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Chapter 219: Sword Making 2

Kink, kink, kink!

Gladden is striking what used to be a dark green dyed sword. Unlike the way swords are usually made, where the molten stuff is put into a mold and then pounded. I wondered why he was striking it, but he said he was increasing the density to make it heavier to my liking. By the way, I heard that my preferred weight is quite heavy for two swords.

Kink, kink, kink!

By the way, Gladden is tapping now, so we're taking a break. The other dwarves are supporting Gladden by pouring water on him. So I'm sitting on the couch with Sophie. I decide to take a look at my status while I'm at it.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo.

[Race] King of the Thunder Beast Spirits.

[Age] 13

[Level] 1


[HP】 2760/2760

[MP】 2760/2760

[Attack】 1370

[Defense】 1196

[Agility] 1531

[Attack】 1246

[Defense】 1196

[Intelligence】 958


Arithmetic Lv.6 (5UP), Courtesy Lv.3 (2UP)

Riding Lv.1, Demolition Lv.1, Throwing Lv.1, Covert Lv.3 (2UP)

Stealth Lv.3 (2UP), Night Vision Lv.3 (2UP)

Killing Spirit Lv.2 (1UP), Provocation Lv.2 (1UP)

Fire Magic Lv.3 (2UP), Wind Magic Lv.1, Water Magic Lv.1

Earth Magic Lv.1, Recovery Magic Lv.3 (2UP)

Chant Omitted Lv.1, Chantless Lv.1, Fire Resistance Lv.2 (up 1)

Wind resistance Lv.1, Water resistance Lv.1, Earth resistance Lv.1

Ice resistance Lv.3 (2UP), Strike resistance Lv.4 (3UP)

Unique Skills

Crisis High-Speed Detection Lv.1, Sword Technique Lv.1, Martial Technique Lv.1

Mind Reading Lv.1, Ice Magic Lv.2 (1-up), Light Magic Lv.1


Spiritual User Lv.1, Raiden Magic Lv.2 (1 up)

Lightning attraction Lv.2 (1 up), Lightning magic Lv.2 (1 up)

Lightning attraction Lv.1 / Lightning electric clothing Lv.2 (1 up)

Lightning Chant Disable Lv.1, Perfect Disguise Lv.1, Enchant

Double Enchant

Triple Enchant (New)

Half Enchant (New)

Magic Slash Lv.1, Lightning Shrink Lv.1, Multiple Thoughts Lv.1

Extra Skill

[Title] Collecting, Divine Speed Reflection Lv.1, Divine Lightning Lv.1

[Selected titles] (50/50)


Early maturity

Late Maturity

Beast Armor


Former Child Prodigy

Lower Rank


Lightning rod

Nine Deaths

A Hundred to One

A hundred battles


Heart to heart

Sleepless and uninterrupted

A bolt from the blue

Electric lightning

Gale-force lightning

Lightning Samurai

Electric lightning

Green cold light

A flash of purple lightning

Thunderbolt Attack


Raining clouds

Lightning Thunder

Bird’s Eye-view

Rare magic user

Combination Magic (New)

Fusion Magic

High level spirit user

The King of Spirits

One who is loved by spirits

One who possesses a spirit in his/her body.

One who has two spirits in his/her body.

The third time’s the charm.

One who‘s a sister complex

One who’s more than a sister complex (New)

The Hater

Dragon Slayer

Wolf Killer

Natural enemy of insects

The Natural Enemy of Orcs

The demon king's pet.

The demon king's mate[Provisional[Rock[Curse]

Thunder Race

A new race.

One with multiple races.

God skill acquirer.

One with multiple God skills.

Excluded titles

Goblin Killer, Death Flag First Class Architect


I’m trying my best to get my skill level back to where it was, but I can't seem to succeed at it. I can increase my skills in things like concealment, which I can use in daily life, but my magic and resistance skills aren’t growing very well. In such a situation, the growth of ice resistance and strike resistance is good, probably thanks to Bequa. It was worth taking the attack, although it was a little bit of a blow. But ice has a low priority among magic resistances.... There aren’t many users of ice magic....

Having finished looking at the skills, I looked at the details of the newly added titles.

[Combined Magic]

A title given to those who combine magic of different attributes.


  • Success rate of combined magic increased.
  • The power of combined magic is increased by 1.3 times.

The one who has surpassed the level of a siscon

This title is given to those who have gone beyond the realm of sister complex and have fallen in love with their younger sister or older sister as a member of the opposite sex.


  • Charm Resistance [UP]
  • All statuses are multiplied by 1.05 when the sister complex subject is within a 5 meter radius.

The combined magic is the one I acquired during my sibling fight with Sophie. The effect is simply a composite magic version of combined magic.

The problem is that the “more than a siscon”. I still don't love Sophie as the opposite sex. The downside of making it easier to collect [titles] has extended to this area as well. And the troublesome thing is that the effect isn’t bad. The charm resistance is usually appreciated, and I’m often near Sophie. So I have no choice but to include it in the normal titles of choice. And I have a feeling that Sophie is probably getting a brother complex version of this title. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a more dangerous title than this one.

"Does Sophie have the title of a brocon?"

“Yes, I do.”

“And do you have any other brocon titles?”

“Yes, I do.”

“By the way, how many titles do you have in the category of "Bro-con series"?”



I was absolutely stunned. I didn't think there were more than twice as many as I have in my title collection. Could it be that I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to sibling rivalry? Because just being near her raises her status even though we’re fighting. And what's with the three more bro-con related titles: ....... I'm curious but afraid to ask.

“Magic, please!”


At that moment, I heard a voice from Gladden. I quickly ended the conversation. And we poured magic into the furnace again.


"Phew...okay, let's get started on the second one!"

Gladden said this during the daytime on the third day of sword-making.

“Have you finished the second one yet?”

“You idiot! I can’t finish it that quickly!”

He had just finished working with the furnace. He was still far from finishing because he was going to sharpen it. In the afternoon, he started working on the second one.


“Yes, the second one is finished too!”

On the evening of the fifth day, the smelting process of the second sword was finished.

“Then can we go home?”

"You idiot! We're going to make the sheath now!”


That was it. I also needed a sheath. Gladden wanted to make the sheath as well, and he was going to use the leftover material from the sword. He said he would have to be creative because he was a little short on materials. From there, the process of pouring magical power into the furnace began again.


"Alright! The sheath is complete!

At midnight on the sixth day, two sheaths were completed. And this was only the end of the smelting furnace stage. He’s going to sharpen the surfaces now.

“I'll have it done in two weeks, you just wait and see!”

“Thank you."

Then I went home with Sophie, cleaned myself up with magic, and immediately went to sleep.

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