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13. Hydra

<B rank party leader’s POV>

“Wasn’t it supposed to be sleeping at this time!?”

 The B-rank party were facing off against the S-rank Hydra.

 The hydra who felt the signs of people attacked, and they weren’t even given the chance to prepare before the battle began.

 With its blue scales and nine heads, it destroyed the forest. Losing their hiding place, the B rank party falls into desperation.

“I just got to B rank yesterday! I just wanted to get to A rank a bit sooner! But why a Hydra!?”

 Bad luck.

 They wouldn’t have met it if they had let Nigris and the others go this way and not gone so deep into the forest.


 One of his friends got hit by the Hydra. Just one blow from the swing of a head knocked her out.

 I Immediately run up and check her breath.

 …… Good, she’s breathing.


 The Hydra attacked the B-rank party and was playing with them while sticking out its tongues.

 Seeing his friends about to be overrun, Guy, the leader, slashed at it.

“Now!! you guys run away! I’ll be the decoy!”

 However, his fragile sword and technique couldn’t penetrate the scales.

 It was repelled and a long neck hit Guy’s torso. The difference was overwhelming.

 There was no way a party who had just risen to B rank could fight the extremely difficult Hydra.

 One of my companions screams,

“It’s a poisonous fog! Run away!”

“Ugh, I can’t move, my leg…”

   I couldn’t move with my broken leg, and the Hydra’s strong poison was spreading all around.

 Even if I try to escape from the Hydra, it can catch up with my movement quickly.

 However, if I don’t escape, I’ll be hit by the poisonous fog.

 And die …!

 As soon as I thought so, my urine leaked due to fear.

“… Ah, ah! Not like this!”

 The B-rank party, dyed the color of despair, gradually loses hope.

 It was peaceful just a few minutes ago.

 Why did this happen?

“After all, my intuition was right! The hydra was here.” (Alisa)

“This was the only place left.” (Fels)


 There was an elf-eared slave and a red-haired girl. Looking at the Hydra, they didn’t seem to be frightened at all, and they face it proudly.

 Oh, aren’t they the D rank party from just before!

“Hey! Please do me a favor! I apologize for calling you small fry earlier, so can you run away with my friends!?”

 I don’t care about myself.

 Either way, I can’t move with these legs.

 I’m sure I’ll be killed by Hydra. So at least my companions …


“Please … I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I’ll apologize all you want so please!”

“So he says, what should we do? Nigris”


<Nigris POV>

 I look at the man and sigh.

 Beats me, aren’t they his guys?

“Take them yourself”

“I, I can’t move like this…! So at least my friends alone”

 …… Such camaraderie.

 I can’t let him die.

 We’ll get rid of this Hydra first and then heal them.

 Inhaling Hydra’s poison is dangerous enough to kill you in minutes. However, my healing can always invalidate it.

For the Hydra, I’m its natural enemy.

“Let’s take care of it quickly”

“What are you talking about! You’re a D-rank party !? You can’t beat it! Escape quietly and save your life!”

 Fels pulled out her sword and Alisa held her cane.

 I put my hands together and chanted “Heavy clothed Layered heal”.

 No problem.

 Fels ran towards the roaring Hydra.

 The nine necks of the Hydra are protected by hard scales but that’s just tough for the average adventurer.

 Compared to the adherent dragon’s it’s as soft as paper.

“The hydra’s head is……! How could they fall so easily!?”

 Six of the hydra’s heads were cut off in an instant.

 Alisa preparing to use magic let out a disappointed voice.

“I’m sorry, I only left you three.” (Fels)

“The heads…… fine, the body it is. Fireball!”

“What’s that magic !! It’s not normal! Shouldn’t nino people be useless!?”

 I know she’s trying to reduce it to a medium level, but it’s still surprising to someone unfamiliar with it.

 A storm blows and the hydra is charred.

 But it still gets up.

 It’s not an S rank monster for nothing huh?

I punch the remaining three heads mercilessly.

 The defensive dragon could endure it, but the Hydra wasn’t that durable.

 The monster collapses and silence returns to the forest.

“It’s …… kind of anticlimactic.” (Fels)

“Right…” (Arisa)

 The battle with the hydra is over.

 Now what’s left is to help the rest of them …….

 They’re really scared.

“Wha, what the hell are you……!”

“I’m just a healer”

“A healer can’t punch a Hydra!”

 Even so, if I join the front line, the battle will end sooner.

 Well, I wonder if an ordinary healer is like that.

 I’m aware that my fighting style is strange.

“Well, that might be the case.”

“Hey! Be more aware!”

“Annoying! I won’t heal you!” (Arisa)

“No, I’m the one who heals …”

 It seems he had inhaled a little Hydra poison, and his skin turned red.

 We don’t have time to talk freely.

A quick cure.

“please wait”

“What’s wrong Fels”

“… Unless he apologizes, we shouldn’t heal him.”

 Ah, I see. She means to apologize for treating us like trash.

 He screamed and apologized earlier, but that could just be desperate words.

 She wants a proper apology.

“… Goho, I said you were small fry. But I was convinced by seeing the battle earlier. You’re actually really strong, but for some reason, you’re D-rank adventurers. …… It was my bad. No, I’m sorry. “

 …… He can apologize?

 I thought he wasn’t going to apologize for anything.

“I apologize for looking down on Nino people … I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine as long as you understand.”

 Alisa accepts his apology.

 I remembered Azel a little. As a leader he was domineering, and never admitted to a fault.

 Not everyone is like that. Like this guy, he’s not a bad guy but someone who thinks of his friends.

 I healed everyone in the B-rank party, brought back the Hydra materials, and returned to the Adventurer Guild.

 The new guild master was waiting there.

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