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Chapter 5: 5 years old

“Come on, let’s go”


Today is my 5th birthday. I’m supposed to go to the church today. The reason is so I’ll be able to see my status for the first time there. It seems that ordinary children can’t help but look forward to it, but I already know mine, so I’m not looking forward to it. We got on a carriage and we went to the church.

“Adolfo-sama, we’ve been expecting you”

“Please attend to these two.”


I was already taught how to do it, so I knelt in front of the image of the gods and prayed. Looking at the image of the goddess in the middle, it seems that she’s a pretty important god. Should I treat her more politely?

“”Thank you very much””

“No. Please come again.”

The task was just to pray, so it ended early.

“Hurry up! Show me your status!”

“Mother. Let’s take a look at it when we get home.”

“Well, alright …”

I soothe my sometimes childish mother. And in the meantime, I disguised my skills and titles.

“Hurry up and show me your status!”


I’ve been researching it, so I know the average, but I don’t know the level of my family, so it’s helpful for Sophie to show hers first.

“Status open!”

[Name] Sophia Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 5

[Level] 1

[HP] 30/30

[MP] 50/50

[Attack] 9

[Defense] 9

[Agility] 9

[Magic Attack] 17

[Magic Defense] 16

[Intelligence] 17


・ Arithmetic Lv.2 ・ Etiquette Lv.2 ・ Stealth Lv.1


・ Natural talent

“Wow! Wow! Sophie is so suited for magic!”


Sad news. I’m losing out on status totals to my sister…

I mean, 60 is the average total value from attack to intelligence, but she’s lightly exceeding it as a matter of course…

And what the hell? What’s with that “Natural talent”? I want it too! I’m sure she’s been stalking me for a while now, so she acquired the stealth skill.

“Okay next zero!”


“Status open …”

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 5

[Level] 1

[HP] 40/40

[MP] 40/40

[Attack] 14

[Defense] 10

[Agility] 14

[Magic Attack] 14

[Magic Defense] 10

[Intelligence] 14


・ Arithmetic Lv.2 《Lv.6》 ・ Etiquette Lv.2

《・ Crisis detection Lv.2 》《・Swordsmanship Lv.1》 《・Martial arts Lv.2》

・Throwing Lv.1 《Lv.3》 《・Lightning resistance Lv.1》

《・ Magic manipulationLv.2》

[Unique skill]

《・Thunder magic Lv.1》 《・High-speed reflex Lv.5》

《・Disguised Lv.MAX》

[Extra skills]

《・[Title] Collection》


《・Reincarnated person》

《・Rare magic user》



《・Nine deaths and a lifetime》

《・Ikki Tousen》

《・Insect killer》



My mother froze while looking at my status.

I disguised my skills by referring to Sophie’s status. And my mother told Sophie that it was very rare to have a title at this age, so I disguised all the titles. She shouldn’t be able to see the parts surrounded by << >>. I’m checking if I hid it properly, but it should be okay …

“You !!!”


My mother hurriedly went to call my father. I can only be depressed. Sophie is smiling at me. So cute…


“Zero! Show your status to Graham!”

“Yes …”

By the way, Graham is my father’s name. I don’t know what’s going on, but I made up my mind and showed him my status.

“You…you …”


“Well done! My son!”


I was suddenly held in his arms and lifted up, so I let out a strange voice.

“I’m glad. Zero ni-san !!”

What the hell is going on …

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