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Chapter 39: The Days of Game Concentration

Tauro was supposed to teach the prince Reversi once a week, but suddenly it became three times a week.

The prince insisted on it.

On the other days, the senior nobles and their children were divided into several groups and taught on different days of the week.

At first, Tauro was worried.

The people he was teaching were ten-year-olds, and even more so, nobles.

He didn’t think they would take him seriously, but the fact that he was also teaching the senior nobles, the Prime Minister himself, and the fifth prince, Fleue, became a foil, and there were very few people who had any objections.

One day, he was teaching the prince.

As usual, they were playing against each other and talking about the prince’s personal situation.


“I’m a half-elf, so I’m considered a heretic. But the reason why I’m not treated roughly is because my mother is the elven royalty of the allied nations. But if I’m not accepted by everyone, I’ll always be treated as an outcast forever. That’s why I want to win this Reversi game against Prime Minister Barriera and make everyone recognize me.” 

It was a sudden confession from the prince.

“What do you want to do?”

Tauro wanted to know the prince’s true intentions.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to be the heir. My brother is a great man, and it would be fine if I could assist him in the future. But I want to have one thing that I can do better than others so that I can have confidence.”

I see. The matter of beating the prime minister is not just a matter of being competitive.

From that point on, Tauro’s guidance became even more enthusiastic, and the prince’s abilities improved greatly.

During this time, many things happened to Tauro.

First, he had his carriage changed.

The royal carriage was too conspicuous.

At the same time, he had to change his inn.


The royal carriage’s regular pick-up changed the innkeeper’s attitude even more.

In the beginning, the innkeeper was polite because they had been introduced by the Garfish Trading Company, one of their clients. But when the royal carriage arrived, the innkeeper sensed that something wasn’t right and moved Tauro and his friends to the best rooms and the innkeeper himself began to serve Tauro.

Tauro felt that he couldn’t stay there any longer, so he changed his inn under the pretense of moving to a place near the royal castle.

“The innkeeper had a very sad look on his face.”

Mina said as if she remembered.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help but change lodgings if he treats me like that.”

Tauro smiled bitterly.

 At the current inn, I had the prince’s aide Sebas advise me and chose the inn myself, so the customer service attitude was normal.

I thought it was a good inn that didn’t change its attitude depending on the customer and they didn’t look uncomfortable even with the strange combination of a ten-year-old child and an escort.

However, since it was a high-class inn close to the royal castle, the accommodation fee was extremely high, but Sebas was thoughtful enough to pay for it from the royal family via the Garfish Trading Company.

Sebas, so capable!

This is a nickname that Tauro, who didn’t know his name, just named him and called him in his mind, but one day, when he expressed his gratitude for being introduced to the innkeeper and the accommodation fee, he just said “Sebas-san”.

The Sebas was just a provisional name.

The man gave him a strange look.

“I don’t remember giving my name to you Satou-sama, but did his highness tell you?”

…So it’s really Sebas? 

Sebas had a curious expression while Tauro had a surprised one and there was Mina who didn’t understand what was going on.

There was a strange atmosphere, but Tauro decided to say he heard it from the prince.

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  2. All butlers aren’t not named Sebastian but seems this one was.

    Forgot what series I read but I remember the MC commenting about a butler who sounded like his name would be Sebastian (even though it wasn’t) and how not all butlers need to be named Sebastian.

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