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Chapter 8: Let’s go to the mine

“That’s why we’re going to the mines. According to the map Souzi left behind and the results of research in the World Library, it looks like there are mithril gemstones there. Galatea, Souzi also dabbled in mining, didn’t he?”

“Yes Master. My father used to dig for mithril and other gemstones and did business with them. It was a long time ago and I wasn’t involved in it, so I only know the general location. I remember him telling his men to be careful because there was an ancient fire dragon’s nest nearby. That’s the one we fought off when I first met Master, isn’t it?”

“Oh, so all mining activities stopped after Souzi was gone. Well even if the old fire dragon came out again, everything will be fine with you there and can you detect any poison present in the mine? I’m counting on you.”

“I’m glad that you can count on me Master. Please leave it to me.”

When I stroked Galatea’s head, she looked happy and smiled. It’s really soothing.

“Well, It’ll be great if the quality of mithril gemstones are fine, because the mithril that’s available around here isn’t very good.”

In the lord’s office, I was explaining my plans to the others. Galatea’s memory reinforced my guess. Fortunately, Bowman seems to be on board. It’s worth a try for now. But there was one thing that bothered me.

I call out to Vigna, who has been silent for a while now.


“So. What do you think, Vigna?”

“I think that now’s the right time to start something new, since the village can now afford to hire more people. I’d like to ask, who’re you taking with you to the mine?”

“Oh, I think I’ll take Bowman, who knows a lot about ores and Galatea as my escort and guide. In the meantime, I’d like to ask Vigna to take care of things in this village, is that okay?”

“Well, that’s what usually happens… I knew that.”

I was expecting her to readily agree, but for some reason, Vigna looked reluctant. She looked at Galatea with a serious look and asked.

“Hey, Galatea, what are the chances of me beating you in a fight?”

“Eh, Vigna, what are you talking about?”

I tried to stop Vigna, who suddenly began to say something incomprehensible, but Bowman covered my mouth. What are you doing You old bastard? But I’m too weak to win against Bowman.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve been created to withstand all the magic and slashing of this world. I’m afraid there’s not much chance of Vigna-sama being able to win.”

“Well, if you say so, you must be right. Grace, rest assured, I am going to protect this village. Also, Bowman, I’m going to use that thing you gave me.”

With that, she walked out. She was as testy as usual, but there was something different about her.


“Hey, what’s up with Vigna?”

“You’re really bad at this kind of thing aren’t you?  Vigna’s been your bodyguard for a long time and yet you asked Galatea to guard you instead of her. I think she has mixed feelings about this.”

“No… I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I felt frustration and jealousy from Vigna-sama. But I think it’s best to let it go for now.”

When I tried to go after her, not only Bowman, but even Galatea stopped me. I know why they’re stopping me but they’re right.

She’s been my escort ever since I was in the castle. She even came with me when I was banished to Asgard. So why couldn’t I think of her? I hate myself.

“But I don’t think you’re wrong. Galatea knows the geography of this place, she’s a good fighter and can handle the poison in the mine. In this case, Galatea is a more suitable guard and that little girl knows it in her head too. That’s why she backed off like that.”

“That’s true…”

“Well, I guess even if she knows it in her head, her emotions won’t let her. When you get back, she’ll have cooled down and you can tell her how much you care about her. In addition, I’ll make her something that could be a gift and you can use that as an opportunity to talk to her.”

“No, I don’t think of her that way… no, I do.”

I took back my reflexive denial. The result of this kind of deception may have led to the present situation. I was really happy that Vigna came along with me. I don’t think I’ve ever really put that into words.

When I talked to Sarah about it, I knew exactly how I felt. If that’s the case, I shouldn’t run away forever. At any rate, I would have a long talk with her after I finished exploring the mine. That’s what I thought.

“Well, let’s go to the mine! Everyone get ready.”

And with that, we were on our way to the mine.

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