Chapter 7

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7. Empress’s past

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<Empress POV>

This mistress was a slave. {TN: from here the empress tends to refer to herself like an old traditional Japanese lady}

As a child, she had been made a spectacle of by filthy men and had lived by drinking muddy water. She had survived, sometimes through unspeakable pain and humiliation.

I don’t want to die. I reached out with my natural desire as a human being.

As a child, this mistress was aware of it. People are not equal.

“No! Stop it!”

A man branded me to make me give in.

Proof of a slave that never disappears. Even if I scratched it, broke my skin, or messed it up with a sword, the branding mark did not disappear.

I killed the man and climbed to my current position only with my sword talent and good looks. The men who were bullying me began to kneel to me.

It was comfortable. At the same time, I was afraid. No one can see the brand mark on this mistress.

This mistress is beautiful and sung about as the most beautiful woman in the world, but part of my body is terribly purulent and ugly.

This mistress hates men. Men and those who have …… slaves with them.

And I hate healers who claim to be able to heal me then try to threaten me with my secret.

This guy is the same anyway.

He says that he can heal this mistress, but if he learns my secret and threatens this mistress,

I’ll never forgive him.


<Nigris POV>

The empress’s bedroom.

I was rendered speechless by Florence’s exposed shoulder.

“What is …… this?”

There was a deep skin-colored branding and shredded skin. It was infected in places, and the sight was too much.

“don’t talk too much. Can it be cured or not? be clear.”

“No, this is ────”

“So you’re also a fake! Are you threatening to tell people about what you’ve seen?”

“It’ll take time”


I took off her cloak and grabbed her wrist.

Even if I use healing magic, it’s not a normal injury or illness.

Engraving of slaves is now banned, but it was the norm in the past.

“Stay still”

“What … huh, don’t touch me!”

I touch her shoulder.

It’s thinner and whiter than I expected.

That’s why the wound looks more painful.

“Florence. I’m going to heal your wound. So don’t complain if I peek at your …… past for a little while.”

Feelings were important to use magic.

The desire to save the person with compassion strengthens the effect in healing magic.

As a result, I often go too deep and see the person’s past.

She can’t complain even if I look into it.

“But no healer could heal this wound! How could you …”

“Then why were you still looking for a healer?”

“Well, that is …”

Florence has always wanted to get rid of this scar.

So she struggled even though she knew it was impossible.

This strengthens my desire to help her.


At the same time as I applied healing magic, Florence’s memories flow in.

…… she really was a former slave?

After a few minutes, I finally succeeded in erasing the branding mark.

Although the wound isn’t fully healed, it will heal completely without leaving any marks if it’s healed repeatedly.

“Huh, really … the branding…”

“I’m sorry, I saw a little of your past.”

“This mistress hates men …”

Is she frustrated or happy? Florence was biting her lower lip and looked flushed.

“The healing is done and the branding is removed. Now you’ll allow me to live here right?”

“… You’re not going to threaten me?”

“Threaten you? With what?”

“This mistress is a beautiful woman! There are many men who want to take advantage of me because they learned this secret!”

“I won’t”

I strongly affirm that.

I consider healers who extort or threaten their patients to be third-rate. I’m a second-rate healer myself, but it’s something I’m trying to keep in mind so I don’t fall behind.

“… What a kind man you are?”

Florence looked down and was taken aback. She seemed like a little girl somehow. And somehow, the position was just right, so it felt the same as Fels … and I did it unconsciously.

“You’ve been doing your best until now. It was painful.”

I stroked her head.

Crap, she said she hates me, but I just did it!

Florence is different from Fels who would be pleased with this!

“Th… this … this is not comforting this mistress … not comforting… Nya, Nyah yame (Stop) …”

Unexpectedly a weak powerless punch hit my abdomen.

It didn’t hurt.

“Why, this mistress hates men … yet my heart is in pain. what is this feeling!”

“Does it hurt somewhere? I can heal it”

“Stay away from me! I won’t accept this!”

I woke the powerlessly crouching Florence and went back to the hall to tell them that the treatment was over.


“Nigris-sama! I was worried!”

“I’m okay, sorry for worrying you.”

From behind, Florence came out.

She seemed to have regained her composure along the way, having a dignified look while blushing.

“Head! Did the mysterious illness heal?”

“… Prepare”


“Prepare a house for me and Nigris to live!”

“Eh !?”

Florence’s subordinates, the bandits start making noise.

…… She said she would give me the best house if the healing was successful.

I realized Florence was in the rare category in the slums, that fulfilled their promises.

I might want to trust her a little cause she may be able to help me with my business.

“I can’t believe it!”

“The man-hating head …….”

“Has the face of a maiden!”

Florence’s men were clamoring saying they couldn’t believe it.

Wait, live with her … she’s kidding right. Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that, it sounds troublesome just thinking about it.

” Nigris-sama! If you have something you want other than the house, please don’t hesitate to ask!” (Florence)

” You’re getting too familiar with Nigris-sama!”

” I only wish to understand what I feel for Nigris-sama!”

For the time being, I decided to have her guide me to the house.

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