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Chapter 89: Team Ability

A pack of Kobolds and Rabid Dogs have been living in a forest near the client's village for a month now, establishing a settlement.

From there, they seem to be coming down to the village frequently and destroying the village's crops.

According to the adventurer with the "scouting" ability of the E team, there were 41 kobolds and 16 rabid dogs, which was more than I expected.

Kobolds are like bipedal dogs, not much bigger and less intelligent than goblins, so they’re relatively easy to kill, but they don't often swarm in such large numbers.

No higher species has been born yet, but there is a possibility that the leader of this pack will evolve, so we have to kill him before that happens.

Fortunately, the rabid dogs that everyone hated were clustered in one place on the north side of the village, so Tauro and his team attacked from the north, while the E team attacked from the south and east.

The west side, which was upwind, was to be left open.

Kobolds and rabid dogs have a keen sense of smell and there was a high possibility of being noticed.


And so the quest to defeat the Kobolds began.

"Let's go, then! Rumeya!"

Tauro signaled to Rumeya.

"All right! "Come on, you dogs!"

Rumeya demonstrated his skill “Provoke”.

The rabid dogs began to bark at the provocation and attacked Rumeya at once!

The other teams began to attack at the sound of the rabid dogs' barks.

“Shield attack'!"

 Rumeya put the power of his "Rigidity" skill on his "Shield" skill and hit the rabid dogs that jumped at him with his large shield.

The rabid dogs are blown away with a short bark and a dull sound, dying instantly.

Shin and Tauro also took out the rabid dogs from both sides of Rumeya, but Rumeya stayed in place.

The rabid dogs that went at Rumeya were quickly turned back and wiped out.

Tauro's team immediately went to support, attacking the Kobolds that each E team was dealing with from behind with Aeris's attack magic and Rumeya's "Shield" technique, "Assault", while Shin and Tauro put an end to them. 

The hour-long battle ended with an overwhelming victory for the adventurers. 

The Kobolds, who had lost their will to fight and tried to flee, were brought back into the line of fire by Rumeya's "provocation" and annihilated.

There were some wounded, but they were treated with potions and healing magic.

In the midst of all this, Tauro and his F-rank team's reputation was on the rise.

In fact, Rumeya and Aeris were invited to join their team by each of the E rank teams that accompanied them.

Shin wasn't invited because all the teams had a lot of attacker vanguards.

Rumeya was also invited as an attacker, but I guess that was because he was unique and very active.

Anyway, the two of them received fervent invitations.


“Aeris, come to our team. With our firepower combined with your magic from the rear guard, our team can go all the way up!”

“Rumeya, with that destructive explosive power, you can be the keystone of our attack! With that power, our team will soon be ranked D!"

But the two of them refused.

There was no advantage to leaving the current team and more importantly, these teams were all about themselves moving up and didn't think anything of us.

And the most important reason is that they both like this team.

Rumeya found his way of the Shield thanks to Tauro. Also he and Shin are a good fit together. The four of them, including Aeris, enjoyed working together and there was no reason to leave such a team.

Aeris had the same reason.

Besides, the reason she left the team she was on before was because she felt this team had a strong future.

She was very excited to see what would happen if she joined this team.

She was also interested in the unknown talent of Tauro.

There was no way she could leave the team without witnessing it.

The two of them became the focus of attention at the Dansas branch of the Adventurer's Guild when they returned to the guild to report the quest’s completion and were fervently recruited to E teams.

Shin had actually done quite well in terms of the number of kills, but he had been overshadowed by the flashy activities of the two.

And Tauro was not so impressive in terms of numbers.

He was able to draw out the firepower of the three of them by standing in a supportive role, and since it showed in the results, Tauro felt a definite response and was personally satisfied.


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