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Chapter 7: New Residents

 It’s been about a month since Edward's party.

 When I returned to the mansion after the party, I immediately invented a contraceptive made of rubber and named it "Sladome". I presented it to Edward and he decided to mass-produce it. At that time, I made a small request to him in order to increase its popularity.

I blushed as I explained the effects, wondering if I would ever use it.

Maybe it was because my name had been sold at the party or maybe it was because Agni and the others had sent out letters to the other refugees, but another 20 or so refugees arrived. It seems Edward had arranged for a carriage to take them to my territory. To be honest, it's much easier to deal with them this way than having them come individually.

When I went to greet the refugees gathered in the village square, Agni was talking to a stout man.

"Agni, is it true that here we can get our own land and any job we want?"

“Yes, it's true and it's all thanks to Grace-sama. Grace-sama, this guy is Donovan, he was a miner in our town. He's a relative of mine and I can vouch for his identity.”

"So you're the lord. I'm sorry for not bowing to you earlier!”


“Hey, don't I look like a lord?”

“Yes. Especially now that you're back from farming, you're dirty and you look like a farm boy.”

What a way to say it! When I was a little worried and asked Vigna who was being my escort, I got the usual retort. Well, the atmosphere was a little nice the other day but, I'm not sure if I'm actually in love with her or not. 

“No, no, no, I didn't think the lord would come all the way here to check on us.

“Even though I'm the lord, I don't even have many residents yet. So, don't worry about it. Let's shake hands in friendship."

I smiled at Donovan, who hurriedly tried to bow his head and shook his hand. At the same time, I used the "World Library".




Age: 35 years-old

Strengths: Coal miner, leader

Skill: Pickaxe user

Information: Worked as a coal miner in the pioneer village. He is famous in the village as an expert pickerel digger. He is serious and inflexible but is basically a good person with a strong sense of responsibility.


So, he’s a skilled miner and has experience in a mine. As I recall, there was a mithril mine in the territory that Souzi pioneered. I haven’t been able to get my hands on it because there was no one I could use, but I suppose I could now that things have settled down. Well, it's been abandoned for many years. There’s a possibility that it’s become a nest of monsters or has collapsed, so we need to investigate beforehand.

“So basically, you'll be able to get the job you want and I'll give you a place to live. Ask Agni for details. Agni, please instruct the refugees and lead them to the welcome center.”

"Ohh, Donovan, rejoice, the food here is good and you can eat a lot.” 

Agni's words were met with cheers from Donovan and the other refugees. Okay, I think we got a good start. I guess they can trust the words of someone they know. Besides, Galatea and Noel's food would be a hit with their stomachs.

And when I looked around at the refugees again, I saw a familiar face among them.

“It's been a while. Sarah. What are you doing here, is the restaurant good?"

When I spoke to her, she gave me a big smile. She was wearing a simple dress today, unlike when I met her at the store. She doesn't look like she works in a store like that at a glance. Girls are amazing. 


“Oh, Grace-sama, I’m grateful to you. It was you who first told the brothels and nightclubs to give out free contraceptive samples right? It made all my friends happy.”

"Don't get me wrong, that was just a way to increase the prevalence. Nowadays, contraception is mainly medicine and magic, but if it’s talked about in brothels, it will become more popular. It will be easier for the common people to use it.”

“I'll just leave it at that. You're a pretty nice guy aren't you?”

"Of course I am, I'm the world's dominant man, Lord Grace Vermillion. I'm the best man in the world!”

“You look pretty close. I think I'd better leave you alone.”

While I was talking with Sarah, a slightly grumpy Vigna interrupted me. She looked angrier than usual.

“Oh, you’re the example... well, it seems this child isn’t too bad either.”

When Sarah smiles happily at Vigna, she whispered something to her with a strange look on her face, then Vigna looked in my direction and her face went red.

Wait a minute, what did she just say?

“You don't have a cafeteria here yet, do you? I used to work in my family's diner, I'm confident in my cooking, can you leave it to me?”

"Yeah, I don't mind."

Well, it's true, the food we had at the restaurant was pretty good. There are more people, and unlike Galatea, she's good at home cooking, so it's helpful to have her here.

No… no way, did she come all the way here expecting this to happen? 

“Well, if you ever have a problem again, you can count on your big sister.”

She said that before I could say anything and winked, then walked away quickly.

“Let's go back to the lab for now.”


Whatever she was told, Vigna obeyed in a surprisingly straightforward manner. There was no conversation, but the silence was strangely comforting.

It had been a few days since the new residents arrived. They seemed to be doing well as members of this town. Agni and Bowman hurriedly set up the housing and thanks to Vigna's leadership and the hunting of monsters by Neil and the other members of the team, there was no need to worry about fertilizer and thanks to Johnny and Alfred's leadership in the farming, there was no need to worry about food.

However, if the number of refugees continues to increase, there will be people who have no work to do. So we need a new industry.

“I've got a letter for you from the Harrison Chamber of Commerce. Also, I have another one from the Azul Chamber of Commerce."

"Ugh… it's so annoying to have to write a reply."

So, recently, or rather immediately after the party, I’ve been receiving many meal invitations from the Azul Chamber of Commerce.

Potatoes and Mithril alloy had begun to circulate among aristocrats. They want to talk about selling them now. It's too late for that now damn it! However, I can't write like that, so I reply with a polite letter of refusal. I guess this will buy me some time.

“Noel, go get Bowman, Vigna and Galatea. I think it's time to start a new frontier.”

"All right, Master. What do you intend to do?"

I'm starting to feel comfortable. We've got a metal specialist named Bowman and we've got some excellent miners. We're going to open up a mine!

And so, Asgard's new development plan was launched.


Territory Information

Residents: 28 (20 additional)

Otherworldly Comprehension Level 3

(Able to understand what things they touch and how to handle them, as well as how they can be used if they are low level when exposed to raw materials)

Technology: Cast iron technology from another world

Awareness of the existence of guns → Understanding of the basic structure of guns

Awareness of the existence of robots.

Knowledge of fertilizer

Knowledge of aluminum

How to make an alloy

How to make mithril alloy

How to make and process rubber

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  1. Seems more practical to open a quarry before jumping into mithril… It’s a good asset, but you have enough money for now, and even if you’re building on the ruins of the previous civilization, what you need most right now is to build a strong (partially literal) foundation for the city you envision.

    It’s also kind of silly that you’re allowing people to spread the word that you’ll give out land to anyone that comes, it’s too hard to take back once the phase of development where it’s useful ends. It’s not the end of the world, but all you need to do to stop it is delay it a little bit by treating it as a reward rather than a guarantee. There will soon be far more people coming in than you can personally shake the hand of. Systems of government exist for a reason, if you think that by just acting with goodwill others will reciprocate and create a Utopia, you’re a fool. Organization is how you stretch out your power to the place your hands can’t reach alone, and it’s far too late to try to build that up after it’s already necessary.

    1. Lecora Alzuras

      At some point, they’ll probably run out of land to give out so it’ll mostly be first-come first-serve for that I would think? They’re in a ruined territory that was known to be full of demons and a golem protecting it so you won’t get anyone but desperate people at first.

      Once it gets better known, those would want to benefit more (for selfish reasons) will end up showing up last. It’s how he’ll deal with it that we’ll see. Plus, Galatea already asked Grace how he’ll deal with unruly people.

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