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 Chapter 124: Sudden Change

“Inferno Bomb.”

After stopping for a few tens of seconds to prepare, Sophie unleashed a spell. It was the first time I’d seen this magic, but the effect seemed to be like an enhanced version of firebombing.


Then a snake monster about 20 meters long came out of the ground. However, the soil above the part where this monster was positioned was erased by Sophie’s magic, so it feels like it was taken out rather than coming out.

“Lightning, fire double enchantment, Raiden armor.”

And I went towards the snake as I had planned. The snake was just flailing around under Sophie’s magic and didn’t seem to notice me at all.



I was able to approach the snake without difficulty and cut off its head. I had to avoid the big body because it was spinning, but it was no problem at all. The power of Sophie’s magic was too strong. Even if left alone, the monster was almost burnt to the point of death. This might not be worth much as a material…


“Got it.”

Sophie seemed to know what I wanted just by calling her name and stowed the snake in her magic ring. Then we went back to the carriage after restoring the dented ground. It seemed that there might be some hollow places under the ground where the snake could have passed through, but the snake was about 10 meters below us, so it would be fine for a normal walk above the ground.

“Good Job.”

“Shana also worked hard.”

When I returned to the carriage, I found the four of them wide-eyed and surprised. The bokukko didn’t seem particularly surprised.

“Oh, um…”


Then the male adventurer spoke to me.

“Did you three participate in the inter-school tournament?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

It wasn’t something I was hiding or anything, so I answered honestly.

“Did you participate as the center, vice-captain and captain in the national team games?”


“I was the vice-captain.”

“I was the captain.”

“So, it’s you!”

Something suddenly made the boy’s tension rise sharply. I wondered what was wrong with him.

“I’m sorry for being so cocky until now! I know I was out of hand, but I’ve been a fan since the inter-school tournament! Could you please shake my hand?”


It’s a really amazing flip. His eyes were sparkling so much that it was like his previous attitude was a lie.

“We can’t just leave the carriage as it is, so we’ll talk about it later.”

“Yes! I understand!”

And after reporting to the coachman and the client that the monster had been defeated, we started moving again. I thought about it for a while before I went to find a place to camp. I wondered if the guild leader knew that this guy was a fan, although it was still unknown about the other members.

“Did you watch our matches?”

“Yes! I was allowed to see it!”

I asked him about the fan thing when the two of us started watching, just like yesterday. Maybe it was because I said I’d talk to him later, but he didn’t talk to me until I did. This party’s flip was so amazing that they asked if they could help us with whatever we were doing in the camp. Except for the bokukko. I allowed them to take a good look at what we were doing and ask questions if they had any. He asked me why we were doing this, how we were doing that and many other questions. If I can, I’ll ask him to help me set up tomorrow.

“How did you watch the tournament?”

“I was shown the with a magical tool that can record.”

Apparently, one of the adventurers had gone to watch the inter-school tournament and the man had offered to show them the video of the match for one silver coin each. They all watched the game with a light heart, thinking that it might be useful for them since we were close in age and as a result, everyone except the bokukko became fans. The reason why he didn’t recognize me when I first met him was because the magical equipment was not that high quality and the image quality was not very good, so it was impossible for him to recognize my face.

“Umm… what’s your name?”


I didn’t know what his name was, so I asked him and surprisingly, it was Sock.

“It’s super cool how you wear that lightning.”

“Oh, thanks.”

For some reason, he continued to praise me for some time. To be honest, I was a little happy, but it’s awkward, so please stop. After that, we talked about a lot of things, including questions and the watch time was over in a flash. Apparently, Sock had started to fight with two swords under my influence. But he still can’t use two swords at all. But he never asked me to teach him how to use two swords. Maybe he’s just pretending to be cocky so that he won’t be looked down on as an adventurer, but at heart he’s a good kid. If I have time next time, I might be able to teach him a thing or two. We switched guards and the next day’s escort began.

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