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Chapter 89: Proposal

“Zero, you’re weak to lightning even though lightning is your best weapon.』\ (Ygg)

“That’s true… I’ve never seen anyone use lightning magic besides Ziel and me.”

That’s what I was told when I was being beaten up by Ziel in a midnight training session on the day of the strategy meeting.

“Isn’t Sophie able to use it?』\

“I’ll go ask her.”

Then I went to talk to Sophie, who was doing some kind of meditation.

“Sorry, do you have a minute?”

“Yes, what is it?”


“You can’t use lightning magic yet, can you?”

“No, I can’t use it yet.”

“Why don’t I teach you?”

She looked down a little and started thinking. I’m not sure what to do.

“Can you teach lightning magic, Zero niisama?”


I had acquired thunder magic since I was born because of some goddess (lol). So I don’t know how to get it.

“If that’s the case I’ll teach you』\

Zeal said, deactivating his mode of invisibility to everyone but me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’ll be good for Zero later.”

“Please take care of me.”


Ziel then began to teach Sophie lightning magic. I’ve got some free time on my hands, so I think I’ll imitate Sophie and meditate.

“I’ll give you a lesson, Zero-Kun!』\


“Let’s go!』\

“Wait! Lightning enchantment! Light enchantment!”

Ygg came at me without saying a word. I hurriedly did a double enchantment focusing on speed.

“After all, Zero-Kun has good reflexes!”



Oh no…this is dangerous. Compared to Ziel, her attacks are wider, so there are gaps. But she’s not as good at holding back as Ziel, so just one hit is enough to break my bones. And when she attacks, her speed slows down as if she’s going easy, but the movements before the attack are so fast that I can barely follow them with my eyes. I don’t even have time to talk anymore.

“Wow! I didn’t hit you at all! I can’t wait to use my magic too!”

I’m sorry I don’t have enough magic power to give to Ygg yet. But for now, her not being able to use magic is a big help. And with bird’s eye view, I can see Ziel looking at me and laughing. Stop laughing! And since Sophie can’t see Ygg, she’s looking worriedly at me as I move about. If you’re going to look at me like you’re worried, just stop…

I can’t… 


“I did my best!”

“Good work, Zero-kun!』\

About an hour has passed since I started the mysterious training of continuously avoiding Ygg’s attacks. I needed to take a break every 10 minutes because I couldn’t sustain double enchantment for an hour. I was expecting to get some kind of new title, but I didn’t get it.

“I’ve acquired lightning magic.”


And in this one hour alone, Sophie had acquired lightning magic. Sophie said she’d been specially trained to acquire thunder magic before, but it’s still too early. Is Ziel’s teaching good, or is Sophie amazing? I’m sure it’s both.

“Okay! Now I and Sophia will shoot you with thunder magic.』\

“Hey! I’m exhausted, as you can see!”

“That’s just fine. You don’t have to move, so it’ll be easy.”

That said, Sophie and Zeal took some distance from me and prepared to cast magic. Did Ziel discuss this with Sophie previously, she’s getting ready to release her magic without saying anything?

“Roar! Thunderball!”

“Black Lightning!”

“No! That’ll kill me!”

Sophie’s thunderball hit me, but Ziel’s black lightning was extinguished by swinging the sword at my waist.

“Hey, what’s the point if you slash it?”

“Yours will kill me!”

I was so scared that I had to retort. The magic that wiped out those orcs without a trace was indeed too much to receive while defenseless.

“I’ve adjusted it so that it won’t kill you! Besides, it’ll do you good to take this.”

“All right! Recovery enchantment! Ice enchantment!”

Ziel’s words “I have” were credible, so I decided to double enchant and take the black lightning.

“Roar! Thunderball!”

“Black Lightning!”

” …….”

I felt like I was being stabbed lightly with needles all over my body, but I’m sure I’m not going to die as Ziel said. 

“We’re still going.” (Ygg)

“Aah! Already! All right! Bring it on!”

Since it’s like this I won’t give up! I’ll take as many as I can until Ziel says something good!

“Thunderball! Thunderball!”

“Black Lightning.”


“Thunderball! Thunderball!”

“Black Lightning.”


“Thunderball! Thunderball!”

“Black Lightning. “

“Aa… hmm?”

After the fourth time, the feel of the lightning changed. It felt as if the needles that were hitting my body were melting into me.


・Lightning Absorption Lv.1 has been acquired.

“Lightning rod acquired.”

“Roar! Thunderball!”

“Black lightning!”

“Hold on!”

I was listening to the announcement and failed to say stop, so their spells were released.


But this time, the fifth time, there was no pain at all from the impact. In fact, it felt as if my whole body was being massaged.

“Oh! Looks like you’ve got something. What did you get?”

“Lightning absorption.”

I kept the title hidden because it wasn’t meant to be acquired so easily.

“You got absorption instead of resistance …” (Ziel)

“Then let’s check the absorption efficiency.” (Sophie)

This time, Sophie decided I should display my status in front of me and measure how much I could absorb. Whoa! Lightning absorption seems to be a unique skill.

“Roar! Thunderball!”

“Oh, I gained 2 MP.”

“My MP has been reduced by 4.”

Apparently, in the current state, it can absorb half of the magic power used for the lightning magic that was released.

“And my thunder magic went toward Zero niisama without permission. Is that also an effect of lightning absorption?”

“Wait a minute.”

I hastily checked the effect of the lightning rod title.

[Lightning Rod]

・It is a title given to those who have been exposed to lightning many times.

[Effect] All lightning in a 50-meter radius will be drawn to you.

“It’s like a lightning-absorbing effect.”


“That’s right.”

Dangerous. It became a good title as a result because I was able to acquire lightning absorption. However, if there’s no lightning absorption, it’s a title that has only disadvantages. If there are still other titles like this, I’m starting to feel a little better about only being able to set 30. 

Well, I told Sophie that it was a lightning absorption effect, and it’s a good title for me, so I removed Wolf Killer and set this title. But I’ve never seen lightning magic used by anyone other than me, Sophie, and Zeal, so I’m not sure if there’s any use for it.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 89”

  1. Wait so now she can transfer her mana to him at a rate of 2:1 just by firing a spell to within a 50 meter radius of him. If the absorb rate improves as he lvls the skill this would open so many options for them given her mana storage ability. She could become his portable charger!

  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    Does mc realize he’ll be a festive attraction during a thunderstorm?

    “You got absorption instead of resistance …”
    i had the same retort lol

    So the main question is ,does mc also get a massage like feeling like Ygg?

      1. He had the resistance skill, level 1, from the start, but he couldn’t raise it before due to lack of opportunity to be hit by it again. It would be more expected to raise the resistance than to get the absorption. On the other hand the visit to spirit residential area has stopped being dangerous now, isn’t it right?

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