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Chapter 6: Reason

"Dear! Zero doesn't seem to understand, so explain!"

"Oh! That's right!"

My dad said that and put me down.

"First this is the status when Andrei and Judson were 5 years old, same as Zero."

Having said that, he showed me the status of the eldest son Andrei and second son Judson at that time.

[Name] Andrei Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 5


[Level] 1

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 10/10

[Attack] 18

[Defense] 18

[Agility] 13

[Magic Attack] 7

[Magic Defense] 7

[Intelligence] 7


・Swordsmanship Lv.1

[Name] Judson Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 5

[Level] 1

[HP] 30/30

[MP] 40/40

[Attack] 8

[Defense] 8

[Agility] 8


[Magic Attack] 10

[Magic Defense] 10

[Intelligence] 20

【skill 】

・ Arithmetic Lv.5 ・Etiquette Lv.3


・ Clarity

"Ohh ..."

Even though they’re brothers, they’re clearly different ...

The eldest son is a muscle brain and the second son is smart.

The eldest is suitable for combat and the second son is more suited for being a scholar.

"And do you know how your status is different from Sophie's?"

I didn't really understand so Sophie gave the answer.

"Do you mean that everyone’s status is biased?"

"Yes! That's right! There was always a bias towards either strength or magic!"

Well, it’s true. However, if there’s a bias, you won’t be dexterous.

"Well, the status is usually biased. Those not biased are an overwhelming minority. And it's quite rare to have an extremely clean split like zero."

I'm glad to hear that something I have is rare.

"I haven't taught you the unique skills of our family yet, have I?"


I made eye contact with Sophie and we both nodded our heads in agreement that we didn't know..

"The unique skill of our family is enchantment!"


"'Yes, that's right. Enchanting is the process of adding magic to oneself.”

When I asked for details, I was told if you give yourself a fire attribute, your attack goes up, if you give yourself a wind attribute, your agility goes up, if you give yourself an earth attribute, your defense goes up, and if you give yourself a water attribute, your attack, defense, and agility all go up by little.

"Wow ..."

I'm excited to think of what will happen if I give myself my rare thunder attribute ...

"That's why It’s better if both strength and magic are equally good."

Huh? Then what about Sophie? Can she learn it? I thought, then I looked at Sophie.

"Zero ni-san! That's amazing!"

It was as if she didn't care.

"it's not that hard to learn, Andrei has already learned it."

"He has?"

I was worried about my sister, but it seems that my fears were unfounded.

"But I haven't mastered it yet ..."

My eldest brother is a complete muscle brain when you look at his status ... Enchantments related to magic don't seem to be his strong point.

"That's why I'm going to be particularly strict with zero!"


"Good resolve!"

It didn't take long for me to regret accepting it without asking what kind of training It was.

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