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Chapter 113 - Inter-School Battle Awards Ceremony


That's what I muttered in my mind when I was alone in the waiting room. By the way, Sophie, Shana and the others are receiving an explanation of the flow of the award ceremony. I was the only one resting since it was right after my match.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

Race: Human

[Age:] 12

[Level]: 45  

[HP] 836/836  

[MP] 275/836  


[Attack]: 411  

[Defense]: 325 (75 UP)

[Agility]: 493  

[Magic Attack]: 340  

[Defense] 234  

[Intelligence] 283  


・ Arithmetic Lv.7 ・ Etiquette Lv.6 ・ Riding Lv.3 ・ Dismantling Lv.6

・ Crisis Detection Lv.7 ・ Swordsmanship Lv.9 (1UP) ・ Martial Arts Lv.7

・ Throwing Lv.3 ・ Stealth Lv.6 ・ Covert Lv.6, ・ Night Vision Lv.4

・ Provocation Lv.6 (1UP) ・ Fire Magic Lv.7 ・ Wind Magic Lv.7

・ Water Magic Lv.7 ・ Earth Magic Lv.3 ・ Recovery Magic Lv.2

・ Magic Operation Lv.MAX ・ Precise Magic  Manipulation Lv.2 (1UP)

・ Magic detection Lv.2 (1UP) ・ Chant omission Lv.5

・ Fire resistance Lv.4 ・ Wind resistance Lv.4 ・ Water resistance Lv.4

・ Earth resistance Lv.4 ・ Lightning resistance Lv.3 ・ Ice resistance Lv.4 (1UP)

・ Strike Resistance Lv.3 (1UP) ・ Mind Reading Lv.4

[Unique Skills]

・ Lightning Magic Lv.8 ・ Ice Magic Lv.5 ・ Spirit Magic Lv.3 (2UP)

・ Light Magic Lv.1 ・ Fast Reflection Lv.9 (1UP)

・ Light Magic Lv.1 ・ High speed reflexes Lv.9 (1UP) ・Charged Lv.1 (New) ・Lightning Absorption Lv.2 (New)


・ Lightning Armor Lv.1 (New) ・  Disguise Lv.MAX ・ Enchantment

・ Double Enchantment ・ Magic Slash Lv.7 (1UP)

・ Double Enchantment ・  Magic Slash Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Shukuchi Lv.4 ・ Parallel Thinking Lv.4

[Extra skill]

・  [Title] Collection


・ Reincarnator

・ Precocious

・ Late Maturity

・ Beast Armor (New)

・ Former prodigy

・ Nine deaths

・ Dual swords

・ Lightning Rod (New)

・ One vs a thousand

・ One hundred battles

・ Unprecedented

・ Heart to heart

・ Insomniac

・ Lightning flash

・ Fiery Lightning

・ Gale thunder

・ Purple flash

・ Lightning glare

・ Green cold light

・ Purple lightning

・ A bird’s-eye view

・ Rare magic user

・ Top elementalist

・ Spirit king user

・ The one loved by spirits

・ The one who housed a spirit in his body 

・ Siscon

・ Insect’s natural enemy

[Excluded titles]

Goblin Killer, Wolf Killer, Orc Killer

And after I looked at the status, I checked the newly acquired beast armor title and the lightning armor skill.

[Beast Armor]

After seeing the beastmen, I hit a wall and wanted to become stronger.


Defense 1.3 times, obtains the armor skill of the attribute most appropriate for you.

[Lightning Armor]

Enables the user to create an armor of lightning. The shape of the armor depends on the skill level. Stamina will keep decreasing while using it.

"I see..."

So that's why Becua was as tired as he was when fighting me, even though I was definitely moving around more than he was. 

And I was convinced of Becua's high defense. Also, I'd like to try using both Charging and Lightning Armor at the same time next time, since they seem to be similar skills. Then I'll be able to tell the difference. I'm tired now, and I don't want to get more tired by using the lightning armor. 

And the reason why the lightning armor wasn't absorbed by lightning absorption at that time is probably because I didn't intend to absorb it. But if I try to absorb it, I want to see if I can. If I can, I won't have to worry about running out of magic power as long as I have the strength.

Anyway, when it says that I hit a wall to get the beast armor, does it mean when I got blown away by Becua and hit the barrier? Maybe so....

By the way, it seems that the original condition for obtaining beast armor was "when a magicless beastman with a status of [Attack] and [Defense] of 300 or more continues to strive hard to overcome his own wall. The condition became too easy .......


