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Chapter 65: The Development of the Village

Over the past few days, Tauro has begun to feel that this village is a really good place now that the curse had been lifted.

The people of the village are so much better than they were before the curse was lifted and everyone calls out to him when he walks by.

The villagers seemed to have memories of the time when they were under the curse and they felt deep regret and repentance for their actions.

And they were sincerely grateful to Bob and Tauro for lifting the nightmarish curse.

So, in order to restore the image of the village, which had lost the trust of strangers, Bob began to go around the surrounding villages and towns, telling people that the village of Dansas had been cursed by monsters, that they had removed the curse and that he could prove it with the Goblin Sorcerer’s magic stone.

Tauro thought about the development of the village and brought a new breeze to the blacksmiths of the village by teaching them the blacksmithing techniques he had taught in the town he had been in.

At the same time, he discussed with the woodworkers about repairing the houses in the village and passed on his skills to them

The village had a strong impression of desolation, but Tauro thought that this impression would gradually change as the houses were repaired.

He taught the innkeeper how to cook a special dish.

It was “Tonkatsu” (Pork cutlet), Tauro’s secret recipe.

In this village, there was precious vegetable oil made from the seeds of a rare plant.

So he thought that fried pork cutlets would be the best choice.

He also taught her in detail how to process the meat, how to make the sauce, how to make the breadcrumbs and how to deep-fry it.

Then, he actually cooked it and had the innkeeper taste it.

“I’ve never had such a crispy texture before! I was a bit confused when I first started pounding out the meat, but I realized that the processing made the meat of the big bore tender. I’ve never tried frying it in oil before, but I see how it works!”

The innkeeper was very impressed.

“You can fry the vegetables in bread crumbs as well for a different texture and taste.”

“All right! Can I try it too?”

She was a studious woman, not the cursed woman she had been when they first met.

The food that Bob had rated as unappetizing had begun to taste good unlike before. 

After all, the taste may change depending on the feelings of the cook.

If this was the case, she could become an innkeeper with a reputation for fried food, with tonkatsu as her signature dish.

If the food is good, more people will visit and some will come back.

All that was left to do was to wait for strangers to come to the inn through Bob’s steady activities around the area.

A few days later, a merchant came to visit.

He had heard Bob’s story first hand.

He avoided other merchants and thought that now that there was no one coming, there would be a good business opportunity since there was no rival.

“This village produces valuable medicinal herbs, doesn’t it? I can get my money’s worth from this!”

The young man seemed to be a novice merchant, but he seemed to be likable, so Tauro introduced him to the medicinal herbs found there.

It would be a good deal for both of them if he would buy them, as they would fetch a high price in a big city.

They would be dried and processed here, so it will be easy for this merchant to handle.

Tauro also introduced him to the tools made by the blacksmith and the small items made by the woodworker.

“These are all well-made! I really got a good chance here!

The young merchant immediately signed a contract with the blacksmith and the woodworker and promised to come back later with a carriage to purchase the goods.

“I’ll spread the good word about this village… By the way, the food at this inn is amazing! I’ve never had anything like it!”

“It’s called ‘Tonkatsu’ and it’s only available here. I highly recommend you try it whenever you come here.”

“Really? I’m going to have it again tonight!”


Tauro did an inward gut pose.

“Ah! But if you eat too much, the oil will cause your stomach to feel heavy, so it wouldn’t be good for you.”

Tauro was afraid he’ll eat too much at once and get bored.

The best thing was to make them think that they would like to eat it again the next time they came.


A young man came from a small village nearby to the village of Dansas, where the adventurer’s guild was located.

He seemed to be an aspiring adventurer.

He had been wanting to come here for a long time but had been hesitant because of the bad rumors.

Then Bob, an adventurer, came and told him about the good rumors, and he seemed to have made up his mind.

He immediately paid 10 silver coins to register and was struggling with his quest to learn how to repair the house from the carpenter.

As Tauro watched him, he felt that the future of this village would be brighter if more and more people like him came.

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