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Chapter 39: Rank Up Exam Shana Edition

"This is the training ground!"


The training ground is surprisingly large, it seems it’s as large as a soccer field.

"Warm-up before the guild staff comes!"


As I was told, I ran for 15 minutes until the guild staff came to warm my body.

"Sorry for the wait"

"Guild chief!"


Wallace got flustered when he saw the person who appeared at the training ground. The person said to be the guild chief looks like a beautiful young blonde. However, what’s her actual age?


"Oh ... good reaction"

While I was thinking about the actual age of the guild chief, I suddenly sensed a crisis from behind and reflexively kicked back. However, the kick was grabbed by the guild chief with one hand.

"But isn’t it rude to think about a woman’s age?"

(nod nod nod!)

"What a fluffy child ..."

She said that and let go of my foot. I thought I'd die depending on my response? I was seriously scared, I hadn't taken my eyes off her, but when I came to, she was right behind me.

"Who will do the test first?"


"Who's second?"

"It's me"

"Then I guess the rude one will be the last."

The guild chief asks for our turns and writes them on a piece of paper. And is she still holding a grudge? She decided I was last without letting me say anything. Well, if I’m going to do it, I’d rather be last of first so it's okay.

"Then I'll ask Tira for Shina-chan."


The guild chief chose and the opponent was decided. And since we’re registered as adventurers, not aristocrats, the guild chief calls Shana normally.

"Then are you ready?"



"Then start!"


The moment it started, Shana went on the offensive. And in the rank-up test, the weapon she uses is a normal weapon with a blade. Of course, if it causes a fatal injury to the other party, you'll have to stop.

"Chains... that's an unusual thing to use.”

Tira-san easily dodged the chain that I had trouble with when it wrapped around my leg. She took out some kind of knife and stabbed it into the ground through a gap in the chain. But Shana's judgment was quick, and as soon as she couldn't get the chain to move, she abandoned it.

"Then I'll show you some real stealth."


The moment Tira said that I couldn't help but scream. The knife that Shana had thrown slipped through Tira.

Shana seemed to be surprised by that. And from that point on, whether Shana used a weapon or magic, it all slipped through Tira-san.

"Yes, done"

"I give up…"

"That’s it"

Then Tira, who should be in front, suddenly appeared from behind Shana and put a knife on her neck.

"'Shana-chan's stealth is so good it's hard to believe that you’re twelve. Still, you can't just hide your presence, you have to make people think you're there when you're not. You have to create what we call a decoy."


"Also, you have to stay alert throughout the battle. It's too late when you see them slip through. You have to watch what happens during the battle.”



And Tira, who won, is giving Shana advice on what she did wrong. And after about ten minutes of advice and a little lecture, it was Sophie's turn.

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