Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: On the Way on a Quest

As the new ” Black Golden Wings,” we were on a quest to investigate a poisonous swamp.

The two-day one-way trip was spent talking and getting to know each other.

On the way, we encountered six kobolds and decided to take them down to get our skills up to speed, but they were so weak that we easily defeated them without the need for coordination.

Ragune wiped them out, and Tauro killed the fleeing Kobolds with his bow.

“ Tauro, you’re such a good archer. I thought you specialized in close combat since you’re so good at standing in the vanguard.”

Ragone was impressed by Tauro’s skill and praised him.

“You’re pretty good with the spear, too, Ragune. I thought you were a swordsman.”

“ Yes. Many “dragon knights” are good with spears. I’m one of them. However, if there are obstacles around me, I can’t wield my spear around, so I sometimes use a sword. In my case, it’s easier to use a sword if I have one in my magic storage.”

Ragune looks clumsy, but she is surprisingly skillful.

She has a fair amount of knowledge about medicinal herbs, and she studies them.

The three of us had a discussion while going around collecting medicinal herbs, and she was quick to understand and easy to teach.

The current roles of the three are Ragune as attacker and shield, Tauro acts as intermediary between attacker, shield, and rear guard, and Aeris as magic, recovery, and support.

Tauro’s bow will be used in the lead up to engage with the enemy, but for now, he and Ragune are the two vanguards.

It depends on the number of enemies, but it is a heavy burden to make Ragune alone bear both attacking and defending.

Tauro’s judgment was that it would be difficult without two vanguards.

However, if Ragune’s style was to protect herself with her shield and use her spear to take advantage of any openings, her offensive ability might not drop that much.

It would be interesting if he could also use his sword, shield, and bow in battle.

When Tauro informed them of this, Ragune nodded and said, “Then I think I would be able to get around better if I use my shield to attract and defend the enemy and then use my sword as my weapon of choice, don’t you think? She proposed a correction.

’Aeris and I should use support magic to increase your endurance at that time, right?” I suggested.

As the three of us walked side by side along the road, we talked endlessly.

In the evening, we decided to set up camp.

We had gone faster than expected and passed the village where we had planned to stay on the way.

“I’m sorry, I was so engrossed in our conversation that I missed it…….”

“That goes for me too.”

“Well, it’s my fault too for not pointing out that we had gone too far ahead of schedule.”

All three of them smiled wryly and began to prepare for the encampment.

Tauro immediately put out his magic tool “lantern” to light up the surroundings.

Ragune was surprised by this, as she was about to take the oil lantern out of her magic storage.

“Tauro, what is that!? I’ve never seen a lantern that shines so bright!”

When this happened, Aeris began to explain about the magic tool “lantern.”

Ragune, to her explanation,

“Was Tauro also a researcher of lost magic circles? …… Even in the village of the Dragon People, research hasn’t progressed much, so I know how amazing this is!”

She  was impressed for a moment.

“ I did research, but most of that research was useless. But I guess I’m just happy to have created something useful like this in part.”

Tauro showed modest delight.

Tauro also brought out a tent, which was easily assembled, which Ragune saw and admired it as well.

The culmination was the cooking.

When he served the food that he had prepared in advance at home and stored in the magic storage, Ragune was impressed and ate it.

She especially liked the pork cutlet.

“I’ve never eaten food like this before!”

When he served a lot of it, she ate it all up.

“For the time being, it’s a specialty dish of the dwarf inn in the village of Dansas, so you can eat it there when you’re in the village.”

After telling her that, Ragune would later became a regular customer of the fried food at the “Dwarf Inn,” but that is another story.

While having such exchanges, the three of them were able to shorten the distance between them and grow even closer on their way to the quest.

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