are beautiful.

 It stands up even when stepped on without losing to the rain or wind. Moreover, it blooms beautifully.

 I break easily.

 How could I not admire them?

“Ah, hello”

 I heard a gentle old man’s voice.

 The sun is just behind him and I can’t see his face well.

“Hello …”

 Who is this person?

 My sister told me I shouldn’t talk to people I don’t know, but … I greeted him.

“Do you like flowers?”

“Yes …”

“That’s a Lobelias flower. I planted it.”

“Lobelia …? Does uncle also like flowers?”

“Well, a little bit.”

 Altera, who did not know the name of the purple flower, was fascinated by this old man who had a common hobby.

 The old man, Erad, a great nobleman, twisted his cheeks and plucked a Lobelia flower.

“Do you know the language of flowers?”

“I’m sorry. I’m not very familiar with anything other than the flowers I grow …”

“I’ll tell you. This flower stands for ‘humility’.”

“Wow! That’s wonderful!”

 Her expression brightened at the word “humility”.

 She looked cute, like a maiden.

“… But, you know, I don’t like it.”

“Eh …? Isn’t it a wonderful meaning?”

“Would you want such a life? Do you want to restrain yourself and live a life where you can’t live the way you want?”

“what do you mean?” 

 The wind blew. Altera felt as if her heart had been grabbed.                 

 She had been holding herself back all her life. She longed to live life in the way that she wanted.

 Cursed child.

 Skills that everyone should yearn for are sometimes curses.

“… What do you want? What is your desire? I’ll give it to you.”

“No, I don’t need it …! Please stay away!”

 I felt a crisis.

 This old man is dangerous.

“Ah … I should also have said that.”

 He reached out to Altera and smiled unpleasantly.

” The other meaning of the Lobelia’s flower is ‘malicious’.”

 The devil touched the pure girl.

 It happened just tens of minutes away from Jeanne.

The skill she, Altera, possesses is “Primordial Collapse”.

 Born and raised as a cursed child, the girl who was destined to die wanted to live.

2. Love potion

 That day, the Adventurer’s Guild was noisy.

 I was on my way home after completing a quest early to avoid getting into trouble.

 Fels and Arisa, who were walking behind me, looked at me curiously then stood in front of me.

“What are you worried about?”

“What’s wrong”

“Oh well … I’m a bit worried about the great aristocrats.”

 The S rank party, Silver Wings, was asked to assassinate Florence. When they failed to do so, they next tried to kill me.

 As expected, it’s not a situation that can be overlooked.

 I know I have to do something, but there’s too little information.

 The reconstruction of the slums is over.

 The people could be put in danger again. I’m not stupid enough to fold my hands and wait. 

“Let’s go see Florence”

“Eh … let’s go home ~”

 It’s an optimistic Arisa-like behavior. She doesn’t have a sense of crisis.

 I walked to the front with a sigh.


 We arrived at Florence’s base in the slums. 


“What is it Lisa?”

 There was Lisa carrying a large amount of documents while crying.

 …… It’s a great height.

” Florence-san can’t work!”

“… Is she injured or ill?”

“No! It’s not that but ────”

” Nigris-sama ~!”

 Suddenly Florence jumped out. She buried her face in my chest and purred.

 Huh?? Why is she behaving like a cat!??

 …… Unlike Fels, I can see a cat’s tail.

“Actually, she said she was going to make a special love potion … But it seems that the silver vine changed to have an effect on humans!”

“What are you doing …?”

 She gives off a nice scent and her hair tickles.

 Ugh … It’s a ridiculous destructive power.

 I was used to it, but I forgot that Florence was a messed-up beauty.

“Please stay away from him!”

“What! Don’t get in the way! Nigris-samaaa~!”

 Fels tore Florence off and growled with a grrr.

 Dogs and cats.

“Ahaha! It’s like a dog and a cat! How funny!”

 It’s not funny.

 Well, I thought it was strange.

