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Chapter 35. Grace and Vigna

“So …… what on earth did you want to do?”

After that, I was kicked out by Vigna who had a bright red face, even though it was my room… when I entered the room with permission from her when she was done changing clothes. I was confronted by Vigna who has a cool expression as though the previous expression she had on her face was a lie.

No, it’s not the usual. On a closer look, her ears are bright red and her face is desperately enduring the embarrassment. She’ll seriously kill me if I mess with her now.

“It was a feeling of wanting to do something for you, who worked hard and the feeling of wanting to cheer you up, though you’re pretending to be calm despite almost losing the territory and feeling dented. Is that a bad thing?”

“You’ve got it wrong! I’m not depressed…….”

“Okay, okay, don’t act tough.”

Before I could finish my sentence, she hugged me and I couldn’t say a word. Her soft touch wraps around my face and her sweet scent dominates my nostrils. What are you doing? It’s like I’m really hurting.

I desperately try to pull her away, but she doesn’t budge. Damn, you’re too strong!

“I think it’s admirable that you try to be strong, but when you’re sad, say you’re sad. When you are in pain, say it. I’ll accept all your weaknesses. So, even if you don’t show it to the others, show it to me. Because I’m your childhood friend, I understand you, and I’m your lover. The Grace Vermillion I know is actually a weak man who tries hard to live up to everyone’s expectations…… but he’s also a kind man who wants to show off and has a strong sense of responsibility. I don’t believe that you don’t feel anything about losing your people. So just tell me what you really think……. Or do you think I will be disappointed by that?”

“Vigna …….”

She whispered in my ear gently as if she were talking to a child. Her words permeated my heart and something I was holding back broke with her words.

“Four people died because of me. …… They died because I said I would fight Kyle and the Azul trading company! Hush was always the goofy one, the mood-maker. Beryl had a crush on Galatea and was always upset when I talked to her and we all made fun of him. …… Azot was a big eater and sometimes Noel would get mad at him for snacking…… Zash, who was unable to escape, would sometimes serve me food when I was on patrol, saying it was from back home. …… They all lived in this village. But …… I can’t see them anymore! They were good people! But they died because of me! And yet, everyone in the village says it wasn’t my fault. They say they’re lucky to have me as their lord. Even though it was my decision to lead them to their death.”

“I see ………”

I sob into her chest. She doesn’t comfort me that much, nor does she blame me. She is just listening to me. Crap, what a pathetic figure. It’s funny that I’m the lord of this place. Of course, I was prepared for people to die, but when I saw that someone I actually knew died, my heart was almost overwhelmed with regret and guilt.

But everyone said it wasn’t my fault. In fact, they said that it was thanks to me that the damage was limited to this level. Well, I’m glad. I don’t need to use the World Library to know that the people are really saying that. ……

The four people who died were probably prepared to die when I told them it was going to be a battle. So this is just a matter of my heart. And there will be times in the future when I will have to make decisions that affect the life and death of people like this.

It is an unavoidable path for a lord. However, …… what was painful was painful. Even if you know it in your heart, it’ll still be painful.

“You did your best, Grace. Yes, you really tried. …… So cry a lot, let out your weaknesses a lot. You and I are the only ones here.”

She just listens to my story and hugs me gently and I just love her. No matter how much I did, I’m not a lord, I’m just Grace Vermillion and I cried endlessly at her chest.

“Ah, thanks ……. that helped.”

“Yes, I’m glad.”

After crying endlessly at her chest, I finally raised my head and looked at her. She is wearing a lovely lace nightgown and her bosom is covered with a fuzzy pattern. Her chest was so over emphasized that it felt weird to think my face was on it just earlier.

“So… do you want to ……?”


Do you mean …… training? No, it’s not a situation where that kind of thing is brought up. She’s staring at me, shaking her face which red all the way to her ears.

I know it takes a lot of courage for a woman to ask for something like that. So I don’t try to tease her or anything.

“That… right now, I’m weak, so I think I’ll ruin it. So… I want to be the one to invite you to do that …… Is that fine?”

