Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: A Troublesome Child

The boy in front of her claimed to be an adventurer, but the girl didn’t believe him.

Because she believed that she was the youngest adventurer in the world and knew people around her had high expectations for her.

“You’re still a kid! There can’t be an adventurer younger than me!”

“Even if you say so, I’m an adventurer after all…”

Tauro tried to play it off.

It’s easy to forget, but I’m aware that I’m an exception.

“How old are you? I’m fourteen years old and I’m expected to be the youngest adventurer with the skills of Priest, Wizard and barrier master.”

The sidestepping was blatantly ignored and the girl showed a sense of opposition.

“I’m eleven years old.”

“Huh? How can you be an adventurer at that age?”

Tauro didn’t tell her he became an adventurer at the age of eight.

“What’s your rank? I bet you just became one!”


“That’s higher than my F?”

Tauro couldn’t say that he had been an E before he lost his license because that would have complicated things.

“Then you must have some great skills or I wouldn’t be able to beat you!”

“It’s only one garbled skill.”

“Garbled skill is a trash skill! I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed!”

“Tauro-kun, what is this girl trying to do?”

Shin and Rumeya were watching the exchange from the sidelines, but Shin couldn’t quite make out what was going on, so he asked.

“Hmmm… she’s the girl who wants to know where the adventurer’s guild is and she seems to think she was the youngest adventurer.”

Tauro explained roughly.

“It’s a shame that she’s biting into you Tauro-kun. Anyway, let’s take her to the guild.”

We decided to take the complaining girl to the guild.

As soon as we got there.

“There, feel free to go in.”

Tauro said and tried to enter the guild first.

“Wait a minute. Your name is Tauro right?”


“I’m Aeris, remember that! I’m the adventurer who will soon overtake you and become famous!”

Aeris dared to say that, but Tauro didn’t want to deal with her, thinking that if he dealt with her any further it would raise some kind of flag, so he quickly walked into the guild.

“When people are talking, listen to them!”

Aeris got angry at being ignored and chased after him.

Aeris who had chased him into the guild was eager to catch Tauro, but he became quiet because he felt other eyes In the guild lobby.

The dare to Tauro outside was known inside the guild as well.


“Tauro, if you get tangled up, deal with it, otherwise the girl will look like a pain in the ass!”

The adventurers teased.


“You’re Aeris from the Daredar branch. Why did you come here?”

Some of the adventurers knew Aeris. Apparently she was famous in her own right.

Aeris looked dissatisfied but went to the reception desk to go through the formalities, which was her original purpose.

Tauro went with Shin and Rumeya to choose a quest.

“There’s a Kobold extermination, Tauro-kun.”

Rumeya had found a request from a nearby farmer.

“We’ll get rid of the kobold and collect herbs.” 

Tauro suggested and the two agreed.

When they took it to the reception desk, they found Chloe the branch manager, working as a receptionist.

She and the other receptionist were handling the busy morning duties.

“Oh, Tauro-kun. There’s a newcomer here, can you teach her how to collect herbs?”

Chloe pointed to where Aeris was.

I’ve already collected the flag! Tauro thought, but it was Chloe’s request, he couldn’t refuse it.

“Anyway, I’m Tauro and I’ll be teaching you how to collect medicinal herbs…”

Tauro’s voice trailed off in disappointment.

“Hey! what’s with the lack of motivation? I didn’t think it’d be you either!”

Aeris was indignant, but since Shin and Rumeya were around, she calmed down.

“The three of us have to kill Kobolds afterwards, so we’ll round up the herb gathering early.”

Tauro said.

“Kobold extermination? Then I’ll go with you. You should be grateful.”

Aeris said as if it were obvious.

“No, I didn’t ask you to.”

Tauro answered clearly, but Aeris ignored him.

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