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Chapter 7: Introduction

” Read this in half a year and understand it! I’ll do a light test every month, so don’t skip it!”

With that said, my mother left me and Sophie with about three thick books. It’s certainly not easy, but since I’ve been reading fairy tales until now, I’m looking forward to reading magic and other things cause I couldn’t touch them previously.

“Zero this too”


That said, he put a thick book on top.

“I’ll test every month to see if you can make the movements here.”


“Then do your best!”

That said, he left the room. It seems only I have so much work…

“Brother, are you okay?”

“I’m okay”

“I’ll teach the magic ones to you, so you can prioritize this one!”

She held out the one my father had left behind.

“Thank you…”

I’m so lucky to have my sister …

Three years passed in a blink of an eye as I worked while saying so.

“Su…, status …”

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 8

[Level] 1

[HP] 40/40

[MP] 40/40

[Attack] 14

[Defense] 10

[Agility] 14

[Magic Attack] 14

[Magic Defense] 10

[Intelligence] 14


・ Arithmetic Lv.6 ・ Etiquette Lv.4 (2UP) ・ Crisis detection Lv.2

・ Swordsmanship Lv.1 ・ Martial arts Lv.3 (1UP) ・ Throwing Lv.3

・ Fire magic Lv.1 (New)・ Wind magic Lv.1 (New)

・ Water magic Lv.1 (New) ・ Lightning resistance Lv.1

・ Magic operation Lv.4 (2UP)

[Unique skill]

・ Thunder magic Lv.1 ・ High-speed refllex Lv.5・ Disguised Lv.MAX

・ Enchantment (New)

[Extra skills]

・ [Title] Collection

【 】title?

・ Reincarnated

・ Rare magic user


・ Child prodigy

・ Nine deaths

・ Ikki Tousen

・Hyakusen Hyakukatsu (New)

・Insect killer

{TN: Hyakusen Hyakukatsu, one hundred wins in a hundred battles}

“It’s been so long …”

Finally, tomorrow, training with adventurers will begin. It was difficult every day cause I had to learn the enchantments before then …

I learned it and found out that enchantment seems to be a skill without level. Its effect seems to depend on the skill level of the original magic used.

I had acquired 100 battles and 100 wins when I noticed. It’s probably because I killed bugs again. The effect is that that your luck in games will increase, it sounds as sketchy as ever.

Kon kon

“Come in”

“Excuse me”

I already knew who It was, so I called out without confirming.

“Thank you for your hard work, brother.”

“You too”

It was Sophie who came as expected. Or rather, when I was eight, I and Sophie got one room each. But less than a month later, Sophie always came to my room before going to bed.

“No. It wasn’t as hard as Zero’s.”

“Maybe so …”

Even if I tried my best, I couldn’t remember earth magic. It seems that everybody has magic that he’s not good at, but couldn’t it be because the earth attribute is incompatible with the thunder attribute?

At this point, Sophie has already acquired the basic attributes of fire, water, wind, and soil. She will also learn rare magic soon.

“I’m looking forward to the training tomorrow.”

“Yeah … that’s right.”

Sophie sits on my bed and talks to me.

She has the best of father and mother in her looks, and even when she’s taken to the city by mother, everyone is fascinated by her well-organized face. I’m about 8 years old due to the influence of my body age, so I get nervous when she approaches me so defenseless.

“Fufu … Then good night ni-san.”

“Good night”

She laughed a little and left the room as if she knew what I was thinking. We always talk just the two of us before going to bed. I hope this kind of daily life will continue.

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