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Chapter 226: A Gift from the Goddess


As soon as Sophie found me, she came up to me.

“I was worried because you suddenly went somewhere!”


“I've told you many times, I'm worried about you, so please don't act on your own!”


This time, it was my fault for suddenly running out of the practice field, so I apologized honestly. I should apologize to everyone who was at the practice the next time I saw them.

“I'm off to church too."


After she finished her nagging, Sophie also headed for the church.

“Oh, and ask her what she said at the end of the conversation.”

“Alright. Please wait for me!”


I asked Sophie to get me the last message. Then I decided to take a look at my status while Sophie went to church. Now, what did that goddess give me?

Zeros Adolfo.

[Race] Lightning Beast Devil King.

[Age] 13

[Level] 1

[HP】 2760/2760

[MP】 2760/2760

[Attack】 1370

[Defense】 1196

[Agility] 1531

[Attack】 1246

[Defense】 1196

[Intelligence】 958


Arithmetic Lv.6, Courtesy Lv.3, Riding Lv.1, Demolition Lv.1

Throwing Lv.1, Covert Lv.3, Stealthy Foot Lv.3, Night Vision Lv.3

Killing Spirit Lv.2, Provocation Lv.2, Fire Magic Lv.3, Wind Magic Lv.1


Water Magic Lv.1, Earth Magic Lv.1, Recovery Magic Lv.3

Chant Omission Lv.1, Chantless Lv.1, Fire Resistance Lv.2

Wind resistance Lv.1, Water resistance Lv.1, Earth resistance Lv.1

Ice resistance Lv.3, Strike resistance Lv.4

Unique Skills

Crisis High-Speed Detection Lv.1, Sword Technique Lv.1, Martial Technique Lv.1

Can read minds Lv.1, ice magic Lv.2, light magic Lv.1

Spirit User Lv.1, Raiden Magic Lv.2

Lightning Suction Lv.1

Lightning Wear Lv.2, Lightning Chant Disable Lv.1, Perfect Disguise Lv.1

Enchant Double Enchant

Triple Enchant, Half Enchant

Enchantment: Magic Slash Lv.1, Lightning Shrink Lv.1, Multiple Thoughts Lv.1

Extra Skill

[Title] Collecting, Divine Speed Reflection Lv.1, Divine Lightning Lv.1


[Selected titles] (50/50)


Early maturity

Late Maturity

Beast Armor

Former Child Prodigy

Lower Rank


Lightning rod

Nine Deaths

A Hundred to One

A hundred battles


A heart to heart

Sleepless and uninterrupted

A bolt from the blue

Electric lightning

Gale-force lightning

Lightning Samurai

Electric lightning

Green cold light

A flash of purple lightning

Lightning bolt Attack

Lightning bolt

Raining clouds

Lightning Thunder

Bird’s Eye-view

Rare magic user

Combination Magic (New)

Fusion Magic

High level spirit user

The King of Spirits

One who is loved by spirits

One who possesses a spirit in his/her body.

One who has two spirits in his/her body.

The third time's the charm.

One who‘s a sister complex

One who’s more than a sister complex (New)

The Hater

Dragon Slayer

Wolf Killer

Natural enemy of insects

The Natural Enemy of Orcs

The demon king's pet.

The demon king's mate[Provisional[Rock[Curse]

Thunder Race

A new race.

One with multiple races.

God skill acquirer.

One with multiple God skills.

Excluded titles

Goblin Killer, Death Flag First Class Architect

“Huh? What's changed there?”

I thought it was a skill or a title because it's so much like a gift, but I didn't expect my race to have changed. Because of that, I didn't notice the change right away. But that's why there was a pain that seemed to rewrite my entire body from the inside out. If my race changed, then it makes sense that my whole body would change and ache.

“Hmmm ......"

The details of the race, by the way, it seems that the current race is [Lightning Man], [Lightning King], [Spirit Man], [Lightning Spirit Man], [Spirit Man King], [Lightning Man Beast], plus [Majin] and [Lightning Majin]. I have a lot of impurities in me, but it seems that I am now of the same race as Sophie.

“The only thing that has changed is my race.”

No matter how much I check, nothing has changed except for my race. If the race has changed, I would think that the other statuses should also change a little, but they haven't. Is it that the goddess only changed the race and forgot to change the status?


While I was thinking about this, Sophie came out of the church.

“What were you talking about?"

I asked Sophie as she walked toward me. I wanted to know what the goddess’s last words were.

“..... I couldn't tell her anything.”


“What did she mean by she wanted to see my older brother, but not me?"

Sophie is a little angry. Did she want to meet the goddess that badly?

“Who does she think she is, that she only meets nii-sama? Don't tell me she has impure feelings for you, Zero-niisama.....?"

No... who does she think she is? She’s a goddess, isn’t she? And by the way Sophie, you’re the one who has impure feelings for her brother...I wouldn't say such a thing because I'm afraid... Also, how low is the goddess in Sophie's mind?

“Oh, yes, Sophie!”


“Can you tell something's changed?"

I regretted my question as soon as I asked it. There was no way she could understand it. I mean, I’m a demon, but my appearance hasn't changed at all. This is a completely annoying her-like question.

"Has anything changed?"

“I'm sorry, how can I expect you to know? I'll explain..."

Then I explained that my race had changed, that the [Majin] and [Lightning Majin] had been added and I was now the same species as her.

“Is that so? That's good."


No...it's not that I wanted to be told, "That's great!”, but I wanted a more surprised reaction. I was a little happy to be of the same species as Sophie, but I was a little sad that she didn't seem to have that feeling.

“I didn't notice it because there was no change in your existence."


“Yes. I love my brother's existence, that is, his personality and soul. Of course, I love the outer vessel, but it’s a little weaker than the soul. But, therefore, I don't care about something as small as a change in the vessel.”

The outer vessel that Sophie is referring to must be my outer appearance or something like that. It seems that Sophie and I have quite a difference in the strength of our feelings.

But it's true that if she liked the way I looked, she wouldn't have liked me all the way from my previous life. Normally, I might consider this heavy, but on the contrary, I feel a little happy. Perhaps, though, Sophie is brainwashing me?

“So even if my brother's soul is somehow transformed into an inorganic substance, I can always find it, so don't worry!”

I think Sophie's confidence is honestly amazing. I would definitely search for Sophie's soul even if it was turned into an inorganic substance, but I don't think I can be confident that I can find it.... If I offended Sophie to the utmost, I’d never be turned into an inorganic substance and would be by her side all the time.

“You've had a lot going on today, so we've decided to disband. So let's go home now."

I certainly didn't want to go back to the practice field, but we had to disband. I guess it was half my fault that we had to disband. I have more things to apologize for. By the way, it's not our house, it's a house owned by the Adolfo family.

“Tell me what you heard from the goddess at the house. Together, just the two of us, we'll come up with a countermeasure. Of course you will help the spirits, right?"

“I’ll definitely help them."

I'm sure the goddess mixed me up with devils because she needed me to help the spirits, the beasts, and the devils. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the goddess said only I can help them.

Also, Sophie was very much emphasizing the fact that it was just the two of us. Did she want to be alone with me that badly?

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