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Chapter 135 – Strange Orcs



My mind went blank as I faced the mysterious Pseudo-orc monster in front of me. However, I was able to calm down by Zeal calling out next to me. I don’t know what this monster is, but I’m sure it’s the cause of the massive outbreak of Orcs this time.

“Lightning, fire double  enchantment…!”

I sent a signal to Zeal with my eyes and started running straight ahead. I’ll be the one fighting in close combat and Zeal will be the one providing long range support from behind. For this reason, I can’t enchant Zeal. So I used a double enchantment that emphasized attack. I’ll use the Raiden Armor when this enchantment is not good enough for me due to my stamina.


But the orcs scattered apart. It’s not like they’re running away from me. They were looking at me from a certain distance.

“…Is this an invitation?”

The way he looks at me makes me feel as if he’s asking me to fight him one on one. How confident are you that you’ll win? Is it like that? No… I’m probably overthinking it.

“…Can  deal with them alone Zeal?”

“Of course.”

“Then take the right!”

“All right!”

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making it one on one, that’s better for me, so I decided to fight one on one. I ran to the orc on the left, opposite Zeal.



What I found out after my first attack was that I could definitely win one on one. Ikki Tousen is still active, so I have a higher status. This orc is not that experienced in fighting. My sword attacks also injure it because it guards with its arm.

“This is the final blow!”


And for about five minutes, I continued to slash the Pseudo-orc with my sword over and over again. The orc’s body was scarred in many places and his neck was defenseless because he moved to protect himself. Seizing the opportunity, I sliced off the Pseudo-Orc’s head. Then, I heard an announcement in my brain.


“Your level has increased.”

“Your level has increased.”

“You have earned the [title] Dragon Slayer.”

What? He’s a dragon? I think he’s more like a wyvern in color than a dragon.  It’s thanks to [Title]collection, this Orc-like monster may have something to do with dragons, although it made the acquisition easier. I hurriedly removed my insomnia skill and set Dragon Slayer. If you’re asking me why I chose to remove insomnia, it’s because I looked at the title and decided that I didn’t need it right now. I’m in a battle now, so I can’t waste time.



And now, two Pseudo-orc monsters attacked. When I glanced at Zeal who was outside the range of my bird’s-eye view, he was still fighting one Orc like monster. I decided to concentrate on the two Orcs, since it looked like Zeal could take down one monster himself if he had enough time. Or was it wrong to expect that they would fight one on one?

“Damn it…!”

I took a step back and drank an MP potion. Now I’m fighting five of these orcs. Since then, I’ve been fighting a group of two Orcs, then a group of three, then a group of four, then a group of five and so on. For some reason, they didn’t chase me once I got some distance from them. However, the moment I made even the slightest pretense of running away, they would surround me. I don’t know what they’re trying to do. By the way, Zeal is fighting two orc-like creatures. He was fighting while conserving my magic power and he was always watching me so that he could take care of me if I was in danger. It’s been about an hour since I defeated the orc and I don’t have an endless supply of MP potions, so I don’t know what to do… I was thinking of using the double enchantment of Zeal and lightning and the Raiden armor to take out everyone here at once.


A loud cry that made me cover my ears came from further into the forest. This wasn’t good, so I hurriedly recalled Zeal back inside me so that I could enchant him at any time.


“Hey, Yug!”

“It can’t be helped! If I don’t do this, Zero-kun will…”

Suddenly, a sharp pain struck me in my head as though I’d been hit with a blunt instrument. At that time, I heard Yug and Zeal arguing inside me, but I was desperate to endure the pain and couldn’t understand the content of their argument.

“Oh no…”

This was no time to be crouching here. The pain was easing little by little, so I hurriedly looked up. When I looked around, the Pseudo-Orc monsters were kneeling and bowing.


Then, from the depths of the forest, five red scaled Orcs, just over four meters in size, appeared. They were carrying a palanquin made of some kind of bone in bad taste, with a very fat orc on it. The orc was so fat that I didn’t even know if he could stand on his own anymore. These were the three scenes that had the greatest impact on me, but I wasn’t looking at them. My eyes were focused on the one walking beside it. The Orcs I had been fighting earlier and the five that appeared this time, looked like slightly fat pig-faced Orcs with scales and sharp claws on their hands and feet. However, the one I was looking at this time was different. His whole body, skinny and muscular, was covered in reddish-black scales. It also had a sharp tail like a dragon and a face like a dragon. It was exactly like a humanoid dragon.


The orc on the palanquin said something and the orc attacked the humanoid dragon at once.


He was killed by the humanoid dragon. I didn’t know what was going on. When I observed the humanoid dragon, I saw that it had traces of blood all over its body. But I couldn’t see any wounds.


At that moment, I had a hypothesis. Could it be that all the Orc Kings had been killed by this thing? That was my hypothesis. If you ask me why It would do such a thing, I can only say it was to raise his level. Monsters have levels. The higher their level, the stronger they become. I wonder how many thousands of orcs were sacrificed to raise the level of this humanoid dragon. And was the strange way of attacking me so far just to buy time for the humanoid dragon to level up?

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