Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Determining the Cause

The three of them arrived at the requested village in the early afternoon.

The village head hurried to the entrance of the village to welcome them, but he looked worried when he saw two children and a young female beastman. He looked worried because she was the only adult.

Indeed, with this group of people, it was no wonder he was worried.

“We are team “Black Golden Wings,” and we came here in response to a request. I am Tauro, the leader of this team, and this is Aeris and Ragune. Can you tell me where the swamp in question is? “

Tauro briefly introduced himself and showed that he was ready to do his job properly.

“Oh, yes! This way, sir.”

The village head became even more worried when he heard that a child was the leader, but he decided to accept the fact that the request was to investigate the cause of the problem, so the children would investigate and report back to the guild, and based on that report, the guild might be able to solve the problem.

After passing through the village, we found a path to the forest.

Looking up into the sky from there, Tauro could see a haze overflowing from the forest, which immediately convinced him.

“It’s just up ahead, isn’t it? Thank you very much. That’s all for now.”

Tauro gave Aeris and Ragune a poison-resistance potion each and had Aeris put on a mask as a precaution.

The three of them then entered the forest.

The trees were so withered that it could hardly be called a forest.

After a short walk, we soon came to a swamp, but it was obvious that the trees were dying from the Miasma overflowing from the swamp.

“Aeris, would you mind putting a barrier on the swamp to keep the miasma from getting out?”

Tauro said, and Aerith nodded and quickly set up the barrier.

“Ragune please go around the swamp and let me know if there was anything of interest.”


Ragune answered energetically, then she walked away without worrying about the miasma.

She was able to resist the Miasma because of her resistance to abnormal conditions.

“Well then, I’ll go to the center of the swamp.”

Tauro said to them and entered the swamp.

Aeris had no time to stop him before he stepped into the swamp, and Tauro literally walked on top of the swamp.

This startled Ragune, who was walking around the swamp, and she stopped to look at Tauro.

Aeris was also startled, but had an idea of what was going on, so she decided to remain calm.

Ragune ran back to Aeris.

“ Tauro, he’s walking in the swamp! No, I guess he can walk, but……, no, he’s walking on top of it!”

Ragune was so surprised that her words were out of order, but she knew what she wanted to say, so Aeris answered.

“I think it’s probably using ‘levitation’. That’s why it looks like he’s walking on the swamp.”

Aeris’s reply surprised Ragune, who was again surprised by Tauro.

“So Tauro can use ‘levitation’ too. ……!  He’s really awesome and constantly amazes me. Who the hell is he?”

Ragune of the Dragon People was amazing enough, but it was Tauro who surprised even her.

“Tauro has only one skill, a garbled skill, so I know that he has gone through a lot of experience and put in a lot of effort.”

‘…… garbled skill! It’s considered a useless skill among the dragon people. ……”

Ragune was surprised again, but in a different way.

“ We have the same reputation among our people. But Tauro has been working miracles with that one skill. Of course, it’s all about brains and hard work, isn’t it?”

“That’s really amazing, ……. I still have a long way to go.”

Ragune said and ran back to explore the area around the swamp.

By the time Tauro got to the center, he realized part of the cause.

It was a swarm of giant poisonous frogs.

Apparently, there were a lot of them.

These giant poisonous frogs, which were quite large, ranging from 50 to 80 centimeters in length, were sticking their heads out of the muddy water to keep Tauro on his toes.

Then, from its back, it emits a poisonous haze that contaminates the surrounding area.

Unlike the frogs of the previous life, this large poisonous frog is inconspicuous because it rarely croaks, and it does not lay many eggs, so the mass outbreak itself is a rare case.

A subspecies may have been born.

Tauro thought that the first thing to do was to find them and exterminate them.

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