“Well, that’s fine……”

It’s not that I’m not aware of the fact that Vigna looked a little disappointed. It’s not an apology, but I hugged her gently and whispered in her ear.

“Thank you, Vigna. …… I love you.”

“Yes, I love you too. My Grace …….”

She hugs me back, which emphasizes the softness of her breasts and the gentle and cute girlfriend from earlier becomes even more adorable.

It makes me feel weird, so I asked her boldly.

“Umm, Vigna… it’s cool, but I want to do it after all…”

“You……, well, that’s just like you…..”

Then she giggled and put her lips on mine. ……

The next morning, I tried not to wake Vigna, who was sleeping next to me and put her messy clothes on a hanger. She seems to be asleep now.

I can’t help but smile as I remember what happened yesterday. She was so cute. …… As I think about this, I notice something hard in my clothes.

“By the way, I got a Souzi relic…”

I opened the box I received and found a piece of metal in some strange shape. Is it an alloy again? As I thought about it, I used the world library. The voice echoed after a long time.

“You have been exposed to the knowledge of another world. A portion of your knowledge is now unlocked.”

With a familiar voice, the knowledge came in.


Fragment of a steam pump

A pump that uses the power of a steam engine. It’s possible to use the power of steam to suck up water with a force that is unthinkable with human power.

Steam engine

Part of a heat engine that converts pressure energy from steam generated in some way into mechanical work.


Steam ……? It’s a type of heat engine that converts the pressure energy of steam generated in some way into mechanical work. …… I remember reading in a book that when you use the power of flowing water, you can lift things with incredible strength. In the case of the noblemen, they use magic to get by, so there hasn’t been much research on it. …… I guess it’s the same kind of power.

The only one who can use magic in our house is Vigna. It’s nice to discover a power source other than magic. I’m going to teach it to Bowman and the others later so they can experiment with it.

“Grace…… good morning.”

“Oh, good morning. We’re all going to be resting today anyway, so why don’t you just stay in bed?”

“That’s not how it works. …… What if Noel or someone comes in? What time is it?”

“Geez, it’s already ten o’clock.. …… Oh, by the way, she hasn’t come yet. ……”

This is the time when Noel or Galatea would usually come to tell me that breakfast is ready. …… I have an absurdly bad feeling about this.

Perhaps Vigna felt the same way. We hurriedly changed our clothes and headed to the cafeteria.

“Good morning, Noel.

“Good morning Grace-sama, Vigna-san ……. I’ll have breakfast ready for you in a moment.”

When she said that, she looked at me and Vigna alternately, straightened her face and quickly returned to the kitchen. When I saw Galatea in the cafeteria, she called out with great fun.

“I was looking forward to last night, Master, Vigna-san.”

“Yeah, it was a good party, wasn’t it, Vigna?”

“Yes, it was. ……”

We were sweating coldly, but we answered appropriately. Please tell me you’re referring to the banquet. …… Please tell me I’m right!

“I congratulate you both on your future. However, it’s bad for Noel’s education, so I’m going to be waking master up in the future.”

“Did Noel see…?”

“Uh…… I want to die ……”

“Fufufu, today’s menu is red rice, Master.”

In response to Galatea’s words, Vigna and I covered our faces in shame. What is red rice?

“You have gained information because the degree of understanding of the other world has improved. Red rice is a dish in the other word that is eaten when happy.”

It’s so noisy! I was holding my head while taking a sneak peek into the world library which teaches information about the different worlds at a strange time.

However, when I saw Galatea laughing and Noel looking at me shyly, I thought that I was able to keep this peaceful life and my heart mysteriously lightened up.


Territory Information

Number of inhabitants: 24

Otherworldly Comprehension Level 4

(Able to understand what things they touch and how to handle them, and how they can be used if they are medium level when they touch raw materials)

Technology: Cast iron technology from another world

Awareness of the existence of guns → Understanding of the basic structure of guns → Able to create simple objects

Awareness of the existence of robots

Knowledge of fertilizer

Knowledge of aluminum → Able to create and process aluminum.

How to make alloys

Able to create super mithril alloys.

How to make and process rubber.

Awareness of the existence of steam pump

Understand the existence of steam.

Understanding the existence of red rice

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