 Florence isn’t the type of person to get attached to someone.

 No, I guess that’s how much I’m trusted.

“… The story isn’t moving so I’ll just heal you. Heal ”           

 Even for abnormal states my heal is handy.

 To put it simply, my healing can make “what was” into “what wasn’t”.

 I’ve come to understand that it’s different from other healers.

“What was I doing … it looks like I was hugging Nigris-sama and saying I love him?”

“You didn’t say that”

“I didn’t say that !?”

 Ghan, she got depressed.

 What’s there to be depressed about?

“I wanted to hear about the great aristocrats.”

“… so it’s about that?”

 Her voice regains its calm. Lisa suggested we sit at a nearby table.

 Hmmm, from the looks of it she knows something.

 It was a good idea to ask her.

“Honestly, I knew that this mistress’ life was being targeted by a great nobleman.”

“… So, you strengthened your security?”

“That’s right. This mistress doesn’t have someone to rely on or backing. I had to protect my own life.”

 So that’s it.

 That’s why she spread rumors that the Empress of the slums was terrifying and made it difficult for outsiders to get in.

“Originally, I’ve heard rumors of the great aristocrats. They’re famous for buying and selling slaves in the black market and using the money earned as bribes, if they could control the slums, they’ll have a free black market. That’s why I thought they were trying to kill me. “

“You thought?”

 Is it different?

 I think that’s reason enough, and it makes sense to me.

 Most humans are greedy, and our greed overflows and demands endlessly.

“How much easier it would have been if that were the case. According to this mistress’s subordinate who has been infiltrating the Holy Church, the magic circle used by the man called Azel was given by a great nobleman.”

“What …? Then the kingdom tried to erase us !?”

“Sure, the kingdom also finds this mistress a hindrance. If you think about it, it makes sense.”

 This is disgusting.

 Did they unleash such a monster just to destroy a single district? Isn’t the job of the kingdom to protect the people who live there?

 …… Will they seek their own profits even if it hurts someone who lives quietly?

“I’m also angry… We’ve also found out his name. He’s the right-hand man of the Prime Minister and a great nobleman who practically holds the center of the country. His name is Alfred Erad.”

“And there are many reports of the Paladins being seen in the royal capital.”


 I know a little about them.

 They’re the strongest knights considered to be the greatest force of the Holy Church.

 Didn’t the leader have a holy sword …?

 I don’t know what kind of effect it has.

” Nigris-sama, you especially should be careful.”

“No, I didn’t do anything, so I don’t see the problem.”

“…… You don’t know anything, do you?”

 What else is there?

 Suddenly my heart was startled.

 Did I do something wrong?

” Nigris-sama is being treated as the hero of the slums. In the capital, you’re called the ruler of the shadows.”


“It’s natural. You crushed an S rank party alone and subdued a monster known as the black dragon.”

“No no no… I couldn’t beat that alone.”

“Rumors have tail fins. What do you think of this mistress? Won’t it be nice to get married and dominate the slums together …”

  Embarrassed she tweaked her fingertips together

 What’s with the two of us dominating? That’s a villain’s line when seen from the side.

“… Why is that story spreading?”

“Since merchants sometimes come to the slums, it’s inevitable that they hear rumors and sell it as information in the royal capital. Now, information on Nigris-sama is sold at a really high price.”

I see.

 …… It’s an awful story. I’d like to live a little more quietly.

 The ruler of the shadows, is it? …

“By the way, We’re going to do a reconstruction festival, will you come?”

“I’m going! I’ll get delicious rice !?”

“I didn’t ask you wizard girl, but …… that’s fine. You’ve been a great help to me. If there’s anything you want, just let me know.

“Seriously !? Yay!”

“Despite our differences … I’ll also give you what you want elf girl. Ask me anything.”


 Fels touched the handle of the sword while having a hollow gaze.

 Arisa is obedient to her greed.

 A reconstruction festival? I’m wondering how the city has progressed, should I go?

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