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Chapter 55 – A New Start

AN: …Part 2 begins…

A boy dressed in light leather armor stood in front of the gatekeepers with dull blonde hair, blue eyes and a well-organized appearance that seemed to be that of a popular person.

His name is Tauro and he is a little short for his age, being only eleven years old.

At that age, he was traveling and had a tag that qualified him for the Adventurer’s Guild.

The wooden tag made him look like a novice, but he was dressed in the attire of an adventurer.

Well, if the Adventurer’s Guild can vouch for his identity, he should be fine.

The gatekeepers of the village of Dansas decided so and allowed the boy to enter the village.

“Welcome to the village of Dansas. The villagers are very wary of strangers, so be careful not to do anything that might arouse suspicion or you might spread strange rumors. Also, the blue-roofed building down the street is the Adventurer’s Guild.”


“Thank you.”

The boy bowed and walked into the village.

After leaving the city of Saisi and arriving at the royal capital, Tauro went around to greet the people who went through trouble for his sake.

At first, they solicited to hire Tauro in each of his visits, but he politely refused.

For now, he wanted to live in a place where he would not have to deal with authority.

So he set out on another journey in search of a safe place to live.

Tauro was not sure whether to go to a large city or a small village with an adventurer’s guild, but he decided to stay in a place where he wouldn’t have to deal with the powers that govern the place, so he went around villages doing simple quests for their guilds.

“I think I’ll sign up with the guild for now.”

Tauro headed straight for the guild.

The adventurer’s guild was the next largest building in the village after the chief’s house and the meeting hall, but the paint on the blue roof was peeling off and the place looked deserted, making him feel a little uneasy.

When he entered the building, it seemed to be cleaned every day, but there were still traces of repairs and a sense of disrepair.


As soon as he entered, there was a reception desk.

He gave his tag to the receptionist, a thin woman with black hair, dark eyes, and round glasses who was not very friendly.

“I’d like to use this village as a base for my activities.”

He offered to register.

“One moment, please.”

She took the tag and threw it into the magic tool behind the receptionist.

“Confirmed. You’re Tauro, 11 years old, G rank beginner. Please check the bulletin board there for the quest.”

There was a bulletin board on the wall at the end of her finger, and he was given back his tag with a curt explanation.

This is the worst response he had ever received from an adventurer’s guild, he thought to himself.

But he still had a question.

“Do you have any recommendations for an inn?”

“There is only one inn, “the nameless inn” which is two doors down from the guild.”

“Thank you very much.”

Tauro thanked her properly and bowed.

The receptionist looked surprised at his politeness, but he pretended not to notice it and left the guild.

First, he would get a room at the inn and then start doing quests again.

Tauro made up his mind and entered the inn.

“What’s this? This ain’t a children’s playground.”

That’s the first thing the hostess said. 

“No, I’m looking for a place to stay.”

Tauro replied without being offended by her remark.

“What should I pay? I’ll pay in advance.”

She was blatantly wary but he still asked about the cost of accommodation.

“I’ll take three silver coins for a bare night’s stay and six copper coins for each meal. Hot water is two coppers per tub.”

“Then I’ll pay in advance for ten days of bare nights.”


Tauro took out thirty silver coins from a small leather bag.

Actually, he took them out of the magic storage while making it look like he took them out of the leather bag, but that was a secret.

She was surprised at how well he paid and regretted not charging more.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?”

The hostess asked, perhaps hoping to get him to pay more.

“I can make my own meals, so it’s okay.” 

“Oh, really? Don’t cook in your room, or you’ll cause a fire!”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

In fact, there was a lot of food in his magic storage, so there was no need to worry about it, but Tauro thought he would have to keep it a secret, since that would have meant revealing the existence of his magic storage.

“Oh, well. Your room’s the second room from the back.”

He got the key and went to the room, but he could enter without it.

The door seemed to be broken.

He decided to fix it later. It’s too much trouble to let someone enter the room without permission.

Inside, the room was small enough for one person to sleep in, with a built-in bed, a small desk and an empty bookshelf on top to use as a chair.

Fortunately, there was a window, so he could open it for ventilation.

With the window open, light entered the room and Tauro noticed that dust was flying around, so he chanted a purification spell to make the room clean.

Tauro was fired up.

This is where he’ll be based for the time being.

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