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Chapter 112 – Zeros vs Becua 3

“Huh…huh…that hurt…”

As the dust cloud cleared, I could see Becua curled up on his knees.

“Now you’ve done it!”

His arms were missing from the elbows, and he had ice wrapped around his arms to stop the bleeding. His neck was wrapped in ice as well. It was because I’d almost cut off his head as well. But the wound was too shallow to be fatal. If I’d been able to cut the neck even 3cm or…2cm deeper, I might have won.


With a shout of enthusiasm, Becua stood up. He suprisingly had the energy to get up. But he had no ice armor except for the tips of his arms and his neck to cover his wounds. He must not have much energy left. If only I had the strength left to put in one more blow, one more blow, I could win. ……


Becua is coming towards me, breathing hard. I’m still just sitting there leaning against the barrier, unable to move. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on winning. I’ve been trying to think of a way to beat him. But I don’t have any magic power anymore, and I can’t even stand up. I tried my best to believe that there was a way for me to win. Then a miracle happened.


“What?” “……”

Suddenly, an announcement rang out in my brain. Almost as soon as I finished listening to the announcement, Becua walked up to me and started talking to me.

“I didn’t think you’d make it this far… but it was fun.”

“Yeah, I had fun, too.”

Becua came within a couple of steps of hitting me. I’m sure he’s planning to finish it with a little kick.  I wonder if the reason he spoke was to catch his breath. As I watched him, I sat up and raised my right arm.

“Hmm? Is this a bad joke?”

“No… I win.”

He was momentarily alarmed to see me raise my right arm, but quickly decided there was nothing I could do about it and ignored me. Becua’s weakness is that he rarely loses or is too careless. But that’s what makes it possible to win.

“Lightning armor!

“Aah…! Gah…!

I attached a bear arm that mimicked Becua to my arm and swung it down at his brain. Unlike ice, lightning isn’t solid, so I wondered what would happen, but I was relieved as it made a physical attack that was comparable with solid armor. Becua was knocked unconscious by the unexpected blow to his head, which knocked him to the ground. Perhaps the lightning had also had an effect. But this alone was not powerful enough to defeat even the current Becua. His ice armor was gone due to the stun, and the wound on his neck had widened even more due to the current attack. It didn’t take long for Becua to die as blood flowed from there. In a minute or two, Becua disappeared with a bang.

“Winner! Zeros Adolfo!”

“‘Waaaaaaaaa !!!!!'”

I heard the loudest cheer from the crowd in this tournament.

“Zero niisama!”

And I had Sophie, who came hurriedly help me out of the barrier. To be honest, the last attack on Becua had used up all my energy and I couldn’t move, so that was a big help.

“Roar! Thunderburst!”

“Thunderburst! Thunderburst!”

Sophie unleashed her lightning magic at me with multiple chanting. For a moment, everyone around me looked at me in panic, but then they remembered I could absorb lightning and patted their chests.

“Recovery Enchantment.”

I then used the magic power Sophie had given me to enchant a recovery spell that would also restore my stamina.

“That’s it! The award ceremony will be held in an hour from now, so please have all the competitors ready by then!”

Even though I’m not injured, I’m still this tired and they won’t let me rest… In order to rest as much as possible, I asked Sophie and Shana to lend me their shoulders and started to move to the waiting room.

“Hey! Zeros!”

And that’s when I heard Becua.’s voice Well…I guess it’s expected…

“What the hell was that?”

“I’m tired, so I’ll see you later…”

“You’d better tell me at the awards ceremony!”

I was so tired that I put it off for now. I wanted to rest as soon as possible. And why did Becua ask that? It was probably because of the two things I heard in the announcement at that time.

“Beast armor has been acquired.』\

“Thunder Armor skill has been acquired.』\

In all likelihood,  judging from the name the beast armor is a title for beastmen only. I’ll have to check the conditions and effects later. And the skill must have come with the title, judging from the trend so far. I’ll have to figure out a way to get away from Becua somehow.



Just as I was about to reach the waiting room, Elira called out to me.

“How did you make a contract with the Spirit of Thunder?

“Oh, uh…”

I’d completely forgotten about spirit magic due to my new title.

“You’re just like me, right?”


She didn’t clearly say that it was a top-ranked spirit out of concern for the people around her, but Elira seemed to know that too.

“I’m tired now, so I’ll see you later.”

“I’ll hear more about it at the award ceremony…”

Elira left, saying a line that I’d heard somewhere before. Now… can’t we just skip the award ceremony somehow?

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  1. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    dodging both runner ups will be impossible lol.
    Also i kinda forgot he cam get titles of all species.

    And in the heat of the battle i forgot they were in a simulator, so hearing neck wounds, torn off arm and dying was weird

  2. Just thinking about it but if Zero just recently got the “Sis con” title, did Sophia reincarnate with the “Bro con” title by default? xD

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