As I was thinking about this, I started to feel sleepy. I'll sleep until the award ceremony starts for now...

"Zero-niisama... Zero-niisama!"


"Please wake up!"


"Yes. The awards ceremony is about to begin, so please wake up."

"Okay... recovery enchantment..."

Then I was woken up before the award ceremony started. Sleeping helped me recover from my fatigue to the point where I could walk comfortably by myself. However, the enchantment is canceled if I fall asleep, so maybe I would have recovered better if I hadn't.

"Well then! We will now begin the award ceremony!"


And after Sophie gave me a general explanation of the award ceremony, the award ceremony began.

''Then! Inter-school battle! Fourth place, Anatite Mining Nation! Please enter!"

Amidst cheers, the participants from the Anatite Mining Nation went up to the stage. The third-ranked Sacred Taglion and the second-ranked Warrior state Galatain also made their way onto the stage.

"And the first place in this year's inter-school competition! The Kingdom of Lingalia! Please make your entrance!"

"'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!'"

Then it was our turn to enter, so we did the same as the other countries.

"Congratulations from His Holiness the Pope."

Then, from the glassed-in part of the auditorium where the VIPs were, a slightly elderly man stood up and waved his hand. Then the person sat down again. The Pope, by the way, is the king of Sacred Taglion. But I don't know much about politics, so I don't know if that's really true.

"Thank you very much."

What? That's it? He just waved his hand! He should have at least said something about the tournament and thanked us for our hard work. I thought he would at least say something like that!

"And now for the presentation of the trophy! Representatives from each country, please come forward!"

Then me, Bekua, Elira and Gladden moved to the front of the podium. After all, is it really okay for the representative of a country to be a foreign student? If the representative had been someone who lived in the country, I wouldn't have gotten such intense stares from the two representatives.

"The trophy will be presented by the saint herself."


The audience is kind of surprised. Oh, that's right, I think I learned from Sophie when I was studying for my exams that saints don't appear in public very often and are always in church praying to God and treating the injured.

No. 4, Anatite Mining State.


And they gave the trophies in order, starting with fourth place.

"First place! Kingdom of Lingalia!"


Then it was my turn, and I stepped forward to receive the trophy.


I had a creepy feeling when I made eye contact with this saint. I'm sure I've seen her before, but I'm not sure where.

"Congratulations on your victory."

"Oh, thank you..."

I can't quite put it into words, but I have a weird feeling when she says it. It's not that there's anything wrong with that anyway, and I took the trophy and returned to my original position.

"This year's inter-school competition was more heated than ever before! Let's make it even more exciting next year! This concludes the awards ceremony for the inter-school tournament!"

Wait a minute! At least put us back where we were originally lined up before you end it! Why are you ending with only the representatives in front?

"Then everyone! Dismissed!"

I'm going to use my covert skill to make my exit as natural as possible.

"Oi, where you going?"

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Damn...Elira grabbed my right arm and Becua grabbed my left arm. Should I have made a dash for it? But I'm so tired now that even if I say dash, it probably won't be that fast, so the energetic Elira will probably catch me.

"I'm sorry, but we've got something important to do, so you'll have to wait, okay?"

"I'm sorry, but I have more important things to tell him."



The two of them started fighting behind me. They're still holding my arms, but I'm starting to lose consciousness, so can I leave now? I guess not...

"Hey! Zeros! I need to talk to you too!"


And now, Gladden came from the front. Why do I have to be surrounded by three people after the awards ceremony... I'm tired you know...


As the three of them were arguing over who would speak first, a thunderball spell was shot above us, enveloping us all. The three of them ducked away from me to avoid it. Of course, I just took it.

"My Zero-niisama is tired after the game. If you want to talk, you can do so tomorrow."

Sophie walked up to my side and said that. I'm not really hers, but she looks so handsome right now that I don't care.

"Well, I'm tired too, we can talk tomorrow."

"If you can wait till tomorrow then he'll talk tomorrow"

"Then it's fine for me as well."


"Well, we're going home for the day."

Sophie took me by the hand and I left the stage. But still...what? I think she said something that bothered me, but it wasn't my imagination, was it?


"Yes, what is it?"

"I'm not seeing them tomorrow right?"

I'm not going to be seeing any of them tomorrow, although they all sounded like they were going to be seeing me.

"Oh, niisama, seems you didn't hear. Tomorrow afternoon, there'll be a party for the members of the tournament from each country and their relations."

"Waow ......"

No wonder they're talking as if we'll definitely meet tomorrow...

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