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Chapter 109: Final Day of the Representatives round

"Huh? well 3rd day afternoon session! Winner! Warrior state Galatein !!"

The match between Becua and Elira {TN: Previously Elila} is over. This match was able to give me the information I needed to fight Becua. In particular, it was good to know that Becua's ice armor has weak resistance to magic.

"Well, let's go back and plan our strategy."


We returned to the inn. And this time Sophie was the only one who came to my room at night.

"Hm? Just you Sophie?"


I don't know the reason, but it seems that only Sophie came today.


"First of all, niisama, can you use the Spirit King?"

Certainly, using Ygg and spirit magic would be a tremendous power. That's enough to erase Becua from the stage with a single blow.

"Ygg ... 』\

"Impossible! 』\

"Haha ... 』\

Now Ygg and Ziel are listening to our conversation, but at least I wanted them to wait until I asked them in person.

"Ah! But if you can use all your magic power and have your body explode into fine dust, you can. 』\

"It seems that Ygg can’t be used."

"Is that so…"

In short, if I use Ygg, I’ll self-destruct, right? To be honest, I don't want to die just to get Becua out of the field. If that happens, Becua will be angry too. And even though it's actually safe, I don't want to die like that.

"Then, the day after tomorrow, you should keep away from Becua by enchanting spirit magic with lightning."


Then, after confirming the detailed strategy from there, today's strategy meeting was over. After that, Sophie returned to her room smoothly. I thought we would definitely sleep together. I feel that Sophie’s quiet these days, but why?

The next day, I had Sophie hide me with dark magic and practiced using spirit magic with Ziel. I also practiced enchanting Ziel just in case. Elira waved her arms and the water slammed into Bekua with great force, which she said was the effect of spirit descent. In the case of enchantments, there seems to be no such effect, only an increase in status. Instead, it seems that the consumption magic power should be a tenth or less. As a result of the trial, the time I was able to keep Ziel enchanted was up to 15 minutes. Well, if you consider enchanting it with other magic, the time I can fight with Ziel enchanted is about 10 minutes.

And the long-awaited final day of the representative rounds has arrived.

"Now! The morning part of the last day! Winner! Sacred Taglion!"

"" Waaaa!! ""

"And the 4th place of the inter-school battle! Anatite mining country! 3rd place in the battle against school! Sacred Taglion !!!"

"" Waaaa !!! ""

In the morning match, Elira suddenly did a spiritual descent and sent Gladden off the stage with a single blow. If Elira could use spirit magic with me, I might have lost ...

And after a short break, our afternoon match began.


" Sorry to have kept you waiting! Now let’s start the afternoon session of the final day of the representative rounds!"

"" Waaaa !! ""

"The one who wins this is the winner !! The one who loses is the runner-up !!"

"" "Waaaa!!!" ""

In terms of winning points, we and Bekua are undefeated in the representative round, so that's what will happen. By the way, in the case of a draw, we who won the survival battle will be the winner.

"Then, please enter!"

And so began the final match of the representative tournament for the championship.


"The winner! Sophia Adolfo!"

"" Waaaaaa!? ""

"And because the Kingdom of Lingalia has four straight wins! Winner! Kingdom of Lingalia!"

"" Waaaa?! ""

Even if I lose, the score is 4 to 3, so our victory on the final day of the representative rounds was decided.

"Therefore, the champion of the inter-school battle is decidedly the  Kingdom of Lingalia!!!"

And before I fought, it was decided that we were the winners. Well, this is the best result, but it feels a little unsatisfactory.


"No way!! How could it be over without seeing the battle between the undefeated captains in the representative rounds!?"

"" "It can't be over!!!" ""

"That's right! That's right! Then! Captains!! Please enter !!"

It seems that it was planned beforehand for this announcement to be made in such cases. I'm glad because if the inter-school battle had ended without a fight with Becua, this hazy feeling would have been even greater.

"Zero niisama!!"


And Sophie called me as I was about to go on stage.

"Our victory has already been decided. Forget everything I said day before yesterday! Fight as you like brother!"

"Huh!? I understand!"

To be honest, I wanted to fight in close quarters, which is Becua's specialty. Thanks to Sophie saying that, I can fight Becua as I like.

"But if you lose without using my strategy, I won't forgive you alright?"

"It's fine because I’ll win!"

But if I lose, it will be because Sophie said something unnecessary to me, so I can't lose this one....

And deciding to win I went up to the stage.

"Ah, we're losing 3 to 4. Congratulations on the victory!"

"What are you talking about? You guys lost a 7-0 straight."

“Oh! That's great!"

Becua replied happily. I'm sure he was worried that I might lose my motivation now that the championship has been decided.

"More like are you still trying to win? Where’re those gauntlets you're so proud of?"

Becua isn’t wearing the arm and leg armor he used to do.

"This is fine!"

"That's good to know. I thought you were so nervous about fighting me that you'd forgotten.."

"Hmm! Now you’ve said it!"

And when he saw us stop talking and ready, the announcer said,

"Now! Captains! Match begin!"

"Thunder, Fire double enchantment !!"

"Ice armor!"

And the battle with Becua on the final day of the representative round began.

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