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Chapter 11: Outing

“Hah, no …”

Right now, I’m facing the biggest problem of the century.

“Hurry and get on the carriage so we can go to the royal capital!” (Mum)

It takes a week while riding a horse-drawn carriage so it’s a little far. No, there’s no problem with going to the royal capital. The problem isn’t there.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Andrei.” (Sophie)

Almost all aristocratic children are supposed to attend school in the royal capital when they’re 12 years old. Andrei, the eldest son, goes to school like any other. He’ll also be taking over, but my family doesn’t seem to be interested in politics, so we other sons can live as we please, but we still have to go to school. I think our family’s very close, so I have no problem meeting An ni-san.

“We’ll go early so we won’t be late for the social party.” (Dad)

That’s right. I hate social parties. Why do I have to make a social debut at the age of eight…

“Zero ni-san … Let’s go in.”

“Sophie, why don’t you go alone?”

“Father! Zero ni-san…”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll get in! Stop !!”

Father has become sweet to his first daughter Sophie. Sophie’s priority compared to me is clearly higher. He even says it in front of us.

“Then please escort us.”


This time, the escort is the party of adventurers who have been training Sophie and me. There are three more besides Wallace and Lisette. It’s a good idea to have them train us during the breaks.

“That’s enough for today.”

“Let’s camp here!”

It was evening, so we decided to set up camp. It’s my first time camping, so I’m looking forward to it.

“Zeros! Do you want to train?”


Wallace said he would set up a tent. The women at Wallace’s party are making dinner with our maid, Sophie decided to watch them.

Besides  Wallace, Gardner-san, a tank with a huge shield, also taught me how to parry attacks.

” Tira san?”

“Hmm. What?”

Today is our second day camping. It’s been four days since we left home. On the 2nd, there was a town at a good place, so we stayed in an inn.

“How do you mute your footsteps?”

According to Wallace, Tira is a thief and is in charge of searching for enemies in the party.

“Excuse me for a moment”

When she said that, she hugged me from behind.

“Move your legs like this …then do this”

And she held my foot and taught me how to move.

“Zeros! Tira is a shotacon so be careful!”


“I’m not a shotacon! I just like little boys!”

“That’s called a shotacon!”

Wallace and his friends were laughing. But in fact, she was so polite, I wouldn’t have suspected it if they hadn’t told me.

“Like this?”

“No. Do this here …”

I tried to follow the instructions, but it was difficult… but I knew it would be useful in battle if I could do it, so I tried my best to learn it.

” Brother …?”

“What is it …”

When we camp, we stay in the carriage. I and Sophie are in the same carriage. Actually, it was supposed to be mother and Sophie, father and me, but it seems that she told father that she wanted to be with me, so now we’re in the same carriage.

“What was that all about?”

“I was learning a skill.”


“No, that’s not…”

“Enough with the excuses.”

She was sulking a little cause I neglected her and concentrated on learning skills.

“As a punishment, let’s sleep while holding hands today.”

“Rejected …”

“You have no right to refuse.”


And I slept with my hands held for the first time in a long while. I was a little nervous and thought I wouldn’t sleep, but I was tired so I was able to sleep immediately.

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