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Chapter 247: An Explanation to Sophie

"Oh, Nii-sama! It's been a long time!”


When I got home and entered my room, Dia stormed inside with a flustered look. She then prostrated as if sliding into the Suiyami at my waist. There was no response from Bros to that. That made Dia sit on the ground while shaking the whole time.

“Hey, Bros. Say something to her. 』

“Hey, comrade! 』

“Hmm? 』

“What do you want me to say! 』



I didn't think Bros would say he didn't know how to talk to his sister.

“This is the 25th time my sister has spoken to me! How could I possibly know how to talk to her! 』


There's a lot to tweak.... First of all, you can't count this as being spoken to, can you? She’s just apologizing and being completely frightened.

And secondly, don't count the number of times you've been spoken to. And it's pretty low. I think I've been spoken to a thousand times by Sophie.

“Anyway, you should get out of Suiyami. And tell Dia to raise her head and tell her you’re not mad about anything. 』

“But if she's in front of me, I'll get nervous... 』

“Just get out. 』

I began to feel sorry for Dia, who was still trembling, so I forced Bros out of the sword. I'm certain we'll be repeating this exchange for a long time if I don't do something about it.

“Oh, Nii-sama.....”

“Sister… No… Dia, I have no intention of blaming you for having signed this contract without my permission.”

“Oh, thank you!”

No...you’re too serious while talking to your sister. Isn't that why she’s so scared of you?

"It's been a long time, Devil King."

“You've done well, escorting Dia.”

“No, not at all.”

As Dia was getting off her knees, Shifa also entered the room. Then she got down on one knee and bowed to Bros.

“Please take good care of Dia from now on, will you?”

“I’ve acknowledged your request.”

He spoke to Shifa more naturally than he did with Dia.

“How did brother make a contract with these two?”


“Oh, that... is...”

I noticed that Sophie also came into the room at about the same time as Shifa. But when I turned around again and looked at Sophie, I saw that Darki was having his tail stroked by Sophie, and he seemed to be feeling good. No...when did Darki leave Suikou...?

''If I know the details when you explain it to everyone tomorrow, I can follow up with them if they ask me something unexpected.”

“Oh, right.”

I was about to say that I would explain it in front of everyone tomorrow, but Sophie told me so first. It’ll be easier for me if I told Sophie about it in advance.

So, first of all, thanks to the material of the sword and the jade attached to it, the number of contracts could be increased, and the Devil King, who knew this, told the Beast King about it. Then, in order to save the devils and the beasts who were being contracted by the heroes, the two of them made a contract with me. I explained in detail.

“I see...so it was the power of the sword that made the contract possible?”

When I finished explaining, Sophie nodded her head as if she had understood something.

“For the time being, it would be better not to tell them that you made the contract with the power of the sword. I don't think there’s anyone in that group who would tell people's secrets without their permission, but it would be troublesome if someone had the skill to read their memories. If there’s such a person and he finds out about the sword, he will want to get it no matter what.”

“I see.”

It would be bad if they can read memories perfectly. If it is read as "I have a sword that can make a contract with spirits, devils, and beasts," there’ll surely be people who will want this sword even if they have to kill me.

"So, you were able to make a new contract with the kings using the power of the spirit king. And the contract was temporary to save the spirits from the heroes. Why don't we say that the sword will be amplified by the power of the spirits with whom it was contracted?"

No one knows about the power of the spirit king, so it would be fine. Also, it’s not a complete lie because Darki said it’s temporary. And the reason I couldn't use the sword at all in the beginning is because I didn't know how to use it.

"Alright. Let's go with that."

I knew it was the right thing to tell Sophie. I’d not been able to think this far ahead.




Sophie was about to say something, but stopped. Then she pretended to think about something.

“No, it's nothing.”


Sophie's reaction was that she had thought of a different explanation, but on second thought, it didn't work.

“If something unexpected happens, I'll follow up with you.”

“Thank you."

And so ended the meeting about what to say tomorrow. After that, Yug and Zeal came out from me, and we all had a light social event of sorts. That ended the day.

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