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Chapter 259: The Competition Begins

“It starts tomorrow, doesn't it?”

“Yes, it does."

I'm in the middle of a conversation with Sophie in my room. It hasn't been long since we came back to the capital, and tomorrow the preliminary round of the school tournament will begin.

“Do you think we can win the preliminary round?"

“With those five, we should have no problem; we'll probably end up winning four games in a row.”

Just like last year, only the captain has three points to win, the others have one. In other words, if the four competitors before Bequa win four in a row, victory is already decided. Then, since victory is already decided, Bequa won’t have to fight. Last year, Bequa and I fought by mutual consent, but usually we don't fight if the winner is already decided. Bequa was shocked when he realized this later. But he didn't say he wanted to stop being a captain.

"You no longer lose in mock battles, nii-sama.”

“Except for when I’m fighting you, Sophie.”


The technique of parrying, which the old man taught me, is quite useful. I’ve had about ten mock fights with Bequa since I came back and I haven’t lost once. However, although I have become able to parry an attack with a little reinforcement, there are more times when I cannot do it well when I reinforce it with all my strength. So I’m now practicing to be able to parry even during full strength.

Incidentally, this technique isn’t at all useful against Sophie. Sophie, who knows that I’ll be able to parry, will make an attack that I cannot parry. In other words, she’s now using more magic than ever. There’s no time to parry at all anymore. Magic runs out before I can parry.

“We don't have a match, but we do have the opening ceremony, so let's go to bed early.”

“I agree.”

Tomorrow, the first match will be held after the opening ceremony. This is to shorten the number of days.

By the way, the matchup table is as follows.

Day 1

Morning Kingdom of Lingaria vs. Military Country Galatein

Afternoon: Anatite Mining Kingdom vs. Holy Taglion

Third day

Morning: Kingdom of Lingaria vs Anatite Mining Kingdom

Afternoon: Holy Taglion vs. Military Country of Galatein

Final Day

Morning Anatite Mining Kingdom vs Military Country of Galatein

Afternoon Kingdom of Lingaria vs Holy Taglion

The representative competition are the same as last year, with a day off after the games.

And it’s the afternoon of the last day when we fight the Holy Taglion with the heroes. That means it will be the last time for the national team to fight.

“From now on! The opening ceremony is about to begin!”

The next day, the opening ceremony began. The flow was the same as last year. The only difference was that we were the last to enter. In the pledge of allegiance, I simply said, "I’ll win again this year”. After that, the rules of the survival game hadn’t been announced yet, and it was straight into the preliminary round.

“Day one, morning session! Winner! The Kingdom of Lingaria!”

“The winner of the morning session of the third day! Winner! Kingdom of Lingaria!”


Both day one and day three were straight up victories, four in a row. We were watching from the bleachers. Normally, there are spectator seats for reserve competitors, but we dared to watch from the normal spectator seats. But we were so lightly clandestine that it would have been obvious that we were competitors.

“Let's begin the afternoon portion of the final day of the preliminary round!"

And so began the final representative match against the Holy Taglion. So far, Holy Taglion had lost two consecutive games. By the way, the Military Country of Galatein is 2-1, and the Anatite mining nation is 1-2. If we win here, the Kingdom of Lingaria will be in first place with three wins, and Sacred Taglion will be in fourth place with three losses.


“I know.”

There was a good reason why we were using the regular bleachers, even if it was undercover. But it turned out to be pointless.

“Ah! Zeros-sama, what a coincidence. It’s been a year, hasn’t it? That’s a long time.”

“If it’s really a coincidence, it must be a fateful encounter.”

“Oh, dear.”

A Saint came to me and Sophie.  Behind her were very shady people. I wondered if this person was cloaking these four people. Unusually people in the audience didn't seem to notice the saint. And by the way, maybe she's also escorting the four of them.

Huh...we came all the way here because we didn’t want to meet the saint and the heroes, so why are they coming here in such a straight line manner.

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