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 Chapter 43: Current status of dwell

“This is....."

As we proceeded through the forest for a while, we heard the sound of something being destroyed along with the voices of the monsters. I have a bad feeling about this.

"This is terrible.”

“Stone Armadilos, I thought they usually stay in the mines.....”

There were several armadillo-like monsters with stone-like scales covering their entire bodies that were scavenging inside the overturned wagons. That's not the same as an armored armadillo.


Stone Armadillo

Its entire body is covered with scales made of stone. Its body is very hard and impenetrable to bows. It lives mainly on meat and stone and never leaves the mine.


These monsters evolved from the armored armadillo that adapted to the mine.


It seems to be a relative of the armored armadillo. And it seems to be strong. Why are there monsters in the mine here ? What’s it that they are eating? 

"Master...... I don't think it's very pleasant to look at, so shall I handle it?"

“I mustn't look away. If I make a mistake, the people in the territory may end up like this. More importantly, Ein, Gimli, can you beat those guys?”

"Of course, but their scales are hard, and even if it's my master, our power is..."

“No, I can beat them. Isn’t this weapon for that?”

"Oh, then please. This time it's not a request. I'll pay you. So please save them from their pain."

Ein, who looks surprised at Gimli's words, as he raises his gun. With a dry sound, a bullet is fired, piercing the stone armadillo from behind, scale by scale.

It was made to defeat mineral ants. No matter how hard they are, they can't be stopped by a single stone. The stone armadillos noticed the sound and came toward us, but they were being shot out by the mass-produced magic bayonets.

The combination of Ein and Gimli, who had been adventurers together, was quite impressive.

“It's amazing that we can fight mineral ants with this.”

“Yes, it's a great piece of work made by Bowman....”

I’d like to add one more thing to their admiration. It's true that Bowman did a great job, but that's not all. He also had an excellent assistant, which is why it was completed so quickly.

“No, it wasn't just Bowman. Another human called Noel helped to create this weapon through thought and error.”

“No, he mentioned that they also used master's ideas as a guide. It was a collaboration between two humans and a Dwarf.”

“Bowman, did you say that ......”

When I smacked my mouth to cover my embarrassment, they blurted out enviously.

"A joint work of man and dwarf. I envy you."

“It hurts my ears, master. It’ll be difficult with the current situation of Dwell."

Why is that? I was wondering why Dwell isn’t a country where people and dwarves coexist? While I was wondering, Galatea rushed out to the broken wagon.


“Master! There are survivors!”


At those words, we rushed over. Where the carriage had been moved out of the way, a girl of about 18 years old was moaning, holding back her wounds.

"Ugh...... thank you for your help. even Ein-san and Gimli-san. You were back in Dwell?”

"Are you ...... Miranda ......?"

“Why’s the daughter of the village chief here?”

Perhaps relieved to see Ein and the others, the girl fainted as if something taut had snapped. What is the daughter of the village chief doing here? ...... Apparently, the situation in Dwell is more serious than expected.

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