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Chapter 244: The Garden battle - Day 4 Previous

“From now on! We will now begin the final day of the battle for third place!"

Today is the fourth and final day of the competition. First, there will be the third-place match in the morning, followed by the final match between Sophie and me in the afternoon.

“The third-place match will begin with Bequa Luquiwell versus Claudia Areola!”

And immediately the third-place match between Bequa and Claudia began.

"Game over! Winner! Bequa Luquiwell!”

The result of the match was a victory for Bequa. To be honest, this was a matter of chemistry. Bequa could eliminate magic by punching, while Claudia, who had only magic as a decisive blow, could do nothing. Even so, Claudia didn’t give up, and managed to get to Bequa’s opening and inflict a wound. It was an interesting match to watch.

My match was in about an hour from now, so I had a light lunch and moved to the waiting room.

“Hey, man. I've been waiting for you.”


"Hey, Bequa, good job."

When I went to the waiting room, I found Bequa still sitting on a chair. Normally, he would have left by now, so I guess he was really waiting for me.

"Are those the only two swords you'll be using today?"


“Good for you.”

Bequa said that much and got up from his chair. He was only here to make sure of that?

“You beat me, so don't ever lose, okay?”

“Of course I'm going to win.”

Bequa said just before leaving the waiting room. I have no intention of losing.

“Let the final day decider begin!”

The crowd's cheers were the loudest in the park this year. It's the same card as last year. I could hear the excitement before the match, wondering if my sister Sophie would win again, or if me, Zeros would get my revenge this year.

“Zero-niisma, I’ve been thinking about what to do about this final since yesterday. And once I decided, I kept thinking about it until now."


Sophie said to me as I was about to ready my sword, as the match was about to start.

“And I‘ve decided. I'm going to crush you completely with all my strength. I’ll comfort you afterwards, so you can rest be assured about the aftercare.”

“I won't lose, so I don't need any aftercare.”

I don't know what Sophie was worried about, but as a result, it seems that she’s willing to fight with me for real.

I grabbed the grip of Suiyami and Suikou on my waist and readied myself to pull out at any moment.

“The deciding match! Zeros Adolfo versus Sophie Adolfo!”

"Raiden Armor, Raiden Enchantment..."



Just as I was about to perform the Raiden enchantment, Sophie shifted into my vicinity. This was completely unexpected. I didn't think she would use the limited-use enchantment the moment we started.

“Crisis High-Speed Sensing Lock.”


And then Sophie sealed my Crisis High-Speed Sensing. So...she wanted to get close to me first and seal my skills. Then this was to be expected. But more importantly, she locked the crisis high speed sensing? Not spirit user?


And then Sophie unleashed her magic at point-blank range. I thought later and tried to cut Sophie's magic once I pulled out the Suikou.


But right behind me, something exploded with a bang! The impact of this unexpected blow caused me to involuntarily roll over, and I was unable to slice through the inferno and was hit by it.

“Recovery double-half enchantment."

After the recovery enchantment, I hurriedly moved away from Sophie. Sophie didn't follow and rather Sophie moved away from me too.

“Devil possession.”

Then, just as I was trying to catch my breath, Sophie performed a devil possession.

“You already know why I blocked your high-speed crisis detection, don't you, Nii-sama?”


Sophie spoke a little louder than I could hear from one end of the stage to the other. The reason why Sophie has blocked my crisis high-speed sensing is to prevent me from using my divine speed reflex. I guess the reason she didn't directly block my divine speed reflex is because she can't block my extra skills.


My bird's eye view would be meaningless against magic fired in the immediate vicinity. In that case, I have no choice but to rely on the magic high-speed sensing. The high-speed magic sensing only tells me the magic power. I have to think for myself what kind of magic will be released with that magic power. That’s why the response is slower than that of crisis high-speed sensing. It’s a pain that the Crisis High-Speed Sensing is blocked.

I can't afford to be so generous with my magic. I pulled Suiyami out of its scabbard as well.

“Beastification, devil possession, spirit Yug enchantment.”

I changed the Raiden enchantment. I used three kings at the same time, but I didn't get any new titles.

“Nii-sama...you've become cute!”

“Leave me alone!"

Now I have fox ears and one fox tail. There’s definitely more in demand if it’s done to Sophie instead of me.

“Let's go then!"

“No, you can't come to me.”


Ignoring what Sophie said, I started running toward her. Sophie started to prepare her magic, but at this distance it wouldn't hit me.


Sophie released a spear of combined magic of fire, water, wind, earth, light, and gravity as it was. The spear itself was compressed by gravity magic, or perhaps it was of normal size. I ran and avoided it. I was on the lookout for it, but there was nothing special about it.


“Wasn't I right?”

I dodged the spear and tried to use lightning contraction to get to Sophie at once. The spear of the compound magic that I should have avoided earlier pierced through the Raiden armor and pierced my side. I fell to my knees, holding my side. Incidentally, the spear that pierced me stopped when it hit the ground.

“I aimed right at the heart, didn't I? It went to the wrong place because you suddenly did something strange.”

I hurriedly used recovery magic to heal the hole in my side and stood up.

And what was that earlier? I couldn't detect any magic, especially around me. And even with my overhead eye, I could see the spear flying out of range. And suddenly, it came close to me with its momentum intact. So, the only thing I can think of is Sifa's ability?

“But I won't miss next time.”

Sophie began to prepare dozens of the same magic in the air.

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