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Chapter 45: Shopping

” Wallace-san! Good morning!”

“Oh, good morning”

Five days passed quickly as I was relaxing at home, and for those five days, I was doing mock battles with Sophie and reviewing the mock battle with Wallace-san and the others.  Huh? Does this count as relaxing at home?

“OK! Then Zeros, let’s go”

“Eh? But …”

“It’s all good”

Even though we came together, I was taken by Wallace and Gardner, and the women’s group remained there.

“What you’ll need is different for men and women.”

“I see…”

Certainly, women will need more.

“Do you have a magic pouch?”

“I do”

The magic pouch is the bag that the knight captain used when he stored the orc. I bought two for me and Sophie because it was convenient when hunting monsters.

“How much capacity?”

“It’s 5 cubic meters.”

“Good enough!”

From there, I was guided to various shops and bought tents and magic tools to make a fire. By the way, magic tools are similar to electrical appliances that use magic stones instead of batteries. However, there are also combat items that can attack monsters so they become expensive magic tools.

“Is your weapon cheap?”

“Well … it’s not expensive …”

I didn’t want to buy an expensive weapon. When I tried to buy something that was expensive and seemed to have a good sharpness, Sophie told me that it was fake, I haven’t tried to buy anything expensive since then. I don’t know if the sword was really fake, but I was scared after being told that.

“By the time you reach C rank, you may need a spare sword, so it’s worth buying one?”


Isn’t there a set of legendary swords stuck in a rock somewhere? That would be great cause I won’t have to buy them and they’ll perform well.

“By the way, what’s your party’s rank?”

“We’re A rank”


“And we’ll be S rank soon!”


I thought it was B rank or A rank, but I didn’t imagine they’d be S rank soon.

From there, I bought food that had a long shelf life and was lightly eaten and wandered around the city while being taught about delicious restaurants and rip-offs.

Then it was evening, so we went to the guild, which was also our meeting place in the morning.

“It looks like the women’s group isn’t there yet …”


“Then shall we have a mock battle at the training center?”


Then, for less than an hour, Wallace and Gardner had a mock battle with me. During the training, I was taught swordsmanship and how to parry an attack.

“You were here after all!”


I was surprised by Tira-san who appeared suddenly as usual.

“Everyone’s already here!”

“Oh! We’re coming.”

The women’s group seemed to have arrived as well, so we ended the mock battle and moved to the front of the guild.

“You weren’t surprised by Tira?”

Wallace and Gardner weren’t particularly surprised when Tira suddenly appeared, so I asked them a question.

“”already used to it””

Well, even if she appears suddenly, you’ll get used to it if it’s done hundreds of times?

“It’s getting dark so let’s break up”


“See you soon!”

“Thank you for today!”

Then, as before, I sent off Shana and headed home.

“What did you buy?”

“Cooking utensils”

“is that so”

I didn’t buy cooking utensils, so I wonder if Wallace and his friends decided what we would buy in advance.

And I don’t think it would take that long just to buy cooking utensils, so I’m curious about the cooking tools and stuff, but I think Sophie is telling me not to ask, so I won’t.

And tomorrow is finally the acceptance day! I wonder if I can beat Sophie and Shana’s score.

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  1. Man his whole life is controlled by his sister, it just feels weird like he has no free will. I really wish he would stand up to her for once.

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