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Chapter 101: Change + Another Perspective x 2




As I walked off the stage, I heard a loud cheer. I was so startled by it that I freaked out for a moment!

“Isn’t this the first time that the Kingdom of Lingalia has won first place in a survival battle?”

“They’re as strong as the foreign students!”

“If this keeps up, the captain of Lingalia is going to make good on his word!”

All the talk coming from the audience was about us. And as far as I could hear, they were all compliments. I was glad I’d worked so hard to create such a situation where no one was expecting it.

“Once again, I present to you, first place! The Kingdom of Lingalia!”


“Tied for second place! Warrior States Galatain! Anatite Mining Kingdom! and Holy Taglion!


“We’ll use this momentum to announce the matchups for the main tournament starting the day after tomorrow!”


The crowd was getting excited. The national team matches will be held every other day for a total of five days. This meant that we would be given one day to rest after each match. During the day of rest, the headmaster and others are to submit the representative’s membership list to the officials. If there’s a problem or something that prevents you from submitting the list, you will be eliminated from the competition. So you can’t not submit the list in order to win. And then the battle pairings appeared in the air. After all, it seems that they use a lot of good magic tools for the interschool battle.

《Day 1》

[Morning] Warrior state Galatein vs. Anatite Mining Country

[Afternoon] Holy Taglion vs Kingdom of Lingalia

《Day 3》

[Morning] Kingdom of Lingalia vs Anatite Mining Kingdom

[Afternoon] Sacred Taglion vs Warrior state Galatain

《Day 5》

[Morning] Sacred Taglion vs Anatite Mining Kingdom

[Afternoon] Warrior state Galatain vs. the Kingdom of Lingalia


I’ll be battling with Becua on the last day. However, it would be impossible to grow so rapidly by then. What should I do?

“To all the competitors! Thank you for your hard work! Please take a good rest today and tomorrow so that you’ll be in perfect condition the day after tomorrow!”

With that announcement, we were dismissed for the day. However, when I left the arena, I was worried about Elilia, who was glaring at me with a strange look.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

<<Becua’s perspective>>

“Can you hear me?”

“Oh, I hear you.”

“I heard you lost your survival battle today… to a human.”

“You’re hearing things fast.”

I knew it was about this when my dad called me at the end of today’s survival battle, but this is so annoying.

“Why didn’t you take it seriously?”

“How do you know I wasn’t taking it seriously?”

“If you were serious, you wouldn’t have lost.”

“Oh, really?”

He’s right, I wasn’t serious. But I don’t like it when people talk to me as if they understand me like this.

“I’ve told you that you need to change your habit of observing your opponent and getting serious little by little.”

“I also told you that it’s a privilege that only I, as a strong man, am allowed to have.”

“Is that what a loser should say?”

“Damn it!”

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been in a serious fight, and I didn’t want to end it because it was fun. So I spent a lot of time observing. I’ll be the first to admit that it was a mistake and that I lost.

“You have the title of the strongest of the royal family. Losing in any representative match is not allowed…”

“Don’t worry. I can’t afford to lose in the main tournament.

“I wish you would have been serious from the start, but oh well. Just do whatever it takes to win.”

After saying that, he unilaterally cut off contact. Who the hell does he think he’s worrying about? I’m the strongest of the royal family. I can’t lose in a place like this.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

<<Elilia’s perspective>>

“I’m so sorry!”


I was the first to apologize. When I left the arena after the survival battle and returned to my room in a straight line, the Queen immediately contacted me. The Queen also has a contract with a highest-ranked spirit, so strong that it’s incomparable to mine …. She’s the strongest elf alive today.

“How pathetic for someone who’s contracted with a top-tier spirit.”

“I’m sorry… but!”

“I won’t let you give any excuses. I heard that you were defeated by a human with a sword. Are you saying it’s because you exhausted your magic by using the tsunami? You should be ashamed of yourself for missing a human in the first place!”

No! That’s not it! I was specifically trying to kill him! But… but!

“Please, please! Please listen to me!”

“If you say anything stupid, I won’t forgive you.”

“Huh? I mean yes, yes…”

She may decide this is crap …… but I have to say it! It’s not my fault!

” I couldn’t use spirit magic on him.”

“…… what?”

“No matter how hard I tried to use spirit magic on him, Deine said it was impossible!”


The queen is silent. What should I do … I wonder if she thought it was a lie … The few minutes it took for her to speak again seemed like hours of pain.

“…… Was that person familiar with lightning magic?”

“Yes! Yes, he was!’

I didn’t care how the queen knew that. I was just happy that she had finally replied to me.

“I’ll just pretend that you didn’t lose this time…”

“Oh, thank you so much!”

I thought a miracle had happened. No! This is a miracle! I hadn’t expected that the perfectionist Queen would forgive me.

“But there’s a condition.”

“What… condition?”

There was no miracle after all. That one word from the Queen suddenly brought me back to reality.

“You must lead him to our elf village.”

“Huh! What are you talking about? He’s a human after all! And a man too! That’s impossible.”

“When did you become so important that you could give me an opinion?”

“Ugh, I’m sorry…”

The elf village is an absolute monarchy. When the king says black, white becomes black, and when he says right, left also becomes right. The power of the king is unequaled.

“But even if I ask him to come all of a sudden…”

“I’m not so devilish as to ask you to bring him right away, just make sure he comes within a year.”

Even if it’s within a year, it’s devilish enough. But if I said that, the worst that could happen would be my head…

“But… will he come without a reason?”

“Hmm… then you can say that you’ve fallen in love with that person, even though He’s not worth it.”


I’m not sure if she’s joking or not but how am I supposed to like a human…! I almost complained about it. I was so annoyed that I wanted to be praised for not saying it out loud.

“Understand? Do not fail.”

That was all she said, and the call was cut.

There was a time when elves were at war with humans, long ago. It was the fault of humans who kidnapped elves, both male and female, and enslaved them because of their good looks. Our ancestors were just trying to get their enslaved friends back. But that was centuries ago, and we made peace with the humans by mutual consent. But I still hate humans…especially human men.

“What am I supposed to do?”

I was so busy keeping up with the raging developments that I didn’t notice the sudden change in the Queen’s tone towards the man.

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  1. Lol of course the queen will instantly pick up on who hes contracted with. Top tier spirits refuse to challenge him! lightning gets absorbed into his body! May as well wear a sign saying “im contracted to the spirit king!” round his neck.

    1. She probably isn’t thinking he contracted with Ygg, but rather she’s thinking he’s contracted to Zeil. Neil isn’t the Spirit King, but he is the #2 of all spirits. Elven pride/arrogance won’t allow them to believe any race other than Elves can contract the Spirit King.

  2. Lol why would he ever go there no matter what. I guess if they kidnap his Sister or something he would move otherwise i see no reason.

    1. Then all elves will really lose their contracts with all spirits in retaliation. A suicide move, I wonder if there’s any worse than that. Maybe an assassination attempt?

  3. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    Lmao she doesn’t know that he’ll never follow her, especially as he knows what’s up.

    Seeing how she says he’s not worth it, imma bet what that outcasted elf said is true, they’ve become too caught up in their pride that they don’t even see what’s important (like outcasting someone who’s contracted to a highest rank spirit, not doing whatever it takes to get the spirit king contractor to come since he can literally end their race)

    Since lightening spirit is strongest of the highest ranks then does the one the queen have have to be no. 2 ?

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