Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Guild Work

–A room in the guild–

This was the room that Tauro had been assigned.

Even though it was only a simple one, he was happy to the point of tears because he had a bed for the first time since his previous life and was reflecting on the events of the day.

From the depths of despair where he had almost died in the alleyway this morning, he was now on a bed in a room with a roof.

This turn of events was deeply moving.

“Let’s do our best from tomorrow…”

It was a tough day, even someone who was older would’ve found it difficult.

Tiredness washed over him as he fell asleep and drifted into a dream.

When was the last time he had slept so peacefully?

Tauro thought as he basked in the afterglow of his good sleep.

“Oh, it’s almost noon!”

Finally realizing that he had unintentionally slept in, Tauro hurriedly got up and headed for the reception desk.

“I’m sorry, Nei-san, I overslept!”

Being late on your first day is not good.

“Good morning, Tauro-kun. It’s okay, I just didn’t wake you up on purpose because yesterday was a tough day for you.”

Nei answered with a smile.


Tauro had been busy since noon.

The Adventurer’s Guild has a basement, a second floor, and a courtyard and while it faces the main street of Saisi, it is quite large.

The cleaning alone was quite a task.

As he was cleaning left and right, Tauro passed by the reception desk in the evening and saw that it was full of adventurers.

Adventurers were rushing in to report on their quests.

It seemed to be an everyday scene in the guild, and the staff was working quickly and without panic.

Tauro thought it might be a good idea to help, so he asked a nearby staff member.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

He asked.

“Well, I’d love for you to help, but you can’t read, can you?”

The staff replied.

“No, I can read and write. I can do math, so I might be able to do some paperwork as well.”

The adventurers around the reception desk and the busy staff all froze.

This world is not very literate, and that’s understating it.

People aren’t usually well educated so to say.

Some of the staff could not even read or write well enough.

Not to mention the adventurers.

So the fact that an eight-year old child, who until yesterday was a vagrant, can read, write and do math is extraordinary.


Tauro noticed that the noise from earlier had stopped and everyone was looking at him.

Nei, who was working at the reception desk, said, “Tauro-kun, you can read, write and do math?”

She asked with a surprised expression.


As soon as my memories of my previous life returned, I could read, write and calculate.

The ability to read and write had been overwritten as a “normal ability” since it had been done in a previous life. 

It might be a part of the ability of ‘memory of the previous life.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…really…?”

“I can’t read or write anything but my own name…”

“You can write your name? I can’t spell my name!”

“I can only do math up to ten!”

“Mine is addition and subtraction with both hands.”

Tauro had done some damage to the adventurers.

“Then, help me!”

After receiving a brief explanation from Nei, the staff members and Tauro went on to do their work.

“Thank you, Tauro! Thanks to you, I was able to get my work done!”

Nei thanked him on behalf of the staff and the other staff members said thank you.

“I’m glad I could help.”

Tauro replied with a smile.

“But still…”

Nei’s doubts about Tauro deepened.

But there was one word that could solve this problem.

It was the “garbled skill”.

Since she didn’t know what it was, she could only accept it as a benefit of the garbled skill.

Tauro himself didn’t know what the “garbled skill” was, but since he didn’t know, it was easy to explain.

And even though it was an acquired ability, he couldn’t say that he had any memories of his previous life.

“You never cease to amaze me, Tauro-kun.”

Nei was full of admiration.

“Oh! I didn’t complete any quests today, so my income is ‘0’!”

Tauro was shocked to realize this.

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