Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Magic Experiments

When Aeris and I arrived at the forest on the outskirts of the village, we immediately decided to experiment with my new ability, “Magic Manipulation (Extreme)”.

First of all, I tried to create water with water spirit magic, although it could only be used at the level of daily life magic.

“As usual, it’s just enough magic that you don’t have trouble with water. The …… magic seems to be decreasing ……, even less than before. Maybe, I feel that the minute that had been consumed in vain is gone.”

“ Is that so? That means that the magic I’m casting is also very wasteful. …… ‘Magic Manipulation’ ……, I want to learn it too ……”

“Now that we know that the magic consumption has been optimized, I’m going to try another experiment.”

Tauro said meaningfully, the original purpose was this one.

“What else is there?”

“ Magic manipulation, and also “Magic Manipulation (Extreme)”. Don’t you think it’s not only about optimizing the consumption of magic power, but also about other things?”


Aeris can’t think of any, so she doesn’t know what Tauro is trying to say.

“For example, the water in this life magic…….”

Tauro shows her how to use spirit magic to produce water again.


“I’ll show it to you with my image and manipulation magic …….”

The water, which had been trickling out, gradually came out of Tauro’s hand with more and more force and sharpness, as if pressure had been added to it.

He directed the water at a tree and scratched it.


Aeris is surprised at the power of the water.

“Furthermore, if you add magic power to this, ……”

The water, which had been coming out of Tauro’s hand in a thin stream, became sharper and sharper.

The tree was cut as if by a sharp knife, rather than harming it.*instead of damaging it

Before all the wood was cut, the tree tilted under its weight and fell over with a thud.

“What is this!?”

Tauro’s beginner-level spirit magic had severed the tree, and she couldn’t keep up with her understanding.

“I had created a condition called water cutter amputation by pressurizing the water with magic power. Of course, it is still a beginner level spirit magic, but I modified it by using “Magic Manipulation (Extreme)”. With this, even beginner-level magic can be highly powerful with image and manipulation.”


Aeris still looked incredulous at Tauro’s explanation.

“ other is the fire spirit magic,…….”

When I say that, I put out a flame like the fire of a lighter at my fingertips, the flame changes from red to blueish-purple with a gurgling sound.

“With this, it will not only be able to set fire, but it will also have the power to melt iron.”

“With beginner-level spirit magic, even iron!?”

“It’s like a gas burner, but with a higher temperature flame.”

“That’s the same as advanced magic!”

“But it’s basically beginner magic, so you can use it for welding and cutting.”

“……Is that so, does that mean you can use “stone gravel” too?”

“I think so. If you sharpen the shape of a fist-sized stone and make it into a “stone tip,” it will have more killing power.”

When he says this, he actually transforms the earth spirit magic “stone gravel” by magical manipulation and throws it at a tree.

The “stone tip” flew toward the tree and pierced it deeply.

“It’s no different from the “rock spear” of earth attack magic, …… This one is smaller, but it’s just as powerful, right?”

Aeris was stunned.

“Oh, I have an idea.”

Tauro said, then he changed the “stone gravel” with magic manipulation and turned it into countless small grains.

It’s just like a bullet.

He sent them flying like a shotgun, and the bullets pierced the trees.

It was less powerful, but it seemed to be able to attack a wide area.

“anything is possible now. There’s nothing you can’t do as a wizard.”

Aeris spooned.

Tauro continued his experiments.

“If it’s wind, I can manipulate the magic to compress the breeze and turn it into …… a ‘kamaitachi’.”

Tauro then held his hand toward the tree, and an invisible blade made a cut on the tree.

“This one doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the others, but it’s nice that you can’t see it.”

After Aeris pointed it out, Tauro felt that it would depend on how he used it.

“Shouldn’t we try that one?”

Aeris suggested, as if remembering.

“I was just about to try it.”

Tauro let out a smile, as if he understood what Aeris meant or had been planning to try it from the beginning.

“Spatial transfer!”

Tauro chanted and he instantly moved one meter away.

‘”…… This also seems to be consuming a lot less magic power than before!”

Tauro was honestly delighted.

If it was the same as before, the magic power would decrease too much and there would be no chance to use it.

If this is the case, this could be used several times in a row.

He realized how much magic power he had been wasting before.

I also want to ask Ragune to try to intertwine this “spatial transfer” with that one.

“Then the last one is creation magic, right?”

Aeris suggested using the magic that Tauro avoided using the most.

TL note:

The Kamaitachi…*cut caused by whirlwind*, type of Japanese folkloric monster (yokai), thought to be a trio of weasels who appear in a whirlwind to cut their victims

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